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An Unexpected Career in Porn
by C. K. Ralston

Category: Erotica/Menage Erotica
Description: Expose, Romance, and Highly-Charged Erotic Novel! Gretchen Thomas and her best friend, Cheryl Long, two recent high school grads, move to Los Angeles in search of a exciting life--and find it! Losing almost all of their hours at their low paying part time job, almost completely out of money, behind on their rent, and unable to find any other work, they hear that one of the numerous porn studios in the San Fernando Valley is "always looking for fresh faces with no experience in the adult film industry". Gretchen absolutely refuses to even consider such a career but Cheryl, her brassier and more practical best friend plucks up her courage and applies. Thus begins Cheryl's, and eventually Gretchen's, unexpected career in porn. Soon the pair have achieved superstardom in the adult video industry and are living an opulent lifestyle beyond anything they could have ever imagined. Here is a behind-the- scenes peek at the adult entertainment industry by an insider who has worked in and around the world of "porn" for more than three decades. But, My Unexpected Career in Porn is more than a highly-erotic expose, it is also a romance in the making, as Gretchen and her soul mate, Steve, meet, get to know each other and discover their unlikely but undeniable attraction toward each other.
eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions,
eBookwise Release Date: September 2009


16 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [516 KB]
Words: 112888
Reading time: 322-451 min.


"Why can't I just stay in the car and wait for you?" Gretchen Thomas sulked, a pouty look on her face and her arms crossed over chest. Intense nervousness showed clearly in her sky-blue eyes.

"Because you agreed to come along for moral support," her roommate, Cheryl Long, replied testily. Her own gorgeous face clearly reflected a high level of stress as well. "And I'm not going to be feeling too damned supported with you sitting out here in the car, fifty feet from the lobby!"

Gretchen stared out the passenger side window of their old beater of a car, warily eying the nearby warehouse building as if the gold script lettering on the door read: "Satan's Snake-pit On Earth" instead of "Hot Kitty Productions". The place looked innocuous enough. It sat amidst a number of similar buildings on the lip of the San Fernando Valley, part of a city block full of parking lots and industrial structures, a window glass replacement company on one side of it and a place that did custom marble countertops on the other.

But Gretchen knew what went on in there, and there was no way a nice girl like her should even set foot in such a place!

"Come on!" Cheryl urged her again, opening her door. "You said you'd do this for me! It's not as if I'm asking you to go to work here! I'm the one who's going to do that, if I'm lucky enough to get hired!"

Cheryl slammed her door and came around to Gretchen's side. She glared at her reluctant roomie. "Goddammit, Gretch! You're not getting enough hours at the gas station anymore to even pay our electric bill and I'm down to one shift a week at the Buy & Save! If we don't get some more money coming in pretty soon, we're gonna' be packing up this heap and hoping we can make it all the way back to Merced before it gives up the ghost on us! I can just see the gloating look on your dad's face when we show up in his driveway, and you have to beg him to move back home again!"

Gretchen's cute features took on an even more sour look as she thought about having to ask her stern father--deacon in the fundamentalist church she had been forced to attend her whole life and who had all but disowned her when she insisted on moving south with Cheryl after high school--to take her back in. She considered that scenario for a moment and stubbornly shook her head.

"No way! No way I'm doing that, Cher!"

"Yeah, so you say," Cheryl replied testily. "But we were two weeks short on last month's rent and they're threatening to eighty-six the phone on us any day now! We'll both lose what's left of our crappy jobs if our phone gets cut off and they can't reach us to call us in for work. What are you gonna' do then ... sleep in the fucking park?"

Gretchen let out a long sigh. She knew Cheryl was right. She usually managed to push such thoughts from her consciousness whenever they crowded in, but lately that was getting harder and harder to do! When the two of them had first arrived in southern California at the start of the summer, a week after graduating from Merced High, she had quickly found work at three part-time jobs.

But the economy kept getting worse and worse! First the pet store had let her go completely--she couldn't blame them. The store was now closed and there were "For Lease" signs in the windows. Half the other tenants in that little strip mall were now out of business as well!

