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by Rick R. Reed

Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Humor
Description: The sequel to Amber Allure's Best-Seller VGL Male Seeks Same... Poor Ethan Schwartz. He's just had the most shocking news a gay man can get--he's been diagnosed HIV positive. Up until today, he thought his life was on a perfect course. He had a job he loved and something else he thought he'd never have: Brian, a new man, one whom Ethan thought of as "the one." The one who would complete him, who would take his life from a lonely existence to a place filled with laughter, hot sex, and romance. But along with the fateful diagnosis comes another shock--who is this new love? Had Ethan ever really known Brian? And did Brian infect him? As Ethan says, his love history had been more of a haiku than an epic and Brian seems the likely culprit in his newfound diagnosis. The course of true love never runs smoothly, right? And for Ethan and Brian, their new love, once so bright and shining, now appears tinged with darkness and deceit. Can they face this hurdle together with honesty and forgiveness? Or will this revelation tear them apart? Ethan turns to creating a blog, Off to See the Wizard of Poz, to help him deal with his diagnosis and love troubles, and what he finds there just may be more hope and support in the world than he once believed. And one of his blog readers just might have the key to Ethan's happily ever after... Genres: Gay / Contemporary / Romantic Comedy / Series
eBook Publisher: Amber Quill Press, 2008
eBookwise Release Date: October 2009


13 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [105 KB]
Words: 22456
Reading time: 64-89 min.

"There's no protection from Reed's quick wit and ability to craft a winning and thoroughly enthralling love story."--Shawn Decker, AIDS activist, speaker, and author of My Pet Virus

"...A novella that is really true, sincere and open, without losing the romance...It doesn't give an answer, and I like that, even in the end, it doesn't explain who is wrong and who is right, the important thing is to cope and move on, always thinking positive to live positive."--Elisa, Elisa Rolle Live Journal

"4.75 Stars!...Quite a departure for Rick R. Reed who writes horrors and more recently, M/M romances. This book is not your typical M/M romance...Most of the story is a poignant plea for understanding to members of the gay community to treat their brothers and sisters who are poz, with respect and compassion...I think this is a book everyone should read with an open mind as it does give us some insight and perspective into the impact on both the mental and physical health of someone with HIV+...Kudos to Rick R. Reed for an excellent, albeit short look into this health crisis that affects us all globally."--Wave, Reviews By Jessewave

"5 Nymphs!...A Golden Blush Recommended Read!...Well-written, sincere and heart-wrenching M/M romantic sequel [to VGL Male Seeks Same]. While this novella is on the surface filled with Ethan's bleak hopelessness; underneath everything, it gives hope for the future...I loved this story...So Mr. Reed, take my kudos for a job well done, and get to writing the next release."--Mystical Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews

"...One of the best aspects of Reed's book is his unpredictability. Nothing is sacred and every possible topic can be tackled. Here the author takes the happy ever after ending from his first book and turns it on its head when one of the characters is suddenly HIV positive. From the panic at his initial diagnosis to understanding medication and costs, this emotional story shows the scary and realistic aspects often overlooked when HIV changes someone's life. Well written with an intensity to the prose, this wonderful story shows the positive and negative elements associated with the first brush of HIV while showing it's not the death sentence it used to be and happy endings are still possible."--Kassa, Manic Readers

Ethan's anger and hurt kicked in, suddenly, and with the force of a fire bursting into a conflagration. He had never experienced going from confusion and despair to rage so quickly. It was all he could do not to strike Brian, to punch the silly expression of concern stamping his features right off his face. How could you? How could you?

"Yeah," Ethan said, a smile born of ire pulling up the corners of his mouth. "Yeah. You should be sorry. Did you just not tell me for a reason? Did you think maybe those few times we dispensed with a condom we'd just be lucky? Did you just get infected too? Maybe while you were with me?" Ethan spat the last words out, glaring at Brian, his breath quickened.

Brian shook his head. "Ethan, I don't know what you're talking about."

"Oh, please. Don't."

"Can we just sit down and discuss this? Sweetheart, I'm so sorry you've had this news, but it'll be okay. There are treatments--"

"Oh, don't patronize me. Don't try to placate me. And no, I don't want to sit down. I don't want to discuss this." As rapidly as the rage had come, so did the tears. Ethan angrily batted them away, not wanting Brian to see. "I was hoping you'd at least be enough of a human being to tell me the truth. I was hoping you'd at least be a man and own up to the truth."

"What truth?"

"Oh, come on, Brian. There's no one else who could have infected me. As the song goes: it had to be you." Ethan almost laughed as he imagined doing his best Harry Connick, Jr. impersonation and singing a few lines from the old standard. But he was afraid if he started laughing, it would turn giddy and breathless, hysterical, and would never end.

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