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The Cat House 3: Cat Fancy
by Julia Talbot

Category: Erotica/Paranormal Erotica
Description: Layla is great at matchmaking among her friends and with the patrons at the Cat House, but she's not so good at finding someone to call her own. Now she has two big male werecats doing renovations on her club, and she thinks she has an embarrassment of riches. Aaron and Jamie have a good thing going, but they believe that sharing makes it even better. They think Layla might be just the kind of pleasure they want to mix with their business, and they're ready to take what they want. Can Layla choose between them, or will she even have to?
eBook Publisher: Changeling Press LLC, 2009 2009
eBookwise Release Date: June 2009


18 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [51 KB]
Words: 9498
Reading time: 27-37 min.

"I think the pink leopard print for the new sofas, don't you?" What was her little assistant's name? Candy? Corrine? Cathy? It was so hard to keep girls at the club these days. There was a whole back-to-nature movement among the werefolk right now, and that was not only costing her employees, it was costing her money.

She was trying to spruce up the club a little in response, making everything old new again. Cole had given her a budget to upgrade the front room and one of the private party suites. Layla couldn't wait.

"Are you sure, boss? You said you wanted to appeal to both men and women."

"Yes, well, the only men who have the disposable income to come and buy lots of drinks right now are the gay ones." Damned recession. God, she hated tightening the belt. Hated it. She much preferred to support herself in the manner to which she hoped to be accustomed by the time she retired.

"Whatever you say, boss. You sure you want the tassels?"

"I am. Cats love danglies." She loved them too. She could play when the club was closed.

"She's hard on them, but she loves them." Her business partner Cole walked in, smiling, batting at one of her earrings when he went by.

Asshole. Good thing he was cute. "I want to get a couple of guys in to demo the temporary part of the bar and make it match, babe. Is that okay?"

"Sure. Just don't go over budget."

"Well, is there anyone around who's family, who might give me a discount?" Cole knew everyone in the cat/wolf/whatever community. If Cole didn't know someone, his cop boyfriend would. All those manly types stuck together.

"Yeah. I think I know a couple of guys who are hungry enough to work for someone as demanding as you."


"Catty bitch."

"Get out of my office." She winked, blowing him a kiss. "But don't forget to call a contractor."

"Yeah, yeah." Cole walked out, patting her ass when he passed by, heading for his own office. Really, he was such an attractive man, and he walked with a lovely prowl to his steps.

"So, do you want me to order the leopard?"

Chloe! That was her name. "Yes, please. Order some of the scratching posts too. I really don't want the damned sofas to get shredded."

Really, the things you had to do when you dealt with kitties.

* * * *

"You think we'll actually get paid on this job, man?" Jamie nudged Aaron out of his way with one sharp elbow.

"Ow, Jesus." Aaron rubbed his ribs, resisting the urge to pop Jamie one right on the ass. "I think so. Cole is a stand-up guy, even if he is a tomcat."

"Oh, from what I hear, he's all taken and shit now."

"Too bad." Aaron added a grin that Jamie knew and loved, mischievous and a little horny. "We could have played."

"Shee-it." Aaron shook his head, letting Jamie knock on the door of the Cat House. The club was locked up and looked a little sad at this time of day. "He's too much man for both of us combined. Now, from what I hear, he's got a pretty partner."

"Right. Business partner, you mean. She's supposed to be here." Jamie checked his watch. "Yeah?"


The door opened just about the time Jamie was going to get impatient, the line of his shoulders tensing up. Aaron was a little lost in contemplating the nape of Jamie's neck, right where the black hairline and the rise of shoulders met, so he missed what must have been dramatic posing.

He just looked up in time to see the effect.

Cole's business partner was a pretty lady. She was a little on what his momma would call the trashy side, with a tight pink bustier and big old hair, but she was kind of adorable. Not to mention the fact that she had amazing boobs.

"Hey, there. Are you, um, Layla?" Jamie was squinting at the card he'd written the information down on, and Aaron knew it wasn't bad eyesight, just bad handwriting.

"I am. Aren't you boys cute? Come on in, and I'll show you what I want done." She turned, and her hips swung when she walked like she was doing some kind of fancy cha-cha.

Lord. At least they'd have something good to look at on this job. Besides each other.

"Um. What exactly did you want us to do, ma'am?" Aaron finally asked, pulling out his metal clipboard. He had a little estimate form that he'd made up. Jamie laughed at him, but Aaron thought it made them look more like professionals and less like a couple of yahoos.

"Through here."

The place was a crazy mix of cat toy and sophisticated club. There were mirror balls and pink and green fabric, set against one of the prettiest antique wooden bars he'd ever seen. Aaron knew his wood.

She led them to the far end of the main room of the club. "I want to do something back here. New booths, some interesting architectural features. Something really fun."

Her arms waved when she talked, which made her tits bounce. Aaron glanced at Jamie, who was watching, fascinated. He pinched Jamie's butt, just to get him back in the game.

"Eep. We can sure do that. We'll have to work with you for a bit, make sure we have a clear idea of what you want us to mock up."

Oh, good answer. He might never have been able to come up with that. He would have looked at her and gone, "Uh..." Or maybe he would have drooled. She was really kind of hot. She got hotter the longer he looked. There was something in the way she stood, something almost dangerous, like there was way more to her than met the eye.

Aaron loved that. It was like Jamie. The guy put a lot of thought into things before he spoke, which made people think he was slow. Far from it. The man was smart as a whip.

"I like the idea of working closely with you two." She winked, her eyelashes so long he would have thought they were fake, except they didn't smell fake. He had a pretty sensitive sniffer.

"Yeah? Well, good." Jamie was blushing. That was cute as all hell.

"I have no doubt that you boys could make it good." Her painted fingernails wiggled at them, making them glance at each other and grin.

"Lady," Jamie said, moving close enough to her that Aaron could hardly see daylight between them. "You have no idea."

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