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High Risk
by Rick R. Reed

Category: Suspense/Thriller/Dark Fantasy
Description: Her Secret Life... Beth Walsh seems like such a demure housewife. Taking care of her attorney husband and doing volunteer work, the young woman is someone you'd meet at a church social. But Beth has a secret life. While her husband works, Beth slides into what she calls her "slut clothes" and goes on the prowl. She becomes a completely different woman, wanton and uninhibited, with dozens of handsome strangers. Until she meets the one blindingly gorgeous stranger who will make her more than sorry for her secrets and lies... Abbott Lowery is every woman's dream: handsome, muscular, with intense blue eyes that contrast with his thick black hair. Women want him. Men want him. But Abbott is deeply damaged, and inside lurks a monster just waiting to be released. When Beth Walsh pursues him, it pushes a deeply-buried rage to the fore and he becomes determined to punish her. Beth meeting Abbott lights the fuse on a bomb. Its explosion leads to a tale of terror and desperation so intense it will sear everyone who knows them. High Risk is a story of secrets, tainted histories, murder, kidnapping, and an ending so brutal and shocking readers will be left breathless. Genres: Suspense / Thriller
eBook Publisher: Amber Quill Press, 2008
eBookwise Release Date: June 2008


8 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [370 KB]
Words: 81616
Reading time: 233-326 min.

"5 Stars!...Wow--what an amazing book! I picked up High Risk with the intention of reading a chapter or two last Saturday morning but was completely swept away by it. I didn't stop reading until I reached the end--and with its brisk language and driving pace, that meant just a few hours later. The premise should grab the attention of any married man or woman who has contemplated--even for a moment--the idea of infidelity. The author spins the idea into an extremely frightening Fatal Attraction type of scenario in which the man the adulterous wife decides to bring home is a complete sociopath who sets out to destroy her life. It's an absolutely horrifying--and perfectly written--book. Rick Reed is one of the best thriller writers working today."--Chris Beakey, author of Double Abduction

"...A well-written story...Mr. Reed is a brilliant writer and his characters are so well developed you actually feel they are real...The outcome is not one that was expected but it makes a very real point. If you like suspense, you will...like this book."--Liadan, Coffee Time Romance

"5 Divas!...A high-octane thriller that asks the question: What if you picked up the wrong guy? A cautionary tale with surprising twists and turns, it is a page turner...Beth [is] a sympathetic character in spite of her extreme behavior. Abbott is also intriguing and original enough to stand out from the typical literary bunny-boiler. Reed's intense pace, crisp dialogue and bare-boned yet atmospheric language make this a must read. You'll want to sleep with the lights on and toss out your Phillip Glass CDs after reading this book...A compelling read!"--A.J Llewellyn, Dark Diva Reviews

Beth Walsh watched her husband, Mark, eat. She found it hard to sit still.

"How come you're not having anything?" Mark lifted a forkful of eggs.

"Not hungry yet." Beth sipped her coffee. Black, scalding. "This is enough for now." She wished he would hurry up and finish. Some divorcee would need him soon enough in his LaSalle Street office to write up a petition for an increase in child support or something like that. Didn't he have lots of work to get to? Clients to see? Beth glanced at the clock above his neatly cut and combed blond hair: 9:15.

"What's up for today?"

A tiny bit of coffee sloshed onto the newspaper's Tempo section. The question startled her, made her heart pound just a little harder.

It had been a week since the negative HIV test, a week since she had whispered her fevered promises and petitions to a God she'd hoped was listening.

A week of no shopping.

Beth needed to shop.


"Nothing much," she said, hoping Mark didn't notice how her voice came out a tad higher than normal. "I need to call about getting the living room rugs cleaned. Might stop by Nordstrom." Beth managed a smile. "See what's on sale."

"Life of Riley." Mark smirked. Even at thirty-four, his face was still boyish.

Why wasn't he enough? Last night, the sex had been vigorous, bordering on rough. Three orgasms for her, two for him. It was still good. Sweaty. Athletic. And now, sitting before her, adoring glances directed her way, the perfect "golden boy." A young Robert Redford, slender and strong in a navy Brooks Brothers' suit, crisp white shirt, red silk rep tie.

So why did her stomach churn with impatience? Why did she want nothing more than to hear the close and latch of the front door of their graystone on Fullerton Avenue? Why did she need to see him get out now, so she could scrape the remains of his breakfast into the garbage disposal and hurry into her bedroom, to search through her private collection: the clothes she kept hidden at the back of her closet? Leather skirts, Manolo Blahnik stiletto heels, clinging print blouses, thongs, bustiers, and push-up bras ... searching for the perfect bait for an adoring and so, so passionate man.

How could she sit here with Mark and conjure up this perfect dark stranger, someone who would take her and hurt her, forcing her to serve, to set the stage for his darkest, most depraved fantasies? How could she sit here with the pureness of the sun streaming in through their kitchen window and picture herself in the grimy half darkness of a cheap motel room with a stranger ... locked and interwoven in lust and sweat?

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