Next, the Buy& Save had cut Gretchen's twenty hours a week back to eight, then to zero, and had trimmed roomie Cheryl's hours back to only one eight hour shift per week. Gretchen's last remaining job, a minimum wage cashiering gig at a local convenience store/gas station was teetering on the edge of going away completely as well!

Today, they had spent the entire day applying for a dozen jobs at a dozen places, only to be told "we'll call you if we need you" by all of them. It was now nearly five in the afternoon. They were tired, discouraged and parked in front of a place Cheryl had heard about from a mutual acquaintance she had run into recently in a supermarket. Kathy Billings had lived in southern California for a year, having moved here immediately after graduating a year ahead of Cheryl and Gretchen. She said HK Productions was probably hiring.

"Come on, Gretch! We haven't got all day!" Cheryl said impatiently. "Kathy said this place is always looking for new girls. She said it wasn't so bad!"

"Kathy Billings is a slut!" Gretchen blurted out the open car window. "You know she had a wild reputation back home for doing just about anything, Cher! How can you believe what she says?"

Cheryl's startlingly blue eyes turned wistful. "I'm ready to do just about anything, Gretch! It looks like I'm gonna' have to!"

Her face showed resolve. "See, I'm not ready to move back home with my tail between my legs either, kiddo! Let's at least go see what these guys have to say, okay?"

This is wrong! This is wrong! This feels so wrong! Gretchen screamed in her mind, but she found herself getting out of the car and reluctantly following Cheryl into the lobby anyway.

* * * *

"Cheryl Long?"

Cheryl and Gretchen were the only ones left in the small waiting room. It was surprisingly well furnished, with an expensively upholstered couch not much bigger than a loveseat, five comfortable chairs, and a coffee table full of the latest copies of Time, Newsweek, Vogue, Elle, People and Okay.

Two other girls were in the room when they'd come in and Cheryl had started filling out the one page application. Both had been young and pretty, but with a sort of hard look about them. They had each been called in separately, spending about fifteen minutes behind the closed door at the back of the room when called then each girl had, in turn, left with a disappointed look on her face.

The man now standing in the doorway, holding the clipboard containing Cheryl's application was of medium height, muscular but wiry, like a gymnast. He was much older than the two girls-in his mid-thirties, probably--but he was very handsome, in a sleazy, carnie-ride operator sort of way. He had gleaming-black, wavy hair, a carefully trimmed, large, jet-black, Fu-Manchu style mustache. Part of a bright, multi-colored tattoo showed on his muscular bicep, just under his short-sleeved polo shirt. He wore the shirt with all three buttons undone and a gold chain with some sort of religious medal lay nestled amid an expanse of curly black chest fur. His tan slacks and the oxblood loafers that matched his belt all looked very expensive.

"So, which one of you little beauties is Cheryl?" the man asked, his dark eyes twinkling with amusement. "My name's Rocco but everyone calls me Rocky."

"Uh ... I'm Cheryl."

Rocky smiled at her then turned his gaze to Gretchen. "And who are you, cutie? I don't seem to have an application for you."

"I'm Gretchen! Gretchen Thomas! I didn't fill out an application. I'm just here with Cheryl! She's my roommate and we were out looking for work and we only have the one car, so ... here I am!"

Rocky grinned at her obvious unease. "Here you are indeed, gorgeous! Are you sure you don't want a job with us? With your looks, you'd be a shoe in!"

Gretchen felt herself blushing. She didn't want to ruin Cheryl's chances of getting a job here-if that was what she wanted, so she didn't want to insult this man-but there was no way Gretchen was interested in appearing in some kind of ... sex movies!

"Uh ... Gretch and I have been best friends since kindergarten, Rocky!" Cheryl finally found her voice and spoke up. "Like she said, she just came along to offer me a little, um ... moral support, you know? I'm ... I'm a little nervous to tell the truth! I've never applied for a job like this before!"

Rocky laughed. "That's okay. That's a good thing, in fact! We're always on the lookout for beautiful young faces that are brand new to the industry, so that's already a point in your favor, Cheryl! Now, why don't you girls come on in and we'll get started with the interview, okay?"

He looked at Gretchen again. "It's okay for you to come in with her if you want to, or you can wait out here. It's up to you."

