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In His Hero's Shadow
by Stephani Hecht

Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Romance
Description: Trauma nurse Chauncey and paramedic Brody have only ever agreed on one thing in life--that they share a mutual hatred for one another. While they may have to work together, they've never gotten along. Brody sees Chauncey as nothing more than a bossy, jerk whereas Chauncey thinks Brody is a cocky, brat who needs a good slap on the nose. What neither one of them is willing to admit is that they share a secret mutual attraction. One night they lose control and give into their passion. When they find themselves waking up in each other's arms, they have to face one of the biggest decisions of their lives--do they give love a chance or are their differences just too big to overcome?
eBook Publisher: eXtasy eBooks/eXtasybooks, 2011 2011
eBookwise Release Date: September 2011


27 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [93 KB]
Words: 19837
Reading time: 56-79 min.

Chapter One

* * * *

Since his day had already trotted down the path to sucksville, the last thing Chauncey wanted was to have one more crappy thing happen. Yet, that's what occurred when he received the last call of the day.

As a mobile trauma nurse, Chauncey liked to think he was always prepared for the worst. Car accidents, chemical spills, fires--he'd take any of them over the disaster he was about to face. While those calamities may be scary, they in no way compared to one certain Brody Wiseman.

Chauncey disembarked from the copter and immediately scanned the small stretch of freeway that now housed the scene of their call. PD had blocked traffic so the only thing surrounding the crashed metal that used to be a minivan and SUV were various EMTs and fire personnel. Chauncey's gaze immediately located and honed in on one of them--Brody.

All-in-all, he didn't look to be much of anything. Sure, he was cute enough with his spiked sandy blond hair and big, puppy dog brown eyes. He wasn't even that tall. Standing at just over five-six, Chauncey would be surprised if the guy tipped the scales at one twenty-five.

Looks could be deceiving because under all that aren't-I-just-a-cutie lay a tongue so sharp it could cut through metal and glass. Not only that, but Brody possessed a cocky attitude that never failed to grate on Chauncey. Sometimes it got so bad Chauncey contemplated taking Brody over his knee so he could finally spank some manners into the brat. The only reason Chauncey held back was because, knowing Brody, he'd like it and then that would just defeat the purpose.

Brody knelt beside a patient. He wore his usual paramedic uniform of navy pants and dark, long sleeved tee. On the back of the shirt, the name of his ambulance company was written in bold, yellow letters.

The patient lay strapped to a backboard, her head encased in headblocks. While the blood marring her face made it difficult to be sure, Chauncey guessed her to be about seventeen or eighteen.

"Is this the one who's being transported?" Chauncey asked as he approached.

While there were numerous victims in the accident, they'd only called him for the most critical. Sometimes even a few minutes could be the difference between life and death and his copter got to the hospital faster than the ambulance.

Brody nodded as he quickly and efficiently began to start a second IV in the patient's arm. As he slid in the needle, Chauncey noticed the girl didn't even flinch in pain. Either she didn't have an issue with needles or she was so deep into shock that pain didn't register.

"We have a seventeen year old female who was involved in a head-on collision with a SUV. While her airbag went off, she wasn't wearing her seatbelt," Brody said as he set the IV drip rate at wide open.

Chauncey winced as he mentally ticked off all the injuries the female may have sustained. He crouched down so he could examine her face more closely. She had her eyes shut and gave no indication that she was alert. She didn't even startle when one of the fire crew started up the Jaws of Life a few feet away as they extracted another victim from the van.

The patient had multiple cuts and scrapes on her face. A face that was so young a bit of baby fat still lingered on her freckled cheeks. Her once pert nose was swollen and dripping blood.

"What are her vitals?"

"Crappy. Her BP is so low that it's hard to get a good reading and her pulse is weak and thready. I'm trying to get more fluid into her, but it's not helping. If I had to guess, I would say she has a pretty big bleed somewhere internally."

Chauncey nodded in agreement. "Help me get her loaded up."

They each took one end of the backboard and raced to the copter. It was already running in anticipation for a quick take off. Brody nodded to the pilot, Tanner, who returned the gesture.

As they strapped the patient in place, Chauncey couldn't help but be amazed that Brody hadn't fired off a bratty comment. Sure, the situation was pretty tense, given their patient's condition, but that never stopped Brody before.

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