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Needing Her Cowboy
by Starla Kaye

Category: Erotica/Fetish Erotica/Romance
Description: Needing Her Cowboy is one of 10 short stories in the Her Cowboy's Way anthology from Black Velvet Seductions. Brandi's tax business has driven her crazy lately, the pressures wearing her down. Making it all worse, Colby has been away on a business trip and she feels like he has abandoned her. She needs him home to help her calm down in his special way and to love her in his sheet-blazing round of cowboy-does-his-wife-good style.
eBook Publisher: Black Velvet Seductions Publishing Company, 2010 2010
eBookwise Release Date: October 2012


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [24 KB]
Words: 4165
Reading time: 11-16 min.

Needing Her Cowboy is one of 10 short stories in the Her Cowboy's Way
anthology from Black Velvet Seductions
Needing Her Cowboy

Brandi had been like a crazy person all week at her office in town and at the ranch. The final tax deadline of the year was fast approaching, and she'd been bombarded with new clients. While her business focused on doing the accounting work for small businesses, she'd worked for a tax accounting firm while in college. She'd even gotten her Enrolled Agent status with the IRS last year and kept up on tax changes. Somehow word of all that had leaked into the community. Probably from the lips of her husband, who was proud of her skills and tended to brag about them too much. She'd wanted to keep her client list small enough that she could work mainly from home. But in the last month alone she'd gained a half dozen new ranchers and small businesses in town as clients. Enough clients in town that she'd needed to start working more and more in her office on Main Street. Now, with this additional influx of new work, she was working almost full-time and keeping almost regular office hours--both of which she hated. She'd had to give up lazing about in bed in the morning.

She heaved a sigh, leaned over her desk and buried her face in her hands. If one more potential new client walked in the door, she would run screaming from the building. She was only one person; she could only do so much. Handling pressure wasn't something she was really good at, which was why she'd decided to have her own business. Not that there were other accounting firms in Hinkley that she could have gone to work for. No, she was pretty much the only accountant in the county.

She glanced at her coffee cup. Empty. Again. Just like the pot in her tiny storage room. She needed caffeine. She needed an elf or some other magical person with amazing accounting and tax skills to come in during the night and whip out a dozen tax returns. And she needed--really needed--sex. Which meant she needed Colby to get home today from that trip he'd taken down to Dallas to a cattlemen's convention.

His photo on the corner of her disastrous desktop caught her attention. Lord, he was a good-looking man. Tall and muscled, without being body-builder muscled. His face always needed shaving and the stubble felt rough sometimes when he kissed her, but she really didn't mind that. His eyes...lady killer eyes that spoke of all the wondrous things he could do to a woman.

As illogical as it was, she felt like he'd deserted her this week. He knew she wasn't good at handling pressure, especially this kind of snowballing pressure. People were depending on her. They needed these tax returns, and they expected them to be done right. Of course, she could do that. It was just that there were so many returns to do. And she could probably do all of this if she had Colby here to support her, to calm her down, to hug her and take her mind off all that she had to get done in the next week. Damn it! He should be here--should have been here and not gone off and abandoned her--right now! Just an hour of mind-blowing sex, and her world would be all right again.

She glared at the phone. They'd talked each night and discussed how things were going. He'd been happy with some new things he'd learned at the convention. He'd gone on and on about the newest in breeding techniques and the latest information on castration. As thrilling as that no doubt was to a rancher, she'd been a bit "Well, yuck!" about it, although she hadn't told him that. To be fair, he'd also listened to her complaining about how one of her newest clients hadn't filed a tax return in ten years. She'd gone off on him about having to dig through a dozen boxes of mainly useless receipts in order to reconstruct those prior ten years so she could do the returns. He'd commiserated with her when she'd bemoaned all the paper cuts she'd gotten this week. And the ruined fingernails. But those phone conversations weren't enough for her. She wanted him back here, and he'd caught the resentment for him being gone in their call last night. He had been less than pleased.

Shifting on her chair, she knew he would be dealing with her foolish resentment and unfortunate cursing at him for having decided to stay an extra day. He'd also warned that he might have to give her a settling down lesson before she really went off the deep end. No, she suspected, she might end up sleeping on her stomach tonight. As strange as it was, she knew that she needed his help. Sometimes his hard hand landing on her bottom actually did make her feel better...not right at that moment, but later.

She glanced at the photo again and sighed. Their bed had felt enormous and so lonely this week. She'd missed snuggling up to his big, warm body. She even missed the insane way he got up so early and she had to drag herself out of bed to make him the same boring breakfast every morning. And she really missed those morning good-bye kisses that lit a fire in her all day. The good-night kisses were pretty darn good, too. Particularly when combined with a sheet-blazing round of cowboy-does-his-wife-good sex.

