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The Rift [Shifting Sideways #1]
by Jennah Sharpe

Category: Romance/Fantasy
Description: When Sawyer rescues a strange woman from the deadly streets of Newburg, he doesn't expect the intense effect she has on him. Not knowing whether she is an escapee, spy or even from his world, as she insists she is not, he must keep her close to him to keep her alive. As he plans the rebel attack on his father's city, Sawyer aids Charlotte in finding her way back with the help of his grandmother's diary. But first, they must face the dragons, his father's men and the prospect of never seeing each other again.
eBook Publisher: Cobblestone Press, 2007
eBookwise Release Date: May 2008


5 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [118 KB]
Words: 25722
Reading time: 73-102 min.

"Oh! And talk about hot, there are dragons in this story. I love dragons! Ms. Sharpe grabbed my interest at the very beginning and never let go until the last word. I can't wait to read the next story in this series."--Fallen Angel Reviews

Sitting at her desk with her warm sub in front of her, she placed The Rift in front of her. She took a bite of sandwich followed by a swallow of hot tea. As she chewed, she opened the cover. Flipping to the first page, she gasped as her eyes swam, and the letters on the page swirled before her.

God, doctors knew nothing! She dropped her sandwich, waiting for the now familiar hum to pierce her brain. The nauseating sound didn't come. She focused on the pages in front of her, trying to read the small script. The city endured the tortuous rainfall--the first line of the book. Then, the words disappeared.

She heard voices, shouts, wondered briefly if she'd passed out, and then caught a glimpse of grey buildings shadowed by mists and falling rain.

A man in a long coat dashed by on a black horse, his hat pushed down around his ears by the rain. Just as suddenly, her eyes cleared and she was back at her desk. What the hell? What kind of disease made you see things that didn't exist?

Taking a deep breath, she adjusted her glasses and looked down at the page again. Her eyes swam. That's it! The book was causing this. Her guts told her to toss it out into the street and let the next poor soul to walk by pick it up, but her mind insisted she was hallucinating.

She sucked in a breath, pushing a stray strand of hair behind her ear. With a dark purpose, he fled through the streets, soaked to the bone by the incessant rains ... and suddenly Charlotte was there again.

The warm comfort of the shop vanished. Cold and heavy, the rain quickly drenched her hair, plastering it against her forehead. Wiping her eyes, she blinked twice and then sneezed. She shivered. Afraid to move, she wrapped her arms around herself, disoriented and not at all certain she wasn't dead. Maybe she'd had a stroke and this was some conjuring of her injured mind.

From around the corner, the man on the horse reappeared. The horse pulled to a halt in front of her, prancing impatiently and snorting disgust at being out in this weather. She couldn't run. There was nowhere to go.

"What are you doing out here? Are you daft, woman?" Not nearly as harsh as she'd imagined, the smoothness of his voice warmed her just a little.

"I just might be," she muttered.

"What? Never mind. There isn't time. Get up here." He reached down his arm and because she couldn't think of a reason not to, Charlotte stepped forward. Grabbing her wrist, the man hauled her up behind him. This wasn't real, she assured herself. Therefore, the man posed no threat to her. Might as well find out where this dream would take her.

She wrapped her arms tightly around the man's waist. He was tall and solid but very dark in his black clothing. She could see nothing of his face under his sodden hat. She leaned into his warmth. Closing her eyes, she felt suddenly tired. She held on as the horse wheeled around and headed down the dirt alleyway.

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