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Moving Mars
by Greg Bear

Category: Science Fiction Hugo Award Nominee
Description: Sacrifice, revolution, the promise of freedom. These flood into the life of Casseia Majumdar, daughter of the Binding Multiples. Rebelling against her conservative family, the colonists who occupy Mars, Casseia takes part in the brewing revolution sparked by student protests in the year 2171. Meanwhile, her love life is in a very precarious situation, with her beloved Charles Franklin seeking to merge his mind with the most advanced artificial mind.
eBook Publisher: E-Reads, 1993
eBookwise Release Date: December 2001


87 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [722 KB]
Words: 155156
Reading time: 443-620 min.

"If anyone is the complete master of the grand-scale sf novel, it's Bear. . . . [Moving Mars] is also told extremely well with nothing lacking in either scientific soundness or literary excellence."--Booklist

"Greg Bear's Moving Mars dramatizes life in a young society struggling against both a powerful Earth and the rigors of its own inhospitable world. Long, epic in sweep, and scrupulous in its details regarding the nature of Mars and the difficulties in settling the planet. . . . The novel's best moments involve Bear's ingenious biological and physical speculations, which do not simply color the narrative but (it is one of Bear's characteristic strengths) shape and inform its texture."--The Washington Post

"Bear's Mars is one of the most vividly realized of the recent body of areological novels . . . He has the gift of implying a whole background with high-resolution but subtly-signaled background details, again built into the language of the milieu rather than in more obtrusive devices."--Locus

"Mars fans are in for a real treat with the publication of Moving Mars by Greg Bear. A young Martian scientist makes an astounding discovery that plays a key element in the deteriorating relationship between Earth and its colony. After a deceptively slow start in which Mr. Bear sows the seeds of his piquant premise with delicate precision, this grand adventure in hard science fiction surges forward to a powerful resolution."--Romantic Times

"Greg Bear is a writer's writer, and Moving Mars is another winner. It's chock full of physics, metaphysics, nano-biology and gritty politics, set amid a dazzling high-tech 22nd century cold war between Earth and Mars. This is as good as hard science fiction gets."--Portland Oregonian

"Moving Mars is an accomplished, thoroughly mature novel that should be placed at the top of anyone's 'to be read' stack."--Science Fiction Age"

The young may not remember Mars of old, under the yellow Sun, its cloud-streaked skies dusted pink, its soil rusty and fine, its inhabitants living in pressurized burrows and venturing Up only as a rite of passage or to do maintenance or tend the ropy crops spread like nests of intensely green snakes over the wind-scoured farms. That Mars, an old and tired Mars filled with young lives, is gone forever.

Now I am old and tired, and Mars is young again.

Our lives are not our own, but by God, we must behave as if they are. When I was young, what I did seemed too small to be of any consequence; but the shiver of dust, we are told, expands in time to the planet-sweeping storm...

Copyright (c) 1993 by Greg Bear

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