She squirmed in her chair, felt the heat low in her body and the way her clit was tingling. Darn, darn, darn! She needed him right this darn minute! He was never, ever going away again without her! She couldn't stand this kind of depravation, this kind of withdrawal. It had her thinking wilder, hotter thoughts with each passing day. She'd even broken down and taken care of her desperate need on her own last night after they'd talked. It had been okay, but definitely not the same as having Colby's nice long, thick cock inside her.

Suddenly she realized she'd been sitting here complaining to herself for quite a while. What time was it anyway? She shifted her gaze to the wall clock. Oh damn! She should have been on the road to Kansas City at least fifteen minutes ago, more like a half hour. Sitting here basically pouting when she should have been in her car was going to make her husband even unhappier with her. He'd know that's just what she'd been doing. He always knew.

Snagging her purse, Brandi zipped out of the building. Maybe if she kept a good eye out for patrol cars, she could push the pedal to the metal a bit more than legally allowed.

Colby shifted positions as he leaned against the building outside of the American Airlines exit. He'd been standing here, shifting around, growing more impatient and more worried with each passing minute for nearly an hour and a half. At least the early October day was nice, pleasantly cool. Not cool enough to settle him down, though. Where was she? Had something happened on the drive here from the ranch? He didn't want to even think about an accident, but he did. His gut churned.

He shifted again, started to reach for his cell phone to try and call her once more. But the calls hadn't gone through the other dozen or so times he'd tried calling her. He had a feeling she'd either lost her phone or left it at the office or at home. She had a habit of doing that lately, a bad habit.

He pulled out his cell phone anyway. He'd call the ranch and see if any kind of emergency calls had come there. His stomach knotted again. Damn, all he wanted was to see her, hug her within a breath of her life. Beyond his concern for her, though, he wondered if she'd still been mad at him about staying the extra day. Pouting and avoiding coming to get him. He sure didn't want to learn she'd been in an accident, but otherwise she'd better have a damn good excuse for being this late.

Just as he started to punch the ranch's number, he spotted her cherry red Mustang almost speeding into the curve leading toward his terminal. No accident. Good

Relieved but irritated, he straightened and picked up his duffel bag. She pulled up to the curb, flashing him a wary smile as he yanked open the rear door to toss his bag inside. He saw the fleeting guilty look in her eyes and made a quick decision. He needed something to do with his hands or else he'd drag her over his knee for a well deserved spanking right now, no matter who was around.

"I'm driving." He walked around to the driver's door and pulled it open. "Don't push me about this, Brandi Lynn."

Wisely, she climbed out and hurried around to the passenger's side. She avoided his eyes as she said, "I'm glad you're back."

In spite of the anger he felt simmering inside him, Colby leaned over and kissed her. It wasn't a mere brush of lips, either. He kissed her with the relief that she was okay. He kissed her with all the pent-up desire he'd been dealing with this last week. A mere kiss wasn't going to take care of all his needs, but this was a start. Unfortunately, he knew there would be some unpleasant matters to deal with before they got down to the more fun parts of being married.

"I called your cell phone when I got in and got your voicemail," he said, easing out into the airport traffic. "I've been calling your phone every fifteen minutes since then. Those calls didn't even go to voicemail. "

Brandi stared out the side window. "I forgot my phone at the office. Sorry. The battery probably died, since I don't have a charger there."

He was silent as he searched for the highway entrance. He was tired, had a headache, and knew he needed to catch up with Thad about ranch matters. This extra delay didn't sit well with him. "We talked about my arrival time just this morning. You told me you didn't have any meetings scheduled today and that it would be no problem. So, did something come up?"

"Uh... no. I was thinking about other things and didn't watch the clock." She glanced at him, must have seen the annoyance in his eyes, and turned back to the window.

"Other things like pouting because I went to this convention, when you selfishly wanted me to stay home with you? Or pouting because I stayed an extra day?" It still irked him that she'd cussed at him last night about his decision. He knew the extra work load she was handling right now had ratcheted up her stress level. And he knew that she was horny, which he definitely liked. Nevertheless she needed some help settling down. He also felt a little guilty about not being here to do it before now.

She blew out a frustrated breath. "Both, okay! My being crazy like this is your fault, you know."

His hands fisted on the steering wheel. "And why is that?"

Now she faced him, irritation sparking in her sky blue eyes. "Because I depend on you."

"I know. Including taking charge of you when you go a little crazy." Again, guilt weighed on him.

"Yes!" She raised her stubborn chin. "I know what needs to be done, what I deserve. It won't be pleasant, but you'd damn well better do your 'take charge' thing tonight."

He raised an eyebrow. "Probably much sooner than tonight."

Some of the sass went out of her, yet she still demanded, "My bottom better be good and red and sore by bedtime."

Amusement had his lips twitching. His little wife sure could be a spitfire. "Count on it, darlin'."

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