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Torrid Teasers Volume 14
by Anna Fallon

Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance
Description: STORY ONE: "I'm All E.A.R.S" Joanna Grigson finds herself a part of a rescue by Jordan Burns, founder of E.A.R.S. Earth Angel Rescue Society intervenes on deaths that happen before their time. Jordan has a specific reason for involving Joanna, he needs a woman to head up the female division but as yet none have had the skills. He has watched Joanna for some time and knows she is perfect for the position and the perfect woman for him. But how can he get this headstrong woman to join of her own free will? Easy, tell her it is no job for a woman. STORY TWO: "E.A.R.S- Joanna's Challenge" After passing her rigorous physical training challenge, Joanna now faces an even tougher one. After an explosive sexual encounter with Jordan, they must find a way to quell the undeniable attraction between them. The rules say no sex during training but Joanna knows she must find a way around this. And like any woman who knows what she wants, Joanna has a surprise or two waiting for her man.
eBook Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press, 2006
eBookwise Release Date: December 2006


4 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [69 KB]
Words: 14364
Reading time: 41-57 min.

"E.A.R.S. aka Earth Angel Rescue Society to the rescue, so watch out! Jordan and Joanna are on the loose! What a great turn on the movie Men in Black, with E.A.R.S in a book! I loved E.A.R.S as it is an organization that totally took me away! Sexy computer geeks made my knees weak. Jordan while in lust with Joanna saved her to allow her a choice. Danger lurks as demons and the devil try to stop the angels from saving souls. Which will win? Sebastian the demon will do whatever he can to defeat them. Evil reeks from every one of his pores. Will Joanna be able to be the first female ever to be an Angel who rescues people or will she chose to leave? Can Jordan be man enough to allow her a choice, him and E.A.R.S or will he allow her to walk away? I'm All E.A.R.S and E.A.R.S- Joanna's Challenge by Anna Fallon reads like part one and part two versus two books in one. I loved how Jordan lusted after Joanna. Hot erotic moments erupted to volcanic proportions, making me wish I had a fan close by to cool off. Enticing, delighting and throw in some fighting and a hit occurs as the characters make you want to reach out and touch them. Good versus evil in this story has you rooting for the angels to win. I enjoyed page after page hoping against the odds against them, they would triumph letting them win. This book makes you want to look for more Anna Fallon books. They are well worthy of the look. I found Torrid Teasers Volume 14 one book, you should not miss. I am so glad that I picked it up. 5 Angels!"-- Wendi, Fallen Angel Reviews

"Ms. Anna Fallon has written quite a teasing tale, full of mysterious quasi-angels who talk about sex and an independent woman with a strong will. Joanna and Jordan's verbal sparing barely disguises their lust and unspoken love for each other. Danger makes an appearance to spice things up and ultimately it is up to Joanna and Jordan's honesty about their feelings that saves them. I enjoyed this glimpse into Ms. Fallon's imagination and I am looking forward to reading more about these two characters in the future."_Kathy 4 cups, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance, Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books



Anna Fallon

Joanna stared at the wall of water heading toward her and the scream stuck somewhere in her dry throat; her pounding heart resonated in her ears. Panic rose from her churning stomach as she desperately looked around for a place to run. There was nowhere. Nowhere she could go quick enough to outrun the fifty foot wave, which she estimated would hit in five minutes or less. It peaked, preparing to start the break. The powerful, punishing rush that would destroy everything in its wake.

On automatic pilot, she began to run away. Chest heaving and people screaming around her, Joanna pushed her legs as fast as they would go. The roar in her ears was gaining on her; she had always feared these giant waves. Ever since she had been a little girl, she had feared this very event. Joanna began to pray, it was the only thing she could think to do as the sky above darkened. The wave had grown so huge, it blocked the pathway of the sun. Not wanting to look, but refusing to hide from her watery attacker, Joanna turned and this time, the scream did not lodge in her throat. It came out full force as if, somehow, she may have been able to stop the water with her voice. If only.

"Save me..." she screamed, "save me, please!" Then she fell to her knees and sobbed. The white water began to foam on top of the arch of salty liquid. In that split second, between praying and having her body pulverised into the ground, a metal lid, thick and round, popped open next to her. Out of this, the top half of a man appeared. Joanna felt her body dragged into the hole and heard the trapdoor slam shut just as the raging wave fell and took everything in its wake.

The pair missed the rest of the ladder and fell the twenty rungs to the cement floor below. Luckily for Joanna, she landed on top. Which wasn't so fortunate for her rescuer underneath her, as Joanna was no size ten. He looked as if he were dead. "Oh my God, are you okay? Please don't be dead, please. I couldn't bear it if you were dead!" She slapped his face.

She heard a rush of air suck into his lungs and he coughed a couple times. Joanna felt overjoyed and took his face in her hands and kissed each cheek in turn. "Thank you. Oh, thank you!"

The man tried to speak; he muttered something, but Joanna couldn't hear him clearly. Leaning her ear to his mouth, she asked, "What? What is it? How can I help you?"

His voice rasped back into her ear, "Get off me ... pl ... ease!"

Joanna felt like a goose still perched on top of the poor guy. "Yes, yes of course. How silly of me." She swung her leg over and sat square on the ground beside him. "There you go. Is that better? I'm so sorry."

He managed to half smile at her "It's okay. I've had worse."

He breathed a little more evenly now and looked directly at her. It may have been the adrenalin pumping from the whole situation, but her pulse raced as he gazed at her. "You are Joanna Grigson?" he asked, now struggling up to one elbow.

"I am indeed. Why? How do you know my name? Where did you come from?" Joanna felt a little uncomfortable.

"Please, allow me to explain. I'm Burnsy, it's my nickname. My last name is Burns. Jordan Burns, at your service." Joanna did not feel any more secure; she felt grateful, but not safe.

"Well ... Bur ... Mister Burns. I think you should be explaining to me exactly why this has happened and how you could save me and not everyone else?"

Joanna pressed him for details, as absolutely none of this made any sense to her. While searching his eyes for answers, she noticed their clear blue color was flecked with gold. His lashes curled thickly and encased them endearingly.

"Joanna ... may I call you Joanna?" She nodded to him and he continued, "Joanna, you have just been rescued by your Guardian Earth Angel." He handed her a business card, glossy sky blue with raised silver print. It showed a pair of white angel wings attached to the planet earth. The text said, Rescues on Earth ... so you don't get to Heaven--Jordan Burns--ask me for help, I'm all E.A.R.S.

"Ears?" Joanna smiled and couldn't help a giggle. She noticed he spoke in an English accent spattered now and again with American tones.

"Yes, Earth Angel Rescue Society, to be precise. We're a relatively new bunch and you're my first successful rescue." He looked quite proud of that fact. Joanna, however, took a little more convincing.

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