Cheryl shot Gretchen a desperate look. Of the two of them, she had always been the brave one, the one who went first. It was Cheryl who had pushed the idea of them moving to southern California after graduation, so they could have at least a chance at a more glamorous lifestyle than small, farm-town Merced had to offer. Right now, however, she looked slightly terrified.

"Please!" she whispered to Gretchen.

"Uh, yeah, okay!" she replied nervously, her legs feeling wobbly as she stood up along side Cheryl. "I'll come in with her, I guess."

Rocky led them down a hallway then into a very large, poshly appointed office. A tall, spectacularly good-looking, blond-haired man with a bodybuilder's physique dressed in a dark blue designer track suit stood up from behind the expansive oak desk as they came into the room.

"Hey, ladies! I'm the CEO, Steve Castle, welcome to Hot Kitty Productions!"

The girls smiled uncertainly and shook Steve Castle's offered hand. They sat in the two heavy, green-leather upholstered client chairs in front of the desk as Rocky quickly explained Gretchen's limited role in the proceedings to the studio head.

"Fine, fine!" Steve said, showing a mouthful of perfect teeth and a winner's smile as he sat down and picked up the clipboard containing Cheryl's application.

"Pity, though," he added, glancing up briefly at Gretchen as he looked over the paperwork. "We're always looking for fresh-faced, cute, high school girl types like you! Can't get enough of 'em! Our customers just eat 'em up-or at least they like to fantasize about eating 'em up!"

Steve and Rocky laughed and the girls smiled weakly. Gretchen was so nervous at being in a place like this she felt like bolting out of the chair and running back to their parked car. A quick glance at Cheryl told her that her normally bold friend was feeling the same way, now that she was actually here, in the lion's den!

"Okay, let's see ... just graduated ... shit-kicker high school upstate in the middle of farm country," Steve Castle commented, his brow furrowing. "Mostly retail work background, no film experience, no school plays or theatrical training. Pretty typical of our new girls, really."

He looked up and regarded Cheryl critically. His movie star-handsome face morphed into a frown.

"You state on your application that you're five eight and weigh one hundred and ten pounds," Steve shook his head dubiously. He looked her over again. "You also list your vitals as thirty-six, twenty-four, thirty-six, is that right, Miss ... um ... Long?"

Cheryl flushed red and nodded. "Uh, yeah! That's right."

Steve gave her an exasperated look. "Honey, what the hell do you think I do for a living? I've been seeing girls naked every day for over fifteen years! Your tits might be 36 'c's all right, but that ass is at least a thirty-eight and that's giving you the benefit of the doubt!"

Cheryl sat up straighter in her chair, as if better posture might add inches to her chest and somehow magically subtract them from her butt! The young studio exec shook his head.

"You two seem like really nice kids. I bet you guys are dead broke, right?"

Cheryl looked down into her lap and nodded, her eyes avoiding his. He let out a sigh.

"Fuckin' economy! Everybody's short of money and scrambling just to get by. Okay, listen, hon," he said with another, even deeper sigh. "I think this is a waste of everybody's time, but go ahead and take off your clothes and show us what you've got! You drove all the way out here and gas isn't exactly free these days, so I'm gonna' give you a chance! Go ahead and impress me ... show me your goodies, cutie!"

Cheryl turned bright red and looked as if she wished she could shrivel up and die! But after a few seconds, she summoned up her courage and gamely reached down, her hands trembling noticeably, and pulled her knit, pullover blouse free of her jeans. She kept on tugging at it until it popped off over her long, dark-brown hair.

"Here, I'll take it for you, sweetheart, and put it over here on the credenza," Rocky offered with a sad little smile.

Cheryl handed him her top and reached behind her and, with shaking fingers, unsnapped her bra. It tumbled into her lap and she sat before the two porn execs with her large, round handfuls of breast exposed, her reddish-brown nipples half erect atop her half-dollar sized areoles. Rocky smiled at her encouragingly, took the bra from her and tossed it on top of the blouse.

Getting shakily to her feet, Cheryl undid her jeans and shoved them down her long legs. She stepped out of the chunky-heeled sandals she had worn today and her jeans, now clad in only her thin, almost transparent panties.

