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Who's the Boss
by Vanessa Devereaux

Category: Romance/Erotica
Description: Jennifer Miller didn't think the day could get any worse. She was denied an orgasm courtesy of the company hunk and now her boss, Simon Jarvis has caught them both with their pants down. When he demands to see them both in his office, Jennifer thinks she's about to be fired. However, Simon has something else in store for her. Something that definitely isn't punishment but all pleasure.
eBook Publisher: Cobblestone Press, 2011
eBookwise Release Date: August 2011


7 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [34 KB]
Words: 6523
Reading time: 18-26 min.

Chapter One

We were caught red handed, and I somehow felt dirty.

I've had sex in the back of cars, showers, elevators, but never at work, and never in a cramped office supply cupboard. Neither of us had heard the door opening or sensed someone standing there watching us go at it.

"I want to see both of you in my office immediately."

His voice startled us. Nick instantly stopped thrusting and pulled out of me, leaving my legs in the air, panties around my ankle and my super moist pussy facing Simon Jarvis, our boss. I covered my crotch with my hand while Nick zipped up his pants. How long had Simon been watching us? Was he rock hard right now?

Nick isn't really my type but I'd heard through the office grapevine he had a huge cock and knew how to fuck a woman senseless. I'd wanted to find out if it was true. I hadn't been laid in three months, so when Nick suggested we head to the cupboard, I didn't say no.

Thinking it was perfectly safe because it was upstairs, away from the main work area, we'd assumed no one would find us. The rumor mill had been spot on. Nick was well endowed, and I'd been close to climaxing when the boss had spoiled the whole thing.

After Simon slammed the door, Nick put his jacket back on and I pulled up my panties. My pussy was still humming, and I was wet and hot down there. Both of which made it uncomfortable for me to walk to Simon's office.

"Do you think he'll fire us?" asked Nick, straightening his tie.

"I hope it's just a warning because I really need this job."

"Me too. If he lets us off, no more fooling around here. Let's go to your place or mine to get the job finished."

Nick knocked on Simon's door.

"Come in."

Nick held the door open for me, and I stepped inside. Simon was only five years older than me. In fact, he was the youngest boss I'd ever had, which made it all the more unnerving to be in his office, sensing he was going to tell us off and maybe even fire us.

He signaled us inside and to sit on the two chairs directly in front of his desk. He shifted through some papers and didn't say anything for a couple of minutes. Nick and I looked at one another and both raised our eyebrows.

I studied our boss as he sat reading. I hadn't realized what a good-looking guy he was. Actually better looking than Nick. Dark wavy hair, blue eyes, broad shoulders. I wondered how his cock compared to that of Nick's.

He looked up at me almost as if he knew what I was thinking. "Are you two an item?"

"If you mean are we dating, then the answer is no," said Nick.

Simon looked at me. I don't know why but I suddenly wanted him to drag me into the cupboard and fuck me. "So you just felt like having sex on the job?"

Was this a trick question? Would he be more lenient about our inappropriate behavior if we were seeing one another?

"We might start dating," I said.

The tension on his face was obvious. A vein throbbed on his temple, and by the look of his tight jaw he was clenching his teeth too. "I could fire you over an incident like this."

We both nodded. Had the way he'd phrased it meant he could but was going to let us off with just a warning? Maybe it was our lucky day.

"If you're worried I'm going to fire both of you, I'm not. However, I'm not letting you get away scot-free. Nick, you'll spend next week at our office in Pittsburgh sorting out personnel problems there."

Nick mumbled something under his breath but I couldn't hear what.

"And Jennifer, I want you to report to my office at 11 a.m. starting on Monday. You'll work in here with me for an hour every day for a week."

I wanted to ask what I'd be doing, but didn't press my luck. Nick and I stood and walked out of the office.

"When I get back we're going to have sex at my place, okay?" said Nick. I nodded, not sure which one of us got the biggest punishment for our transgression.

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