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Misbehavin' in Mexico
by Starla Kaye

Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
Description: Misbehavin' in Mexico is one of ten short stories from Her Cowboy's Way from Black Velvet Seductions Publishing. Brandi has known Colby Pennington for most of her life and has loved him almost as long. Getting married, though, is a serious matter. The whole love, honor, and obey thing might be more than she can handle. Brandi has known Colby Pennington for most of her life and has loved him almost as long. Getting married, though, is a serious matter. The whole love, honor, and obey thing might be more than she can handle. Marriage is about an equal partnership, not having to follow anyone else's rules. It is about having someone there whenever and wherever you want sex. Brandi is definitely okay with that part, especially with her sinfully handsome cowboy. But the obey issue, that Colby intends to take care of her in all ways--including occasionally warming her bottom?Well, it could be a deal breaker.
eBook Publisher: Black Velvet Seductions Publishing Company, 2011 2011
eBookwise Release Date: July 2012


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [36 KB]
Words: 4543
Reading time: 12-18 min.

Misbehavin' in Mexico

"The sun's up. We shouldn't be wasting time here in our room." Brandi nudged Colby where he still lie half awake in bed. "We've only got six days here. I don't want to waste a second."

"I'm not wasting time. I'm recovering," he mumbled into his pillow.

She was so excited to be away from her business, away from clients and the demands of his ranch, and especially to have time alone with her new husband. He'd wanted to spend their honeymoon in Kansas City. She'd thought that far too close to home. She knew him well enough to know that if he'd gotten a phone call that sounded even remotely like he needed to be back at the ranch, he'd have gone. She really wanted this time to be all about them. Thad could handle things at the ranch.

A glance at her husband's bare back in his stomach down position had her trembling all over. God, he was sexy! And she had this hunky cowboy all to herself here in the paradise of Cozumel for almost a week. It still surprised her how easily he'd given in when she'd pled her case for coming here. Of course, he had carefully shopped around online for the best deal and said they would only come here if she didn't go crazy overspending. It wasn't that they were close on money; the ranch was paid for and he had a good chunk of savings and investments. Plus she had a nice size inheritance she could draw from. He was just Mr. Conservative when it came to money. They'd already had a small disagreement about how much she'd spent on new clothes for the honeymoon. She'd "graciously" let him warm her bottom when he'd given her the choice of returning the clothes or getting spanked. Clothes were more important; her bottom recovered quickly. Besides, when he actually saw her in some of the clothes she'd bought, like the barely-there bikini...

Her stomach fluttered at the thought of how his eyes would darken, of how he'd waste little time in removing it. Yummm! She could hardly wait.

"Colby," she prodded again. "Please."

He turned his head, blinked his eyes open for a half-second, and then closed them again. "I'm on vacation. Sleeping in is part of my dream."

She studied his beard-stubbled face, the tired lines at the corners of his eyes and pinching his forehead. He'd worked extra long hours to make sure everything would go smoothly at the ranch before they left on this trip. His body needed rest, and she felt a little guilty about pestering him now.

With a sigh of resignation, she reached down to gently push a strand of fallen hair from his brow. "Okay. I'll let you sleep a while longer."

He still didn't look at her, but his voice grumbled huskily, "'Course having sex almost 24/7 with my new wife is a bigger part of my dream."

Sex 24/7, now that sounded good! Good enough that she could forgive him for being such a slug in bed now. And there was the fact that he'd made deliciously hot love to her until the wee hours of the morning. The quick flash of how he'd...

"Whew! It's hot in here already." She fanned her face. But it wasn't the external heat that had her sweating or had moisture building low in her body. No it was Super Stud's doing.

"Why don't you stretch your pretty little body out next to me again?" He opened an eye to wearily focus on her. "You're going to need all the rest you can get, sweetheart."

Tempting, but no. "You're the one who is worn out. I'm giving you a break. Going to let Mr. Wowser get back into playing condition."

Colby shifted onto his back, the sheet drifted downward. Her heart pounded just looking at all that fine man before her. He had some majorly amazing pecs and firm six-pack abs. Ranch work could sure tone a body, and she definitely appreciated the results. And then the sheet tented while his cock made its presence known. She considered reaching for it, playing with it, but he was tired. She'd already played enough only hours ago. But later she'd satisfy the need to touch it, hold it, and suck it.

He chuckled, evidently having seen the way she'd been all but drooling over him. Her husband grinned crookedly at her and pushed the sheet lower. He took hold of his cock with one hand and gave it a long, slow stroke. "Mr. Wowser, huh?" He stroked it again.

Brandi watched his big hand and the way his shaft swelled even bigger. Her lower lips pulsed and her clit throbbed. They wanted playtime, too. She swallowed hard, fought to keep her distance. She'd already demanded so much from Colby, and he'd eagerly given her everything--and more--that she'd wanted.

"Yeah, got a problem with that?" she asked, feeling proud of herself for not diving at him.

"Nah, I'm good with it. Just don't tell anyone." He gave his cock one final stroke. "Like you told everyone about that damn nickname, Super Stud Cowboy."

Brandi scooted off the bed, her hands automatically going back to cover her bottom. He'd taken some major ribbing from his friends over that, and he hadn't been happy about it. "You already spanked me for that little matter."

"Remember the lesson, then. Keep this whole 'Mr. Wowser' thing between us. You and me only." He looked meaningfully toward her lower body. "Or else someone's sweet butt is going to get another spanking."

As she gave a nod of understanding, he finally noticed what she was wearing. Or almost wearing. There wasn't a whole lot of fabric to this bikini. Just as she'd hoped would happen, his eyes darkened heavily with desire. His nostrils flared and his chest sucked in a shaky breath.

"Damn, sweetheart," he growled.

She smiled in delight and did a little ballerina pirouette for him. "You like?"

"Come over here and I'll show you just how much I like it." He sat up, his intentions clear in his expression.

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