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We Go Together
by Yvette Hines

Category: Erotica/Multicultural-Interracial Erotica
Description: Jonelle Caroway never expected to get into an accident on her way home from her parent's golden wedding anniversary. Neither did she anticipate that the driver of the other vehicle would be a deliciously handsome man with pale gray eyes. When he shows up to her house the next day attempting to make amends and asks her out, she can't deny her attraction to him. The next few days deliver a passion she has never imagined, and she begins to believe that fate brought them together. A new man in her life and a promotion within her grasp, Jonelle is living on cloud nine. She quickly finds herself crashed to earth. While at a meeting for work she discovers the position she covets is in jeopardy, to none other than Reece McAlister, the new man in her life. Was their whirlwind affair just the designs of a scheming opportunistic outsider who was trying to take her job? Can she handle the pressure of beating him and claiming the position she's worked for years on? Jonelle fears in the end she may have to choose between the man who worked his way into her heart and her dream career.
eBook Publisher: Sugar and Spice Press, 2011
eBookwise Release Date: August 2011


5 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [127 KB]
Words: 28741
Reading time: 82-114 min.

His mind drifted back to the restaurant, and he recalled the hint of desolation in her eyes when she talked about feeling forgotten as the middle child, even while her love for her family was clear in her voice. He'd had the urge to hold her, but had settled for reaching out and touching her hand. There was a strange connection he was feeling to the woman beside him. In less than twenty-four hours, he'd gone through a range of emotions around her and felt that he understood her more than some of the women he'd recently dated.

While in the movies, he'd accidently laid his hand down on the center armrest on top of hers; he hadn't been paying attention before he moved his arm. However, once he felt her warmth beneath his palm, his mind and body zoned into the spot where they touched. Heat raced up his arm and caused his heartbeat to accelerate. Whatever was happening on the big screen was second to Jonelle--she had become his main focus.

At first he believed he was the only one experiencing the intensity between them, but right at the moment he was about to move his hand, Jonelle glanced over at him and turned her palm up. They didn't say anything, just stared at each other for the span of a brief moment as he laced his fingers with hers.

The rest of the movie played on, and they laughed on cue with the rest of the audience as something grew hot and began to simmer between them.

That same heat and intensity was now boiling inside of his car. They talked about the movie and other superfluous things, but he continued to tap his thumb on the steering wheel and Jonelle kept crossing and uncrossing her legs, just as agitated as he was.

Pulling into her driveway, he parked behind the rental. Both of them sat quietly for a moment, as if neither of them were ready for the day to end. The sun was still shining brightly, and there were hours still left in the day, even though he couldn't for the life of him think of another excuse to remain in her presence. With a sigh, he turned the car off and got out. Going to her side of the vehicle, he opened the door and reached out for her.

She slipped her slender fingers across his palm and took his hand. As she turned her body, swinging her legs out of the car, he admired the length of her smooth legs. Sexy legs. Even the pink paint on her toes made the side of his mouth twitch toward a smile.

Getting out the car, she stood before him still holding his hand. Her lovely light brown eyes held his. Staring back, he tried to grasp an inkling of what she was thinking. Was she feeling the same pull that to him was so evident and powerful?

He squeezed her hand in a signal--of what, he wasn't sure--but Jonelle stepped to him, her body gingerly brushing his as he closed the car door behind her. Turning, he escorted her to her door without releasing her hand. They were quiet, neither of them feeling a reason to invade the moment with words. To Reece, every step they made closer to the door brought him nearer to the time he'd have to walk away from Jonelle, maybe for good.

At her door, she removed her hand from his and dug into her purse for keys and let herself into her house. Even with all of his hopes, he assumed that she would give him a parting smile, thanking him for the meal and movie, and end whatever was happening between them with a curt but polite good-bye, ignoring the attraction weaving a sensual rope that linked them.

She shocked him when instead she stood back with the door wide and said, "Would you care to come in for some lemonade?"

Would he? Hell, yes, except a drink was the last thing he wanted unless it entailed sipping it from her body. Last night's attraction would be considered a light drizzle of desire compared to the rainstorm of need he had been warring against all day. He wanted Jonelle, more than he wanted to see the next sunrise.

Stepping closer to the door, he put a hand on both sides of the doorjamb and met her gaze. He allowed every ounce of the erotic obsession he had for her to interlace his words, because there was no way he could enter her house again and have her assume for one moment his intentions toward her were platonic or innocent.

"Jonelle, you are a beautiful and desirable woman." He pressed his hand firmly against the brick on the outside of her house, feeling the bite of the rough texture against his fingertip in an attempt to keep himself balanced.

She rolled her bottom lip into her mouth. He didn't know if it was a nervous gesture, but regardless of why she did it, it was a turn-on to him. He wanted the privilege to suckle that plump bottom lip.

"I didn't expect the feelings I'm having for you. However, I'm not willing to pretend they don't exist, and Heaven help me if I have to walk away from them...from you."

"What do you expect from me, Reece?" She leaned her head against the side of her door.

Looking at her fresh, picturesque face with her hair pulled back out of the way in a frenzy of natural waves instead of the slick bob she's worn last night, her appearance screamed vulnerable. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt her.

"Nothing. I just don't want you under any illusions." Lowering his hands, he buried them in the pocket of his slacks, fisting them.

"Was today just a ploy to get into my pants? The car assistance, the meal and movies? Did I seem like a desperate easy mark to you?" There was more than a bit of tension in her words.

"Hell, no!" Lifting a hand, he ran it through his hair, frustrated. "The truth is I was so attracted to you, I went above and beyond what was needed to make things right after hitting your car."

Lowering her gaze for a moment, she stared at the wood flooring and tapped her fingers against her door. When she looked up, her eyes were darker, a natural chocolate. They met his, and electricity arced between them.

"I can feel that there's something potent and all-consuming between us, but truthfully I have to keep reminding myself that I should be apprehensive, scared."

Placing a hand onto his chest, over his heart, he said, "I promise I'll do my best not to hurt you, Jonelle." He meant that. At lunch he'd gotten a glimpse into her heart and emotions, and he didn't want to see that pained look on her face again.

Moving away, she stood framed in the doorway. "Promise you'll pleasure me, Reece."

While his mind was registering the revelation of her words, his body took action. Bounding across the threshold, he swooped her into his arms. Kicking the door closed, he heard the window rattle as he claimed her mouth in a kiss. If he would have thought about it first or prepared this moment in his mind, he might have gently seduced her mouth to open beneath his, but his world was colored red and clouded by a haze of pleasure. It left no space for finesse, just an urge to taste Jonelle.

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