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Breast Cancer: A Journal of Faith, Hope and Love
by Marie Prato

Category: General Nonfiction/People
Description: Breast Cancer Facts: *One out of every seven women will develop breast cancer *A woman's chances of developing breast cancer increases with age: and *Approximately 200,000 cases of breast cancer will occur in the United States this year. Traits common to breast cancer survivors: *They are well-informed and take control of their treatment *They know cancer is just a symptom and make life-style changes: and most importantly *They have a positive attitude. Marie Prato is a certified paralegal and an author with more than a dozen novels selling on various sites. Most importantly, Marie Prato is a 59-year old woman who, with the continued help of God, is a four-time survivor of breast cancer.
eBook Publisher: ebooksonthe.net, 2007 ebook
eBookwise Release Date: November 2007


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [146 KB]
Words: 36353
Reading time: 103-145 min.

MARCH 2003

Lay hold of the hope set before us;

this hope is an anchor of the soul, sure and steadfast.

Hebrew 6:18:19

* * * *


I believe that God speaks to each and every one of us. I also believe that He answers all of our prayers.

When I was a toddler, I prayed that God would stop my parents from fighting. When I was married I prayed that I would have a baby. God didn't always give me exactly what I wanted. For that matter, the number of prayers not granted far outnumber the granted ones. For instance, my parents didn't stop fighting until they got divorced. That wasn't exactly what I had in mind when I prayed for a tranquil home.

Sometimes I didn't have to wait to know God's answer was "no." I would feel or even "hear" thoughts or see images in my mind as I was begging him for help that my prayer would not be granted. Other times I would work doggedly toward a goal, hoping all the time that God would help me only to be disappointed in the end. But even in my disappointment, God was merciful to me. Somehow he would help me weather the storm and not only survive but become stronger in the process. Eventually, I would realize that an obstacle I had prayed to be relieved of was really a blessing in disguise and designed to steer me towards a different and better path.

I also pray to the saints, especially St. Therese, to intercede with God for me. Some of my friends find this unnecessary and say that praying to God is enough. But coming from a large Italian/Sicilian family I know better. Many times during my life I have experienced what could be accomplished by having not only my parents but grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins on my side. If my earthy relatives could help motivate and assist me, how much more powerful are the saints, my heavenly family, in taking up my cause with God.

Many times, as St. Therese had promised on her deathbed, she used human intervention to send me roses as a sign that my prayers were heard and would be answered. And many times I have not gotten roses despite my begging and pleading.

But don't think because I sometimes feel or even "hear" God's answers and have been shown many times in the past that his wisdom is what is good for me, that I take rejection lightly or with humble acceptance. Even with all the goodness and love God has shown me I still must be dragged kicking and flailing in the right direction before I once again accede to the fact that He knows the path I should be on.

I also doubt. Not in God or his saint's existence, for I know they are real. I doubt my worthiness. So even after "hearing" what I should or shouldn't do, I worry and fret that it was all wishful thinking.

And so it is with breast cancer. I am on a path I have not and would never have chosen. Yet, although there have been many dark days in the last few years as I struggled with recurring breast cancer, I always come back to God, Jesus, his holy Mother, and his saints. For at the end of my path I know they will be waiting for me.

March, 2003

Maybe I should get David a sweater or a pair of pants to add to what I have already bought, I thought as I clutched the hospital gown around me. If only I could win the lottery or sell a novel.

As I daydreamed about winning the lottery or selling one of my novels, I looked at my watch. I had scheduled my mammogram for 9:00 a.m., expecting to be done in a few minutes and then go to the law office where I worked. But the technician hasn't returned yet. Maybe the radiologist has other mammograms to look at, I reasoned. Maybe there was an emergency. Maybe he just had to go to the bathroom. Fear starts worming its way into my heart and mind. All of a sudden, money and fame mean nothing. Right now, I would trade winning the Powerball for a good mammogram report. Please God, I pray. Not a repeat of 1994.

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