Steve Castle sat forward expectantly in his big leather swivel chair, waiting for her to lose the rest of her scant underwear. She took a deep breath, did so, and he raised his eyebrows.

"You're tits are very good and you've got a cute little pussy, Cheryl, but way, way too much bush! You should definitely think about cutting that back or maybe shaving it off completely, although waxing would be even better! You don't get all that nasty razor-stubble, heat-bump looking stuff on your skin when you wax!"

Cheryl stood woodenly in front of him, shivering from nervousness. He motioned with his hand.

"Come on, babe, turn around for me! Let's see if that ass is as big as I'm afraid it is!"

Cheryl reluctantly did as he asked. She heard him suck in his breath as her twin, meaty mounds of butt flesh came into view.

"Okay ... listen kid ... I gotta' be honest with you," Steve said as she turned back around to face the desk again. "You seem like a really nice girl who is down on her luck and I feel sorry for you, so I'm gonna' offer you some work, but I have to tell you up front that I doubt you're ever going to be a lead gal for us, earning the big bucks, okay?"

Cheryl looked a little disappointed but didn't say anything. She crossed her arms over her breasts nervously, hiding her nipples.

"Your butt's too big and saggy. You're breasts are very nice, but they're not quite big enough to balance out that ass and waistline. If you were a big girl all over, with humongous forty-four 'D's' or something ... well, there's always a market for loops featuring that kind of a buxom, voluptuous type of girl, you know?"

"Then ... then what kind of work are you going to give me?" Cheryl finally managed to whisper after a long, awkward silence.

"Well, if you're any good at it, you can start out as a fluffer, then we'll probably be able to work you into some orgy scenes, you know, when there's lots of chicks and guys going at it all at once? Nobody's gonna' care if some of the girls are carrying a little extra weight in their cabooses when there's seven or eight couples all getting it on simultaneously onscreen, you know?"

"Wha-What's a fluffer?" Cheryl stammered, her eyes as big as doorknobs at Steve's blasť mention of an orgy scene.

"Sit down and we'll finish filling out the rest of this." Steve gave her a friendly smile and turned her application over, picking up a pen as he went on. "A fluffer is an off camera girl who gets the male talent ready to appear in a scene, hon. She sucks cock all day, basically, not enough to make a guy come, but just to get him hard enough to step into the scene with another actress and perform, okay?"

Steve moved the pen over to the blank sheet and wrote "BJ". "Now, sweetie, are you any good at sucking cock? Can you get a guy hard and keep him that way until he's ready to step onto the set?"

Cheryl swallowed hard and looked at Gretchen, obviously not wanting to answer that question in front of her friend but having little choice. "Uh ... well ... I kind of know how to do it! I've ... I've never had any complaints, but ... but then I've only done it a couple of times."

Steve sighed and looked up from his clipboard. "How about fucking, honey? Do you know how to fuck? Are you any good at that?"

Cheryl turned bright crimson again. "Um ... I had a couple of boyfriends in high school and we, um ... we did it!"

"Honey, doing it and being good at it are night and day, see?" handsome Steve explained patiently. "How about anal? With a big ass like that, you might be able to build a following by doing some hot anal scenes. There's a subgroup of film buyers out there who really get off on seeing a girl with a big butt getting drilled hot and heavy in the bottom by some dude with a foot-long dick, you know?"

Cheryl looked as if she were about to pass out at the thought of foot-long dicks and girls having that done to their bottoms! "I ... I've never done it that way!" she admitted in a voice so soft it was barely audible.

"Facials?" Steve sighed with discouragement, writing furiously. "You're face is really pretty and those unusual blue eyes of yours contrasting with that dark hair is a terrific look-lots of our buyers would get off pretty strong, watching six or eight guys blow their loads all over that beautiful face of yours! Do you enjoy that kind of action, cutie?"

Cheryl began to sob softly. She put her hands over her face and cried quietly into her palms. "I've never done anything like that!" she bawled. "I--I've just had regular sex a couple of times and ... and I ... a boy came in my mouth once and it ... it was yucky!"

