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Stroke The Fire: The Best Manlove Stories Of M. Christian
by M. Christian

Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Gay Fiction
Description: Sizzling tales of bad boys, bruised hearts, and sweaty encounters. Lambda Award finalist M. Christian's stories of men-who-love-men have been selected for Best Gay Erotica, Best American Erotica, and Best of the Best Gay Erotica. Eavesdrop on what hot men who are doing hot things with other hot men say to each other between the sheets ... and up against the wall. Start reading the fiery ManLove fiction of M. Christian with this personally selected collection of his best. "A wonderful book ? just the thing if you are in the mood for an enjoyable quickie (or twenty)." -Mathilde Madden, author Reflection's Edge. [Don't miss the other books in "M. Christian's ManLove Collection from Sizzler Editions.] And don't miss his Lambda Finalist book, Dirty Words. "Fairy tales whispered to one another by dark angels whose hearts and mouths are brimming with lust." -Michael Thomas Ford, Lambda Award winning author Looking for It.
eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler,
eBookwise Release Date: September 2012


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [385 KB]
Words: 87958
Reading time: 251-351 min.


Queer erotica has an extremely long -- and very noble -- history ... one it would give me a great deal of honor and pleasure to be part of.

I never really planned on writing, let alone selling, gay male erotic stories. To be honest it began as a simple, and rather selfish desire -- and one that is shared by a lot of writers: getting published.

The first queer smut story I ever wrote was called "Stroke The Fire"--a naughty riff on that classic Jack London story far too often, and ironically, crammed down the throats of high school students -- which is in this very book. I was shocked, and pleased, that not just was this story bought and published but that it was reprinted in the very first edition of Best Gay Erotica, and subsequently in Best of the Best Gay Erotica.

Just that like I was not just a pornographer ... but a queer one.

But something odd happened on the sometimes wild and sometimes weird trip from then to now -- sure there's been ups and downs however even though it feels that far too often it's been more ups than downs it's been a pretty good trip: lots of friends made, many stories written and even published ... but that's not the odd.

The odd is that even though I may have started out being a queer pornographer with the secret agenda of simply being a professional writer I have come to really love not just the characters I've created in stories like those in these books but more importantly the lives of the people who have told me that they have enjoyed what I've written. There is joy, yes, in creating a story that -- if I'm lucky -- may last for a very long time but when a man, or a woman, sends me a message, or tells me face-to-face, that my little ballet of words and phrases, story and structure, and the other bits and pieces that come out of me to form a story has affected them and their sexuality in some kind of good and positive way ... well, the feeling really has no equal: creating is grand but that feeling I imagine is pretty much right up there with pure joy.

So here you are: a collection of some of my very best queer erotic stories, chosen from three of my collections: Bodywork, Dirty Words, and Filthy Boys.

I hope you like reading them as much as I like writing them and, more than anything, thank you all for allowing me along on this wonderful trip.

--M. Christian, 2012 (a version of the introduction to Bodywork)

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