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by Theodore Marquez

You Pay:  $5.99

Category: Mainstream
Description: When a plane crash claims the lives of Vance Edwards' mother, father and twin sister Vanessa, a door opens which unleashes a secret he now hides behind. He is left with a massive estate worth millions. After sexual reassignment surgery in Sweden he assumes his twin sister's identity returning to America. Vanessa's only living relative is wealthy and powerful, eccentric Aunt Christine. Vanessa's husband Martin is Denver's Attorney General in the midst of a campaign for U.S. Senator. The one living soul who knows of her secret is the physician who did her surgery in Stockholm, Sweden, Dr. Andrew Stevens. Stevens has a special bond and place in his heart for her, and is distraught when he self diagnoses with rapidly spreading abdominal cancer. He knows his time is limited and attempts to pair Vanessa with his good friend Dr. Holmes. The only person he can trust with her care. She and Dr. Holmes clash, and is left devastated when Stevens dies leaving her alone in the world to fend for herself and her secret. Vanessa's marriage, Martin's career and their happiness is shaken when Pat Harris, a ghost from the past comes back to haunt her. Pat backs up her accusations of having a lesbian affair with her lasting years when she presents a photo of her and the real Vanessa making love to Martin. She threatens to go to the media with it. Vanessa denies these accusations and is both furious and heartbroken. She physically threatens Pat in her desperation to save her marriage and Martin's career. Martin comes to the realization that she is telling the truth when he notices in the photo a mistaken birthmark the twins share. It is on the wrong leg. She is freed when Pat is incarcerated, then commits suicide after Vanessa reveals the secret to her and posts bond for her. A bomb explosion at Martin's campaign headquarters is a reality check of how far those who oppose him and his cause will go in trying to stop him. Republican Bill Hues and Democratic William Turner, his running opponents' do all they can to dishonor him. Vanessa visits Aunt Christine at her mansion in Los Angeles, and after years of separation they resume a bonding relationship. Aunt Christine's wealth and power is astonishing. She later makes a generous donation to Martin's campaign. Following her stay with Aunt Christine, Vanessa heads to San Francisco under the alias Renee Houston, having physical complications in search of a physician after Stevens' demise. There she befriends Robyn Meadows, a local bar waitress and singer on the cusp of stardom. Robyn makes no qualms about the MockingBird being her idol. Robyn introduces Renee to Dr. Spencer who thoroughly examines her and treats her condition. With him she feels she has found another physician to whom she could turn in dire need. In the interim Robyn makes her debut at The Phoenix and introduces her backup singers Crystal and Destiny as Nightingale. They are a smash and are immediately sought after by big time record producers. Their first CD Nightingale climbs charts across the nation and globe. Robyn and Renee develop a close friendship although Robyn knows very little of Renee. She later informs Renee a concert stop in Denver was on their tour. Martin speaks at a rally for gay rights. Aunt Christine is present at the rally and so is Reverend Pierce, a notorious anti-gay fundamentalist out of Kansas. His group is ruthless and cruel and spew hate and violence as through it were second nature. Aunt Christine, confronted by Pierce, literally slaps him hard across the face catching the lens of every camera on site. It hits the airwaves and front pages across the nation. On the day of the final debate emotions are running high as Martin's numbers rise and fall. An unexpected visitor walks into the ballroom to see Vanessa; it is her former nanny whom she hasn't seen since childhood. There is a gleam in her eye, and Aunt Christine warns Vanessa of the ill intent this woman has. Tension mounts during the evening when Martin is neck to neck in the polls with the Republican runner Hues. The entire state is on needles, and the eye of the nation is on this election as so much is at stake. A roar fills the ballroom when the election is over revealing Martin has taken victory by a mere 24 votes. Vanessa's rival, Pamela Hues is devastated. The nanny glares at Vanessa through the crowd. Martin speaks to his supporters and invites Vanessa on stage with him. He has another surprise for her. In walk Robyn, Crystal and Destiny who by chance had several hours to kill and decided to fly into Denver for this event. Vanessa is taken by total surprise. Robyn senses something about Vanessa and can't help staring. She gets even more curious when she notices Vanessa's ring. The ring Renee also wore. As Robyn, Crystal and Destiny exit the ballroom, Vanessa is left with Martin in celebration. In Vanessa's heart she knows it is only the beginning as Martin has his heart set on the White House. ?.
eBook Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing USA LLC/Club Lighthouse Publishing, 2012 2012
eBookwise Release Date: August 2012


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [536 KB]
Words: 122607
Reading time: 350-490 min.
All Other formats: Printing DISABLED, Read-aloud DISABLED

VANESSA HUDSON WAS FORMERLY known as Vance Edwards. A secret she not only kept from the world but from her husband Martin as well. It was four years ago that her mother and father, Norah and Ed Edwards and her twin, the real Vanessa, had perished in a plane crash while en route to Europe on their private jet. The twins shared a birthmark on the upper thigh of opposite legs.

It was then that the opportunity arose for Vance to fulfil a lifelong dream. It was he who was to have boarded the plane at their West Virginia estate; but it was Vanessa who took his place at the last minute. He had planned to rendezvous with the family later. No one knew of these changes as their father flew them wherever they needed to go. The minute the phone rang and news of the crash was brought, a door opened for Vance to assume his sister's identity. His admiration for her approached the hypnotic in its intensity.

It wasn't until he saw a program on trans-gendered people in San Francisco that he had realized his true identity. He had contacted the organization and sought help. It was then that he saw hope for the future. He had done research on the treatment and surgery long before his family perished. Transition and surgery were inevitable. It was only a matter of time. The alternative was far too grim.

Vance arrived at his family's funeral services as Vanessa, behind a black veil, and was last seen leaving the cemetery grounds in a stretch limousine. Both parents being in the political world gave him an insight into the jungle it was. They were an extremely wealthy family. Vance was left with a vast fortune, enough to fly to Sweden, where he underwent the emotional transition, then surgery and some cosmetic changes before returning to America to freely resume Vanessa's identity. She was financially set for life. The day she stepped off a jet in America as Vanessa the world seemed to have opened its arms and doors for her.

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