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by Shooter3704

You Pay:  $5.95

Category: Erotica/Multicultural-Interracial Erotica
Description: JOY is a complex story about a young woman's struggle to overcome the cruel jokes life played on her. Widowed at a young age she climbed back into the mainstream of life. She became a prostitute through a set of circumstances not all of her making. She made friends with other women and a lot of men. The story of Joy has couple sex, threesomes and group sex. It also has some B&D and girl-girl sex. It contains interracial sex so graphic you'll think you were there. It is also about prostitution and how four women cheerfully entered into the world's oldest profession.
eBook Publisher: Fiction4All/Black Stud,
eBookwise Release Date: April 2011


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [158 KB]
Words: 39271
Reading time: 112-157 min.
All Other formats: Printing DISABLED, Read-aloud DISABLED

My name is Joy and I'm sure some might consider me a deviate or maybe even a pervert. Maybe I am, but I'll leave that for you to judge if you feel obligated to judge me. For most of my early life I was a good citizen and what most people would consider a "good girl".

I grew up in a tiny little town. Let's call it Swampwater, USA. I graduated from high school and like every other young person in Swampwater, I desperately looked for a way out of that burg. That's what most did. They left to find work and never came back, they joined one of the military services and never came back, or they just hauled ass and never came back. Swampwater was a town of old people and I wanted out.

I had been working at one of the two cafes in town since I was sixteen so it was natural that I started fulltime after graduation. I was scrimping and saving every dime I could get my hands on for a bus ticked out of there. Saving was hard because of family. I had two older brothers, a worn-out mother and a drunken father. My brothers were too lazy to work and when they found my small stash of money they took it. I started carrying my money with me. I'd change small bills into larger ones as quickly as I could so it wouldn't be bulky.

Then one day my life took a drastic turn. I met Jack. He was passing through on his way to Fort Campbell. He was an Army man and he was handsome as all get out. Jack chose my cafe and I took his order. I'm almost sure it was love at first sight. I'd sure like to think that, but maybe it was the fact he was so damned good looking and he had a car.

"You are a sight for sore eyes," he said to me when I delivered his burger and Coke. "Are there any more like you around here?"

"How many do you need?" I asked in an uncharacteristic burst of brazenness. "But no, most of the girls you would be interested in have already left town."

"How come you are still here?" he asked.

"I won't be for very long," I answered. "Just as soon as I have enough money saved, I'm out of here, too. Can I get you anything else?"

"You can," he said giving me his big friendly smile. "I'm not in a big toot to move on, so how about a date tonight? You and me, babe, we'll paint this town red." I had to laugh at that. The town could use some paint, but I wasn't interested in doing the painting. I almost blew it. I nearly said no out of habit, but something told me this was the guy I was looking for. I told him that I got off at three o'clock and I'd meet him at the cafe at five.

There was no way I wanted him to see where I lived. I was and had always been trailer trash. At the time we, all five of us, were living in a leaky fifteen year old single wide mobile home that was anything but mobile. In fact it would fall apart if someone tried to move it. It wasn't even ours; we rented it and I knew how my mother paid the rent.

I had known she put out for the landlord for several years. We all knew it, even my father. The landlord, Mister Goodson, was an old bastard who came by every first of every month to collect his payment. My mother got in his truck and they left. She would come home a few hours later looking like she had been worked hard.

The truth of the matter is, I don't think she considered it such a bad thing. I think mom thought of it a monthly escape from the dreary life she was forced to live. I was aware that Goodson had been looking at me as the next rent-payer in line. He'd been giving me the look for several years and he gave me cold chills whenever he looked at me that way.

Jack was on time and we drove to a neighboring town to a movie. Jack was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed our date. He still had a few days before he was to report to Fort Campbell so Jack got a room in a run-down motel a few miles out of town nearer the interstate highway. That first night he asked me to say the night with him and I did.

