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To Those Who Wait
by Linda Swift

Category: Romance/Family/Relationships
Description: Leah's husband lives in a locked ward for the mentally ill. Scott and his wife live together in an empty marriage. Day after day as counselor and principal of a small town high school, Leah and Scott forge a bond of love based on respect and common goals. When Leah's son turns from star athlete to using drugs and Scot's daughter gets pregnant by the school board chairman's son, they are forced to choose between their family obligations and desire.
eBook Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press, 2011
eBookwise Release Date: August 2011


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [351 KB]
Words: 79248
Reading time: 226-316 min.

"Leah and Scott are colleagues at a rural high school. Leah is the guidance counselor, Scott the principal. Both are dedicated to the work they do so well, and they care deeply about the students in their charge. They are well regarded in the community--and well watched by the community as well. Sinister forces, in the form of the redneck's rich, powerful father and his cronies, threaten the best interests of the school and its students. Men more interested in power and money than in education manipulate the local vote with promises of football and lower taxes, and garner the support of teachers and school board members with promises of promotion and pet projects. Scott and his ally, Leah, are quickly boxed into a corner--support the election of bribers and incompetents, or lose their jobs. The author captures the atmosphere of inspired work taking place despite threats and near-certain disaster in sharp-focus snapshots that lead the reader deep into the hearts of the characters. Linda Swift does an excellent job of examining the souls of two well-meaning, intelligent people as they struggle with overwhelming difficulties. We feel their pain and, like them, we see no way out. Yet even as their problems mount to an explosive flashpoint, the author is preparing a surprising and wholly satisfactory ending. I won't give it away. I'll just recommend that you read the book." Review by Nikki Andrews, author, Framed and A Windswept Star www.nikkiandrewsbooks.com 5 Stars! "To Those Who Wait is a gripping, emotional story about everyday people who only want peace and love in their lives--and the best for their children. Certainly, this novel will leave a mark on the reader's heart. Without a doubt, as a reader and reviewer this novel holds a sacred place at the top of my list of "must reads." The author, Linda Swift, is one of the best among the classic novelists. Don't miss this To Those Who Wait" Reviewed by Celia Yeary

Chapter 1

"Working overtime, Leah?"

"Oh, Scott, you startled me. I thought everyone had gone."

"I thought so, too, until I saw your light. You're not figuring grade point averages this early in the year, are you?" He glanced at the stack of permanent record cards on her desk.

"Don't I wish." She smiled wryly. "I'm checking to make sure all our seniors have taken their required courses."

"How's it looking?"

"Pretty good, so far. I've found only two who are short on requirements. And one of them can get what he needs second semester."

"What about Shelton?"

"He'll be okay. If he doesn't fail anything."

Scott grinned. "Then he probably won't be okay."

"Aren't basketball players immune to F's? I thought the teachers had agreed to give D triple-minus as their lowest grade to anyone on the team."

"Hey, we're not supposed to know that."

"I thought it was one of the ten commandments of teaching."

"Mrs. Carson, for the mother of a varsity basketball star that is a mighty bad attitude."

"I guess it is. But I wouldn't want Brent to play if he couldn't keep his grades up, too. I'd like UK to accept him on his academic points, not his scoring points."

"Maybe it can be for both."

"I don't know. He doesn't seem to care much anymore about grades. He never studies at home. And his first report card had two D's."

"Well, you know how hard Coach Thomas has been pushing them. Some nights they don't leave till six. And speaking of the time, it's nearly seven now. Don't you eat supper?"

"Usually we eat around seven-thirty. My mother prepares it late because of Brent's practicing." She stood. "I guess I ought to go."

As he held the door for her, Scott said," Don't worry too much about Brent. He'll be okay."

"Oh, Scott, I hope so." She didn't need to say what they both were thinking.

He touched her shoulder lightly. "Good night, Leah."

They walked into the darkness and turned in opposite directions.

Leah walked quickly at first, then slowed her steps, inhaling deeply of the acrid smell of leaf piles still smoldering along the curb. She was tired. Her new job hadn't been easy. The school records were in a terrible mess. Grades hadn't been posted on the permanent records cards last spring. None of the students seemed to know whether they were taking required subjects or not. At least, she'd gotten the seniors' records in order now. The others would have to wait because the CAT scores were back and she'd have to take care of that next.

At the corner of Main and East Main Cross, Leah turned. The wind picked up dried leaves, swirled them around her feet. They made brittle, crackling sounds as she stepped on them. Like thin ice cracking. She shivered and pulled her light sweater closer about her.

In the darkness ahead, Leah could make out the white frame two-story house. The light was burning on the wide front porch. The wicker swing rocked almost imperceptibly in the wind.

She could see the drifts of leaves against the wrought iron fence. Tomorrow would be a good day for raking if it didn't rain tonight. Then she remembered. Tomorrow she would go to Springfield.

"Is that you, Leah?"

"Yes, Mother." She closed the door softly and went up the curved white staircase toward her room. The scent of frying chicken and baked apple pie followed her.

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