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Devilwood Lane
by Lucia Moreno Velo

Category: Young Adult/Gay Fiction
Description: When the Jeffersons move to Darkfort, their reputation precedes them. Mrs. Jefferson has recently disappeared and everybody just knows her husband must have killed her. Suddenly, the whole town is in an uproar. But nobody is more shaken than Jamie Park, who falls in love with Timothy Jefferson. When Jamie finds out that Timothy's a werewolf, he's surprised, but not enough to stop inviting him to his bedroom every day after school. But then the school bully dies after a fight with Timothy, and Jamie starts thinking that maybe he is dating a monster, after all. Then Jamie finds disturbing information about his father's death, ten years before. He starts looking into Kevin's death and decides there must be another werewolf pack in Darkfort. But Timothy doesn't believe him. As Jamie starts to understand the true nature of werewolves, he is revolted by their violence. But when the Jefferson's old pack turns up to destroy them, Jamie finds himself fighting along Timothy. Fighting for the pack and for his life. And with a little luck, for a chance to unravel the mystery of Kevin's and his father's death.
eBook Publisher: Torquere Press/Prizm Books, 2011 www.torquerepress.com
eBookwise Release Date: January 2012


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [270 KB]
Words: 60560
Reading time: 173-242 min.

"Hey, man, you alive?" he was saying. Josh had a huge, crooked grin in his face. He seemed to find the whole situation hilarious.

"Yes," Jamie said, "I'm alive."

But that was a close call.

He was suddenly aware of a terrible pain in his front and his nose. He raised his hand to his face and touched it.

He fell an acute explosion of pain.

"God," he said. "God."

He heard laughing.

Josh was standing next to him.

"Poor fag," he said, "you hurt?"

"And about time, too," said Kevin's voice behind Jamie.

He was making his way through the trees with the rest of them.

Jamie tried to sit up. He felt dizzy, as if all the blood in his head was gone.

Maybe that's what happened.

He looked at his hands. It was hard to see with so little light. The trees above him made a sort of roof, letting in almost no moonlight. Still, he saw they were dirty. He rubbed his fingers together.

Dirty and wet.

I'm bleeding and my hands are probably filthy. I better not touch my face anymore.

He was paying no attention to what went on around him, but he was tangentially aware of movement and heavy laughter.

He looked up and saw that the whole gang had gathered around him. They were all smiling at him with the crooked, half-smirks of drunks.

Sam had a thick, long tree branch in his hands. He was pulling off the little branches that grew out of it. Kevin was lighting a cigarette, and Jamie felt Pete laugh behind him.

Josh was talking, moving his hands around in clumsy, excited movements.

"--and then he hit this tree and bang! He was on the ground, man. That was so cool!"

This looks bad, very bad.

He examined his options. There was always a chance that they would just bully him a little bit and let him go. Maybe he could get home tonight with just a few bruises, no broken bones.

He looked at Sam, who was passing the stick from hand to hand, weighting it up.

No way. No way I'm coming out of this alive.

He looked down the track, Devilwood Lane was so near. If he shouted, maybe they would hear him.

And wander into the woods in the middle of the night to help a stranger? Nah.

But he wasn't a stranger; surely Timothy would help him, wouldn't he? He seemed like the kind of guy who would help a someone that was outnumbered.

What could he say? What could he shout to make him come?

"Wake up, sleeping beauty," Kevin said.

Jamie looked up and received a blow in his chin.

That was Sam with the stick.

He fell backwards until his back hit the ground.

Blows started to fall on him, like rain in some feverish nightmare.

Pete kicked him on his stomach and Sam hit him on the head and the ribs.

Jamie pulled his knees up and covered his head with his hands.

There was a beetle on the ground next to him. It was black and shiny and looked huge this close up. It was trying to make it up and down a fallen twig that was blocking its way. It moved in a slow, determined way, oblivious to what was going on next to it.

One human more or less on this Earth, what's it to you, huh?

He realized his hand was getting wet.

I didn't know you could bleed that much.

Then he noticed the blows had stopped and he felt a thin jet of warm liquid hit him in the face.

"Go, Arrow!" Pete shouted.

Sam joined him.

"Aaaaarow! Aaaaarow!"

Jamie dared to take a look. Josh was peeing on him.

Behind Josh, Kevin was leaning against a tree with the cigarette in his hand. He blew on its top, as if thinking of something else. The end of the cigarette shone in the darkness, then faded away to its normal intensity. Kevin looked at Jamie and smiled.

That did it for Jamie. He opened his mouth and started to shout.

"Timothy! Timothy! Help me! I'm here, in the woods, Timothy!"

The chanting stopped.

"Shut up!" Pete said, kicking him again.

Kevin took a step towards Jamie.

"Well, well," he said, "looks like you got a boyfriend, fag. Where's he now, hiding?" He turned around, peering into the darkness.

But Jamie didn't notice. Right behind Kevin and level with Jamie's face, two eyes shone red among the undergrowth.

"Timothy," Jamie said in a whisper.

Then all hell broke loose.

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