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Burning Touch [Club Immortality Series Book 2]
by Taige Crenshaw

Category: Erotica/Paranormal Erotica
Description: Welcome to Club Immortality where all your desires will be fulfilled. Nothing is taboo and privacy is a guarantee. Kariati I'ausnes didn't want to go to Club Immortality yet he was talked into it by his brother and cousins. After spending the night avoiding the advances of the women or other beings who felt safe approaching his kind in the confines of the club, but would never get near him outside the club door, Kariati is ready to call it a night. A woman captures his attention entrancing him and invoking his lust. When he approaches her and realises she is human he is shocked that this mere mortal has him in her thrall. Unsure if she can withstand his Urgrimo--the burning touch--Kariati accepts her offer of a dance ... yet he knew before the night was done they would share so much more. On her way home from dinner with friends Halle James doesn't know what made her enter a mysterious club she has never seen before. The music moves her and she starts to dance when she is captured by a man who is devastating to all her sense. As the stranger joins her in a sizzling dance a long-held fantasy she has fills her mind. In a blink she finds herself experiencing her deepest desires. Will a Sigrum demon's need to find the one able to withstand his Urgrimo--the burning touch be fulfilled.... Open the doors and step inside Club Immortality....
eBook Publisher: Total-e-bound, 2008 2008
eBookwise Release Date: June 2008


46 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [47 KB]
Words: 8755
Reading time: 25-35 min.

"I'll be okay. Thanks for a nice evening." Halle James tried not to gag as she spoke the words that were a bold faced lie.

She gave her friend Kathryn a look that clearly said they would be talking about all that had happened that night. Kathryn winced then came to her.

"I'm sorry," Kathryn said softly as she hugged her.

"You owe me big," Halle replied in an equally soft voice.

Kathryn stepped back and went to her husband Chris. They both glared at the man named Dillon whom Halle had dubbed as octopus. Dillon returned the look and sauntered down the block whistling. She sighed and waved at her friends as she walked away from them. Her skin still crawled at the memory of the dinner she'd just had with her friends. They'd been matchmaking again. Dillon, the octopus, had groped her all evening until she'd finally had enough. When she had told him she would cut off his hands if he didn't keep them to himself, he hadn't even blinked. He just leered and said he liked it rough.

She'd had seen the look of fury on Chris' face and had known he was about to deck Dillon. Although she would have enjoyed seeing her date sprawled on his ass, Halle hadn't wanted a scene. To alleviate the brewing fight, she'd gotten up to leave. Her friends had followed her, as well as the Octopus, outside the restaurant where they'd been having dinner. Dillon was so oblivious to the ass beating he was about to get he'd made another salacious comment. Chris had lunged at him. Dillon was quick on his feet and moved out of the way. It had taken both her and Kathryn to calm Chris down. Instead of leaving, Dillon had stuck around a little distance from them and acted offended. Making a nuisance of himself, he said he didn't know what their problem was.

Shaking off the thoughts of the evening, Halle swore silently. Her friends didn't get that she wasn't interested in them finding her a man whom they thought was perfect for her. Each time they'd tried had been one disaster after another. When she'd asked them to stop, they had backed off for a bit then the matchmaking had started again.

"Tonight is the last straw," Halle vowed.

She would make it adamantly clear to Kathryn, her business partner, and all of her other matchmaking friends to butt out. She had needs but had so far found no man who could totally fulfil what she wanted. Hell, she didn't know what she wanted herself. All she knew was she was dissatisfied with all her recent sexual liaisons. Something was missing and she couldn't put her finger on what.

"What is wrong with me?" Her voice echoed down the deserted street.

Absently she looked up. Startled, Halle realised she'd walked past her block. With sigh she turned then stopped. A step forward took her closer to the building that had captured her attention when she had started back the way she had come. She frowned at the sign Club Immortality glowing softly in the night. In all the times she'd shopped along this street she'd never seen this place before. There wasn't a line to get inside or a bouncer at the door. She leaned her head to the side curious if that was normal or not.

Not like you'd know. You're not much into clubbing anyway. Halle shrugged and intended to leave but instead she walked to the door.

Her breath caught when she reached the door. She ran her fingers over the carved golden symbols she saw there. They looked ornate and fancy. Halle jerked back as a tingle stung her fingers. Blowing on her fingers, she blinked in surprise as flecks of gold seemed to disappear into her skin. She rubbed her fingers together and found nothing. Touching the door again Halle waited. Nothing happened. Feeling foolish she took down her hand.

You're losing it. She reached for the knob and opened the door. A pumping rhythm spilled out enveloping her. Halle gasped as it set off a sensation inside of her. Her body started to thrum while her heart raced. The door slammed behind her making her jump. Shaking off the buzzing in her ears, Halle went further inside and looked around. She sensed the movement, sights and sounds of the club. The interior was packed with bodies grooving to the music. Low lights cast the area in an eerie glow. Tables were scattered around the exterior of the packed dance floor. Each table held a candle and a slim vase of flowers that seemed to be floating just above it. Halle blinked, sure she was seeing things. The club was decorated with gold, brown and green. It created a sexy, edgy, sleek, yet welcoming feel.

A swishing sound made her turn to her left.

A little ways down from the front door a passionately kissing couple came through a door that seemed to appear from nowhere. Halle shifted uncomfortably at watching them, but she couldn't take her eyes off them. The passion in their embrace clogged her throat with tears while her pulse raced. As if sensing her, the man looked up. She was startled by the rich lavender gaze offset by curling lashes. His long locs framed his sun-kissed features of chiselled masculine perfection. The intensity in his gaze was unnerving.

The man smiled.

Halle jerked her attention from him. The woman looked at her with a smile on her face, as well. The woman's honey-toned skin glistened in the lights of the club. She was devastatingly beautiful. She put up her hand and the man who now stood behind her held it while they looked at her. A sense of belonging surrounded the couple.

I want what they have.

Halle's heart clenched at the thought of having what they did.

Unable to look at them anymore, she turned away. She spotted an empty table and gratefully made her way over to it. Taking a seat, Halle put out a hand testing the air between the floating flower and candle. Not feeling anything she sat back curious about how it was floating. A weird sensation overcame her, making her shiver. The feeling quickly passed. With a look around, she noticed the couple was gone. Returning her attention to the dance floor, Halle watched the dancers. Slowly, her tension released and she relaxed as the music filled her. The thrum of the music resonated through her body. She noticed some people dancing alone and no one paid them any attention. Making a decision, Halle stood and walked to the edge of the dance floor.

Slowly, she let the music seep into her then she moved. A sense of exhilaration filled her and the atrocious date of earlier totally left her mind. She moved her hands and body, dancing.

This is what I needed.

Ignoring everything else around her, Halle let loose to the sensual beat.

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