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Torrid Teasers Volume 18
by Sherrill Quinn, RaeLynn Blue

Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance
Description: After losing her grandmother and namesake, Elizabeth tries to get on with her life. As she goes through her grandmother's things, she stumbles across a ring, rumored to have once belonged to Queen Elizabeth of England. As she wears the ring, she dreams of a mysterious man, whose face she cannot see, igniting her passionate flame unlike any man she's ever met. Alas it's only a dream, but night after night the dream returns, haunting Elizabeth and tormenting her with desire she cannot possibly consummate.
eBook Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press, 2006
eBookwise Release Date: February 2007


7 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [73 KB]
Words: 13961
Reading time: 39-55 min.

"'The Haunting': This is truly a haunting yet electrifying tale with an unusual and unexpected twist; definitely a recommended read! This reviewer is very pleased with this particular volume of the extensive Torrid Teasers series!"--Anne, EuroReviews

"Ms. Quinn pens a hot and luscious tale of wish-granting and happily-ever-after in 'Tall, Dark & Naked': Themes of loneliness and loss are overcome with those of passion and promise. 4 Angels!"--Michelle, FAR

"Elizabeth is caught up in a web not her own and finds a passion she doesn't want to live without. Highly charged ... 'The Haunting' is a spooky delight! Four Stars!"--Michelle, FAR

"Specific to my story, 'Tall, Dark & Naked': 'Wow, this is a very different Santa Claus story, definitely not a bedtime story for the children ... This is a story no woman will want to miss reading. I hope when Santa is checking his list he sees I want to be naughty instead of nice ... For the duet as a whole: 'This anthology is a delightful mix of romance and burning hot desires. Be sure to pick it up so you can enjoy reading it. 4 Cups!"--Candy Cay, Coffee Time Romance

"Sherrill Quinn has an incredible way with sizzling erotica that just won't quit; all this and a love story too! This is a must-read! 5 Flags!"--Annie, EuroReviews

"'The Haunting': This is truly a haunting yet electrifying tale with an unusual and unexpected twist; definitely a recommended read!"--Anne, Fallen Angels

"Ms. Blue chills spines and will have you looking for a ring of your own in the sexy tale called 'The Haunting'. Highly charged, with a smoking hot tub scene, 'The Haunting' is a spooky delight! 4 Angels!"--Michelle, Fallen Angels Reviews

"Ms. Blue has quite an imagination and has written a hot, exciting story. This is a delicious tale that will get your heart beating rapidly. 4 Cups!"--Candy, Coffee Time Romance

"...This is truly a haunting yet electrifying tale with an unusual and unexpected twist; definitely a recommended read! 5 Flags!"--Anne, EuroReviews

".Sherrill Quinn's story was fun to read, and who doesn't like a good Christmas story about having a wish come true. 4 Roses!"--Pam, A Romance Review

"Wow, this is a very different Santa Claus story, definitely not a bedtime story for the children ... I hope when Santa is checking his list he sees I want to be naughty instead of nice. 4 Cups!"--Candy Cay, Coffeetime Romance



Sherrill Quinn

"Oh, give me a fuckin' break, Kris." Jasper Snow paced around the spacious office, his booted feet making little noise on the plush crimson carpet. "You cannot ask me to run a damned fru-fru division. What will the rest of the clan think?"

The man behind the ornate cherry desk stroked one hand down his snowy white beard. Over the rim of the reading glasses perched on the end of his nose, his sharp blue eyes narrowed. "Don't worry about what they'll think, Jazz. I'm the patriarch of the Winter clan; they'll think and do what I tell them." Leaning back in his chair, he steepled his fingers over his ample belly. "As you will."

Leaning forward again, his eyes more intent, the big man went on. "Every year, the loneliness and despair at Christmastime grows, expanding person by person. We need this division. I need your expertise. The Delivery Division wouldn't be near the success it is if it weren't for you."

Even as he warmed at the rare praise, Jazz spread his hands in a gesture meant to ask for reconsideration. "Kris, the reason I've been so successful with the Delivery Division is because I'm a damned good strategist. What the hell do I know about romance?"

Kris swiveled side to side in his chair, studying Jazz long enough to make him uncomfortable. Finally, the older man leaned forward and rested his chin on one meaty fist. "Well, if your language is anything to go by, not much. How many times have I asked you not to swear?" When Jazz would have responded, Kris straightened in his chair and held up his hand. "I've made my decision, Mr. Snow. You are now officially the president of our Mended Hearts Division."

When Jazz stood there staring at him, searching for something--anything--that could change the other man's mind, Kris waved his hand in a shooing motion. "That's all, Mr. Snow. You may go."

Jazz clamped his jaw on the pithy retort that strained against his lips and scrubbed his hand over his goatee. Damned sanctimonious ... Turning, he stalked to the office door and flung it open.

"Oh, there's just one more thing," Kris said, his tone colored with a dark note of glee. "I want you to personally handle our first client. Show the troops how it's done, so to speak."

Jazz slowly turned to face his tormenter. Kris' chubby cheeks were red and his blue eyes sparkled with good cheer. At Jazz's expense.

"I don't do field work," Jazz said through his teeth. Forty years he'd spent here. To be told he had to go back out in the trenches--to handle a fucking romantic issue yet--wasn't welcome news. He clenched his fists against the urge to throttle Kris' thick throat, patriarch of the clan or no.

"You do now." Kris stared at him and the good humor leeched from his gaze. He appeared every inch the patriarch--hard, cold and immovable. "You still have ten years of your fifty-year commitment here at the North Pole, Jazz. I know you'll make the Mended Hearts Division the best-run division in Santa Claus, Incorporated. You can get your assignment from Sapphire." He looked down at the paperwork in front of him, effectively dismissing Jazz.

Jazz walked out of the room, closing the door softly behind him, restraining his temper until he could get someplace more private. He glanced at Kris' assistant and scowled at the smirk on her lips.

"Oh, come on, Jazz," Sapphire Goldstone said. "Lover-boy that you are, you could do this with both hands tied behind your back." She tucked a strand of periwinkle-colored hair behind one pointed ear and held out a slim folder. "Your assignment, should you decide to accept it..."

When his scowl deepened at her reference to a human television spy show and he refused to take the folder, she giggled and placed it back on the desk. "You Water Elementals, always so serious." Standing, she sauntered over to him. His gaze skimmed up her long, slender legs, over her curvy hips and up to her large breasts. She brought her hands up to cup those lovely mounds of flesh, her clear green eyes darkening as she pinched her nipples. "You should be more like us Earth Elementals, Jasper."

"How's that?" he asked, raising one brow. "Lusty? Flighty and flirty?"

"Oh, Jazz." Her eyes went half-mast as her fingers on her nipples moved faster. "All Elementals are lusty. We all take our pleasure when we can, even Kris. Even you, lover. And if someone watches, well..." She moaned softly and shivered. Stopping in front of him, she moved her fingers to the buttons of her flimsy green blouse and began undoing them. "You want some help getting started on your assignment?" she asked.

Jazz kept his gaze fixed on her silken flesh as it appeared in the gap of her blouse. When she shrugged off the silky material, he immediately bent and pulled one stiff pink bud into his mouth, sucking hard. Her fingers wrapped in his hair and she moaned. He moved to the other breast and licked the hard tip, then sucked the entire areola between his lips.

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