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Ambrose And The Waif
by Rick R. Reed, Sukie de la Croix

Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Horror
Description: Ambrose loves his waif. But the waif, a handsome young man, has murder on his mind--a convenient solution for getting rid of his overweight partner who uses his girth and his influence to stand in the way of the pair's love for one another. In this twisted tale, played out in letters between Ambrose and his waif, we get a glimpse into the bizarrely romantic lives of the world's most original lovers. Their love is founded on mutual hate, deceit, and a prurient longing for the other seldom seen in gay fiction. What's true and what's false in the brooding, fantastical letters the pair pens to one another? Not even they are certain as they plot murder, plan escape to exotic, far-off lands, and confound one another with psychological mind games. As you hungrily press through pages, you, too, will be confounded as you think you know what's happening, only to have your beliefs reversed, set back on course again, and perhaps even striking off in entirely new and unexpected directions. What is certain is that you will never be sure of the fate of Ambrose and the Waif until you get to its final, breathless conclusion. Genres: Gay / Horror / Paranormal / Ghosts / Hauntings / Suspense / Thriller / BDSM (Light)
eBook Publisher: Amber Quill Press, 2008
eBookwise Release Date: June 2009


2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [68 KB]
Words: 13342
Reading time: 38-53 min.

"5 Angels!...A story of love, greed, madness, and murder that is told in a series of letters. This is a fascinating and suspenseful tale that features two men who are both more and less than they appear. Mark and Ambrose unfold gradually in the eyes of the reader as the story progresses, and as the characters unfold they also morph from something sweet and beautiful to something dark and ugly and frightening. The effect is both startling and stunning... As the two men write back and forth discussing murder and then pointing blame at each other, the reader is compelled to read between the lines of the story to determine what is in actuality happening. Like a puzzle, each piece slips in to place, and it is not until you finish Ambrose And The Waif that you understand the driving force behind the men's murder plot. This story is riveting and horrifying and utterly enjoyable."--Whitney, Fallen Angel Reviews

"5 Stars!...A mind-bogglingly crazy read, one that had my jaw on the floor at several moments. It is shocking and macabre and morbid and bone chilling and I loved every minute of it. I have learned to never have any preconceived notions when picking up a Rick Reed book, and this does not disappoint in any way. It utilizes a unique style of presenting alternating letters between the two lovers. Each letter is answered in turn by the other, and the games and emotions grow deeper with each response. What begins as love deteriorates rapidly and becomes rife with blame, doubt, jealousy, anger and insanity....This is a chilling story, with images that are translated onto the page with gory detail...This is the type of story that you must read over and over again to truly appreciate, and each reading will undeniably reveal yet another piece of the puzzle. There are unexpected twists and turns at every juncture of the story, and the fact that it is all packed within the course of 48 pages is simply phenomenal....This is my first exposure to de la Croix, but if Ambrose And The Waif is an example of what these men come up with when they put their heads together, then I hope that they continue to collaborate. Hell, I demand it!"--Emily, Rainbow Reviews

"A Rating of 5!...A phenomenal story where truth and fiction collide in a macabre and eerie tale of two men whose love is as passionate and ill-fated as any tragic Shakespearean duo...A dark tale of passion and love, chilling in its icy beauty and gripping in its appeal...It's an incredibly well-written psychological drama but is not for anyone squeamish or faint of heart. It's gripping, dramatic and unpredictable; all in the space of 48 incredibly short pages. As soon as I finished the last sentence, I started at the beginning again and re-read the entire story, as should you. With any truly excellent thriller, it only deepens with the subtly and context repeated readings can offer....Reed and de la Croix have created a masterpiece with their story of love, cunning, passion, guile and need..."--Kassa, Manic Readers

And so he is gone. And so the deathly veil that once lay draped across our love has been lifted, and returned to its rightful owner. May that apprentice of the Devil rot alone in that precious New England soil for all eternity.

When I return from my travels we will dance naked upon his grave in the moonlight, celebrate like crapulent dryads as we stamp our feet and send his wicked soul even deeper into hell. As if hell were deep enough for him. As if there were a place in this world, or any other world, that would give refuge to that monstrous being.

You have done well, my tiny elfin creature. Eliminating him was the only way. He never would have released you from his prison.

I well remember the day that I first saw you. You were sitting alone on the wharf, a fishing boat had moored nearby, and you were, I assumed at the time, staring at the fishermen struggling with their nets. At first I thought you were an angel; the sun was behind you, your white, loose-fitting clothes--like sacrificial robes--the gentle breath of the wind running like children through your soft golden curls. You kept brushing them back, away from your eyes.

Then I walked around you, stood between you and the glaring sun. That's when I saw the bruises on your face, the vacant look in your eyes, and that terrible mark, that evil tattoo upon your forearm. The mark of ownership. What were you thinking about that day? You never told me, but then I've never asked you.

Oh, how my body aches for you. How I long to kneel at your feet and drink from the sacred cup of my waif; to kiss those hands, once manacled to the wall of that dark dungeon. My heart is torn apart when I think of what that beast did to you.

But all that is gone now. The torture is over, and soon I will be loving you as you deserve to be loved; as a writer loves his muse, as an artist loves the gift that God has given him.

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