Gretchen suddenly came to life in the chair next to her friend. She had been sitting silently, stunned beyond belief by what was happening to Cheryl in this pleasant, very upscale office, but now she patted her best friend's shoulder consolingly. "Come on, sweetie, put your clothes back on! We're getting out of here!"

She turned toward the smaller man. "Could you please hand her clothes back, Mr. Rocky! We need to go home now!"

Rocky shrugged and turned to get the garments. Steve held up a palm.

"Listen, Cheryl. You're such a sweet kid, and your face is extraordinarily pretty! Don't go yet. I really would like to help you out. Fluffers get a few hundred a picture, plus more if we can work you into a scene or two as an extra. You can probably knock down eight, nine hundred a week with us every week, on a fairly consistent basis. What do you say?"

Cheryl stopped sniffling and looked up, stunned. "Nine hundred a week! But ... but I can't even do most of the stuff you want!"

The blond-haired man grinned. "Any girl can learn to suck a cock, honey--it's not exactly rocket science! As for the other stuff, well, you'll be working on a porn set! Just keep those gorgeous blue eyes of yours open and you'll figure out the rest of it in a week or less, I promise! Now, what do you say?"

Cheryl smiled shyly. "I don't know ... I really, really need the money! And I could make more here in two weeks than I was making in a month even when I was full time at the Buy& Save!"

"Okay, it's settled then. You can start tonight! We're filming from about eight o'clock until we get done, whenever the hell that turns out to be! El Hastings is directing, so you can count on retake after retake with that damned prima donna! It'll probably be early tomorrow morning some time before we call it a night!"

The girls looked at him, confused.

"Elwood Hastings, El for short, is the hottest adult film director in the business!" Rocky explained. "We'd pitch his hard-to-please ass right out into the street if all his films didn't bring in the big, big bucks the way they do."

"Oh," Cheryl said.

"Let's get started. It's after five o'clock," Steve Castle said brusquely, suddenly all business again. "We've got less than three hours to turn young Cheryl here into a professional fluffer who's at least competent enough at her job that Mr. Asshole, El Hastings, won't spend the night screaming at her. We've also got to grab some dinner then make sure the set is ready to go before his majesty, El, gets here."

He looked over at the shorter man. "Rocky, Cheryl's already dressed for a little on the job training. Why don't you two head over to that couch and get started?"

Steve picked up the clipboard and took Cheryl's application from it and got it ready to put into a personnel file. "I'm going to need you to fill out some tax forms later, when you get a second, Cheryl, all right?"

Cheryl nodded woodenly as Rocky took her hand and led her over to the nearby couch. Gretchen looked on in amazed horror as the shorter man calmly pulled his shirt off, displaying his tightly muscled, hairy upper body, and then began unbuckling his slacks.

"What ... what's he doing?" Gretchen asked Steve, an edge of panic in her voice.

"He's going to teach her to give good head," the studio boss answered in a casual tone, finishing up the file folder.

"By the way, what would you kids like for dinner, hon? Rocky and I were thinking of Chinese tonight, but we can have something else delivered if that doesn't sound good to you," he asked Gretchen, who was watching out of the corner of her eye as Rocky doffed his slacks, shoes and socks and neatly folded the pants up and laid them on a chair.

"Ch-Chinese food?" Gretchen sputtered, mesmerized by Rocky as he slipped his boxer shorts off and the biggest, longest hunk of male meat she had ever imagined in her life sprang into view, already halfway hard! "How can you think of food when ... when he's got that thing out and he wants her to ... to do things to it!"

"Gretchen, honey," Steve said patiently. "We make sex films here. Sex goes on all the time, like accounting goes on in accounting firms. Believe me, it's not a big deal. Now, there's a really good rib place down the street, if barbeque sounds better to you than Chinese..."

Gretchen sat back in her chair, too shocked to answer, her heart pounding in her chest! Across the room, Rocky was quietly saying something to Cheryl, holding out his huge penis. He smiled down at her encouragingly and explained something and Cheryl smiled back shyly and nodded her head. Her tongue came out and touched the end of his enormous hard on and Gretchen felt her stomach drop through the floor!

She's licking it! She's actually licking a total stranger's ... thing! She told herself in utter disbelief.

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