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Letters to the Baumgartners
by Selena Kitt

Category: Erotica/Menage Erotica/Romance
Description: Danielle Stuart is spending a year abroad studying in Venice, but while she loves the romance of the language and the beauty of country, she finds herself more and more confused by her growing feelings for a gondolier named Nico and her now ex-husband, Mason, who has shown up on her doorstep looking to reconcile. Desperate Dani writes to the Baumgartners in hopes her former lovers might help her clarify her muddled emotions. Finding herself torn between the two men, she reveals her dizzying dilemma, only to discover, thanks to the Baumgartner's insight and her own sense of sexual discovery, that she may not have to choose after all.
eBook Publisher: Excessica Publishing,
eBookwise Release Date: December 2011


1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [228 KB]
Words: 50076
Reading time: 143-200 min.

"... full of personal struggles, personal growth, and plenty of steamy sex scenes. So batten down the hatches and get ready for a thrilling ride..." -Isis, Sizzling Hot Books, 5/5 Hearts!

"The Baumgartners' series gets better and better with each story. ...believable, heartwarming characters that will at times make you weep for the grief they are experiencing, laugh for the joy that they embrace, and swoon during the sex scenes that are guaranteed to get you all hot and bothered in all the right places. " -Black Raven, Blackraven's Reviews, 5/5 Ravens! - Recommended Read!

"...hotness as only Selena Kitt can deliver. Nico and Mason both set out to win Dani's heart, and the scenes are scorching, sheet burning, have a man or a toy nearby hot" -Carolina Fruitfly, Booked Up, 4/5 Stars!

"...an emotional and heartfelt erotic romance story...a well written, highly erotic romance that I enjoyed reading." -Sam, Coffee Beans & Love Scenes, 4.5/5 Cups!

Dear Carrie and Doc,

You aren't going to believe who's showed up on my doorstep. I can barely believe it myself. Mason! That's right, I found my ex-husband sitting on my stoop, waiting for me after class, with just a suitcase and an English-Italian translation dictionary in his hands. I think I was too much in shock to do anything else but invite him inside

And I swear to God, it's really not my fault he spent the night. He bought a one-way ticket and he didn't even book a room! What was I supposed to do, send him out onto the streets alone? He doesn't know a word of Italian--you should hear his accent, or lack thereof. Eek! But nothing happened. Well, mostly nothing

Okay, okay, I admit, we, uh... we reconciled a little bit. Part of it was the wine. That was my fault. And, you guys, he brought me Ho-Hos! (No jokes, I mean it!) It's one of those weird, occasional indulgences of mine that I really miss. He knows me so well. It's hard to say no to a man who does something like that--not to mention the whole International flight to see me thing. But I think it was mostly the wine.

Of course, now this complicates things with Nico a bit. To say the least. I'm not sure what to say to him, if anything. And Mason says he wants to stay for a while, but I don't know what that means exactly. "Let's just see where things go," is what he said. I should have been mad at him, to tell you the truth. I should have slammed the door in his face and told him to go home. I mean, that's what I should have done, right? Isn't that what you would want me to do

But I just couldn't. So now he's here, and I'm not quite sure what to do about that...

"Dani?" Mason's voice beckoned me back from the siren-call of Ho-Ho's in my little kitchen. I licked the chocolate off my fingers, tucking my letter to the Baumgartners away, and padded back into the bedroom, still nude. "What time is it?"

"Midnight." I sat on the edge of the bed, the little lamp on the night stand illuminating his sleepy face, eyes still half-closed--but his gaze was on my body, already hungry. Still hungry. "You're still on American time."

"Come back to bed." His hand moved, warm, over my hip, still familiar, even though it had been so long. I couldn't believe how easily I had fallen into bed with him, how easily I was falling... Maybe that thing about absence making the heart growing fonder really was true. Not that I had ever really stopped loving Mason. I'd divorced him knowing I would probably continue to love him for the rest of my life--but love didn't always solve everything.

"What are you doing here?" I murmured the question, running my hand through the soft, sandy bristle of his short-cut hair, so different from Nico's thick, dark curls. Thinking of Nico made my stomach lurch with guilt. I didn't want to think about what my actions tonight might be doing to him, to our budding relationship. It hurt my head--and my heart--too much.

"This." He reached for me and I went to him, relieved, without any more thought at all.

I couldn't believe how quickly we had plunged into this, how easy it felt, being in his arms. Sex had always been something we were good at, from the very beginning. At least until Isabella. Then, things had started falling apart and we just couldn't put it all back together again. That was probably why we'd ended up here, in bed, on his first night in Italy. We were good here. It was outside of bed that was the problem.

"I want you." His breath was hot in my ear, his hands large and warm, moving over my back, drawing me near.

"Again?" I teased, reaching down to check, and sure enough, finding him half-hard, beginning to fill my hand.

"Always." He kissed me, his mouth sliding deliciously across mine. Everything about him was familiar and new at the same time, and I reveled in it--the hard press of his chest, the solid weight of his hips as we rolled on the bed, the well-defined muscles of his arms and shoulders and back under my hands.

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