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Kelli And The Law
by Shooter3704

You Pay:  $3.95

Category: Erotica/Multicultural-Interracial Erotica
Description: Kelvin Bolton wanted a black guy by the name of Coot Wilson, to take his pretty wife, Kelli on as a black man`s whore, because there was no way Kelvin could satisfy her sexual urges and her desire for some black cock. Unknown to Kelvin, a cop called Rex was watching their meeting and he had a hold over Coot. Coot arranges for Kelli to meet him the next day for a `test drive` unaware that Rex was going to want a piece of the action - a big piece. Rex, also a black guy decides to take Kelli on as his own personal whore and that is how she ends up getting entangled with the law - but that is only the beginning...
eBook Publisher: Fiction4All/Black Stud,
eBookwise Release Date: May 2011


2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [86 KB]
Words: 19655
Reading time: 56-78 min.
All Other formats: Printing DISABLED, Read-aloud DISABLED

"Let me see if I got this straight," the older black man said looking at the younger man strangely. They were standing on a busy downtown street. "You want me to take your wife on as one of my whores? I gotta ask why. You need money that bad, boy?"

"No, it's not money," Kevin Bolton said. "It's something I...I mean we, want to do."

"I see," the older man said slowly. "You want your wife to fuck around so you'll feel better 'bout...whatever it is you're doin. Is that it?"

"No, not that either. I'm not doing anything," Kevin said. "It's just something I think...I mean we think she should try."

"What does your wife look like?" the black man asked suspiciously. "She fat? Ugly, or what?"

"She's very pretty," Kevin said taking his wallet out and showing the man a photograph of his wife.

"Yeah, she's a looker alright," Coot Wilson said looking at the photo.

* * * *

Across the street two men, both black, sat in a black Crown Victoria watching the two men.

"Who the fuck is that talking with Coot?" one of the men asked his companion.

"Don't know, Rex," the other man answered lazily. "Don't much give a shit either."

"I ain't seen him around here before," Rex Calvin said looking through the binoculars. "Young, clean-cut, and well dressed."

"Probably some college kid looking to line up some pussy for a frat party," Van Mason answered. "Who gives a shit?"

"Maybe I do," Rex said shortly. "No, he's a little too old to be Joe College. Besides, Coot only handles white women for black johns."

"Okay, Rex," his partner said slumping down in the passenger's seat. "Yell if you spot our man. I'll catch me a little shut-eye."

"Man, I ain't believing you," Rex said still looking through the glasses. "The city pays you a fine salary and you goof-off on them. We work for the po-lice department, and I insist on you givin' a good days work for a days pay."

"Fuck you, Sergeant Calvin, sir," the man answered without opening his eyes. "They ain't payin' me to watch Coot Wilson and some punk shoot the shit. I got bigger fish to fry. I'm a homicide de-tective not some creep from vice. Kid is probably trying to sell his mother or sister to Coot."

* * * *

"Your wife is willin' to go along with this?" Coot asked. He was still holding on to Kevin's wallet and looking at the photograph of Kelli Bolton.

"Yeah, sure she is," Kevin said. He knew he wasn't telling the exact truth. Kelli had agreed to try it, but only because Kevin had insisted and even begged her.

"She have any idea what a whore does?" Coot asked. "She got any notion what it means to be a ho?"

"Yes, we discussed it," Kevin said.

"Why did you come to me?" Coot asked. He glanced down the street at the black car. He recognized the Crown Vic as a cop car.

"A guy I work with told me about you,"

"He tell you that I cater only to blacks? Is that what you want for your wife, boy? You want her fucked with black cocks?"

"Yes, he said you had some white women, and your client base was strictly afro-Americans."

"Where'd you park?" Coot asked handing the young man his wallet.

"A couple blocks down in a parking lot," Kevin said.

"Let's walk and talk," Coot said, glancing again at the cop car. After a block Coot said, "You got any idea what goes on in the business? Do you know anything about ho's?"

"No, not much," Kevin admitted. "Just what I've read and heard." Coot didn't reply until they reached the end of the block.

"Boy, your wife is going to meet and fuck a whole bunch of the brothers. Some of them ain't all that nice, either. She'll get skull fucked, ass fucked, and after a while her cunt will be too big to even feel your dick. Some of them ol' boys could shag a cow to death. You sure that's what you want for her?"

"Kelli needs a lot more than I can provide," the young man said, looking everywhere except at Coot. "She...ah, well you see she..."

"Okay, send her to see me tomorrow at one o'clock," he said interrupting the stammering. "I'll talk with her. She can find me at Sam's Bar on Sixth Street."

"Okay, I can take a late lunch and come with her?"

"No, I'll want to talk with her alone."

"I'm afraid I must insist," Kevin said stopping and looking at Coot.

"Then forget it," Coot said continuing to walk on. "I ain't got time for bullshit games anyway."

But why? I mean what will it hurt if I'm there?"

"I want to explain things to her and make damn sure she understands. I also want to know that she's agreeable to it. Fuck it, dude. Go bother somebody else."

"No, wait a minute," Kevin said hurrying to catch up. "Kelli will be there at one o'clock. Sam's Bar, right?"

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