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Wax On, Wax Off
by Syd McGinley

Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Romance
Description: Tommy's a great designer -- so why can't he design the right commitment mark to show he's Dr. Tanaka's boy? As his deadline approaches, things only get worse when news -- the very best and the very worst -- from friends threatens to derail Tommy's best intentions to please his Sensei. Originally published in Toy Box: Wax
eBook Publisher: Torquere Press/Short Story, 2012 www.torquerepress.com
eBookwise Release Date: May 2012


3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [27 KB]
Words: 4948
Reading time: 14-19 min.

Tommy got out the wax, and took a deep sniff of it as he smeared it over the hood of Dr. Tanaka's Lexus. He hummed a little as he remembered polishing Dr. Fell's Harley for him, and how it was surprisingly easy for mean old Fell to get a distant dreamy look in his eyes with just a waft of Turtle Wax. Charlie had finally explained that Rob, the dead love of Fell's life, had been a car wash worker. Tommy hoped it was a less painful memory and, heck, scent for Fell now that he had Dave in his life. From all he heard, Dave Rasmussen had Dr. Fell around his pinkie. Tommy could hardly wait until the summer retreat to meet him.

He settled into a good, deep rub of the hood. He wanted to burst into song, but Dr. Tanaka had scolded him for outdoor exuberance before. Humming and whistling would have to do.

He'd worked himself into a good mood -- some exertion and sunlight had done wonders for him. He may have privately thought Sensei's car was already clean, but he had to admit, the black paint looked fantastic freshly waxed and with no rain streaks.

He yelped. Dr. Tanaka had slapped his ass. Outside! That was more shocking than the blow.

"Sensei! Mrs. Pichotti!"

"She can't see from here," said Dr. Tanaka cheerfully. "And my boy's ass bending over a car is as fine a harbinger of spring as the sakura. And it's not a fleeting pleasure, either."

Tommy smirked and wriggled his ass as he rubbed at a final spot.

"I will think you are asking for a beating, boy."

Tommy's grin grew. That was what he needed to be back in balance! He just had to tease Sensei a hair more. He made an exaggerated swoop with the polishing rag. "Wax on! Wax off! Sensei!"

Dr. Tanaka hissed.

"Get upstairs! And if you squirm from your bruises while we lunch with Olivia, I will beat you a second time when we get home!"

"Hai, Sensei!"

For a moment, Tommy was genuinely worried that teasing his owner with a Mr. Miyagi joke was a step too far, but, as he grabbed the wax, he caught the now unmistakable crinkle of amusement at the corner of Tanaka-sama's eyes.

Tommy all but tossed the wax into the garage and scampered up to their bedroom.

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