I said I was a "good" girl and I was, but I was horny and Jack was something else. He wasn't my first, but he took me on a sexual romp that I quickly grew used to. Two days later he asked me to go with him and I agreed. In fact I had my few clothes already packed.

We were married on the way to Kentucky by a drunken Justice of the Peace somewhere in Tennessee. It took a couple of days to find housing once we got to his duty station, but it was all new and a lot of fun for me. Almost anything outside of Swampwater was exciting to me. Jack and I lived in a state of wedded bliss for nearly a year before he told me he was going to be deployed overseas. He and his whole company were going to Iraq. I cried for the two weeks before he left and almost every day he was gone. He was supposed to be gone for a year, but he came home after only five months. He came home without the use of his legs. My poor Jack was confined to a wheelchair.

I cried for him, but I never let him see me cry. When I was around him I laughed and smiled and pretended everything was going to be okay. Of course the Army discharged Jack after his prolong stay in the Army hospital. It was necessary that we stay close to a military base because Jack needed a lot of medical attention. There were bits and pieces of shrapnel in him that had to be monitored carefully.

It wasn't so much Jack couldn't make love to me. He just didn't seem to want to. I knew it hurt him sometimes when we tried to screw and I tried to be so very careful. I gave him hand jobs and blow jobs when he wanted me to. He tried to satisfy me by giving me oral sex, but it wasn't anywhere as good as before. Over the next two years his sexual desire diminished.

Sometimes I would lay beside him in bed at night stroking his cock trying to make it hard for him. I would dress seductively and walk around in front of him, but this only made things worst. One night as I was stroking his cock to no avail, he suggested we try looking at some porn movies. Since I loved him very much I was willing to try anything that might help.

There was an adult bookstore that sold XXX movies not too far from where we lived. I had passed it many times going shopping. Since I had never been in one of these type stores I was very nervous the day I decided to go in and buy some movies. I dashed in the store hoping no one I knew would see me. I just grabbed a handful and hurriedly paid for them and left as fast as I could.

That night before going to the bedroom where Jack was I drink several strong shots of rum and coke to calm my nerves. I was starting to feel no pain as I entered the room, undressed, and slid into bed next to Jack. Jack knew I had bought some movies today and he had been anxiously waiting. I curled up next to him so I could see the movies and stroke or suck on his cock, as I chose.

I slowly began to stroke his cock as the first movie came on. I had never seen any porn movies before. The first one was a movie of two guys fucking this one girl. The scene changed after awhile to a guy and two girls. I asked him if he liked it. He said he did, but his cock was only getting partially hard.

We had just started watching the second movie when on the screen came the images of this big black guy down between the legs of a cute little blonde girl. He was sucking and licking her little pussy to beat the band. After a few minutes of him eating the blonde girl out, it showed him moving up between her legs. The tip of his coal black cock was at the entrance to her little white pussy hole. As the big buck began to slide his big black dick in the young white girl, my husband gave out a low moan and I could feel his cock began to become fully erect.

I was so happy that his cock was finally hard I leaned over and started sucking it into my mouth. I could still see the movie as I continued sucking Jack's hard cock. I could tell that it was really turning him on as he kept trying to move his hips, and his cock was as hard as a rock. I have to admit that my pussy was very wet too, as I watched that big black dick pump in and out of the girls little white pussy. I took my mouth off of Jack's cock and lay next to him as I continued to stroke his hard cock.

"Do you like that sweetie?" I asked.

"Yeah, "he responded. "That's so hot". He reached between my legs. "You must like it also" he said.

"Yeah" I replied. "It is hot, I must admit. I have heard how big black guys were, but I had never seen a black guy's dick until tonight".

"Yeah some of them are pretty big," Jack said. I saw a lot of black dicks in the showers."

I climbed on top of Jack and slid my pussy down around his hard cock and we fucked like animals in heat. That night was the beginning of my adventure into the world of interracial sex.

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