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by Shooter3704

Category: Erotica/Multicultural-Interracial Erotica
Description: The untimely death of her husband caused Megan West to have to start life over. A beautiful, still young, woman had the good fortune to be friends with Faye Cannon. Faye took it upon herself to bring Megan out of her depression and into the fantastic hedonistic world she occupied. It didn't take Faye long to have Megan swinging with her and her husband and later with a parade of black men. A wild wonderful world of taboo sex was opened to Megan and she hesitantly entered into it. This is an interracial sex story with a twist. Girl on girl sex, straight sex, and sex with multiple partners was only the beginning. Megan discovered a heinous, diabolical plot afoot that involved her best friend Faye and she undertook to unravel the scheme. This is one you don't want to miss. I'm Shooter and I guarantee it.
eBook Publisher: Fiction4All/Black Stud,
eBookwise Release Date: March 2011


1 Reader Ratings:
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Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [165 KB]
Words: 41207
Reading time: 117-164 min.

It was a beautiful spring day. The first one I had noticed. It was also the first time I had ventured out into the city shopping since my husband passed away the previous fall. My husband Paul developed some type of fast growing cancer and was gone almost before I had time to come to terms with it. My name is Megan West.

Paul and I were married fifteen years almost to the day. Paul had two children from a previous marriage, which was good because I couldn't conceive. His children, Sherry, the youngest, and Paul junior (Paulie) were both grown and had moved away from home when Paul died. The kids were great and they love me and I them. The fact that I wasn't much older than Paulie didn't seem to make any difference. We always got along great. I was active in their schoolwork and social lives. In fact, it was through the school activities that I met and became great friends with Faye Cannon, my shopping partner.

Faye is one of those persons that if it crosses their mind it comes out of their mouth. She is brash and outspoken and the rest of the PTA quaked when she spoke. Faye and I are complete opposites. I'm rather quiet and reserved and she isn't ever quiet or reserved. She admits to being forty-one, but I've always suspected she was a few years older than that. Even at forty-one, she was several years older than I was. I'm thirty-six.

I hadn't planned on going in to the city, but Faye wouldn't take no for an answer. Her husband, number four I think, was a wealthy attorney. I seem to recall that all of her husbands had been lawyers. Therefore, at Faye's insistence I let her drag me away from my home in Fox Chase to the city. She even furnished the car and driver and we started our trip early.

We spent the morning shopping. Well actually, Faye shopped and I mostly just looked. We went to lunch at a nice restaurant and went right back to prowling through the stores.

"Admit it, Megan," Faye said as we strolled down the sidewalk. "You are having a good time." I did have to admit I was enjoying myself. Surprisingly so. "You have been cooped up in your house long enough," she said steering me into an upscale clothing store. "It was poor Paul who died, not you. You've got to go on living."

She was right, of course. After the funeral, I did withdraw from life as much as possible and keep breathing. After the funeral when Sherry and Paulie left to return to school, the house was so empty and I was so alone. The neighbors and our friends called on me, but Faye was the only one I wanted to see and frankly not much of her.

"Cocktails," Faye announced about mid-afternoon. "The fucking sun is over the yardarm. What does that mean anyway?" I told her I didn't know, but cocktails did sound good. She had worn me out. Faye is a power shopper.

We went into a ritzy lounge and Faye ordered champagne cocktails. Since it didn't matter to me, I let her order for both of us.

We were seated near the back of the lounge and after the first cocktail we began to relax. Our server was a young black man who smiled at us a lot. I wanted to tell him Faye was a lousy tipper, but he would soon figure that out for himself.

"Nice looking man, isn't he?" Faye said watching him walk away. I said he did seem to be. "Do you remember the first time you fucked a black man?" I was so shocked at her question I couldn't speak. Not that it bothered Faye. "Shit, you never forget the first black cock, do you? I remember my first one as if it were yesterday." Faye was on a roll and since I was speechless I let her go on.

"My first hubby and I hadn't been married very long. Don had just made partner and we moved out to Bentwood. Good ol' Don was a stud, but about a month after we moved out of the city he and a friend went horseback riding and the silly fool got thrown off. Sprained a groin muscle and he couldn't ride me for a couple of months. At least that's what he told me."

"I was young and always horny back then," she said. "Now I'm older and still always horny," she added with a chuckle. "Anyway after a week of no sex I was going out of my mind. I had a plastic dick with batteries and it helped some, but not enough. A fucking dildo can only take you so far."

"Like everybody else in Bentwood we had a lawn service. Our service was a family of black men. There were three of them. The oldest, a grandfather was about fifty or so, his son was about thirty and the youngest was eighteen or nineteen. I could be off a few years on their ages. They were masters of mowing a lawn. One would use the riding mower, another would use a small push mower, and the third would use the weed eater and do the trim work."

"Usually it was the old man who did the trimming and he was always there after the other two had moved on down the street. One day I was sunbathing on the back patio while they were there. The first one on the riding machine came around and I gave him a pretty good look at me in my little bikini. The second one came around and he got a pretty good look, too. By the time the old guy worked his way around the house I had made myself hot and I decided to really tease him."

"I took the top off and lay on my stomach. I couldn't see him, but I could tell by the racket the weed-whacker made when he got close so I rolled over and showed him my tits. I had my eyes closed, but it sure seemed like he trimmed around the patio longer than necessary. Suddenly the trimmer shut off."

"You want to be careful," he said from very close by. "You sure don't want to burn them pretty boobies in this hot sun." I rose up and saw that he was standing only a few feet away from me. His eyes were glued to my tits. "You got some oil or something to put on them?"

"Yes, I do," I said in a sudden burst of courage. "Do you want to help me?" He went to the outside faucet, washed his hands, and returned to where I was laying. I handed him the tube of sunscreen and he squeezed some out onto his big hand. If I live to be a hundred I'll never forget how his hard, callused hands felt on my body. I was always horny, but he had me sizzling in just a few moments. When his hands finally got to my breasts I was jumping and twitching like crazy. It was all I could go to keep from having an orgasm right then. When he rolled my nipples around between his thumbs and forefingers I lost it. I climaxed, but he kept right on rubbing me. When his finger got to the edge of the bikini bottoms I raised my butt up and let him push them down."

"I was thrashing around like mad by the time his fingers got to my clitoris. I came several times and I had a massive orgasm when he put a big ol' finger in my pussy. I always heard that black men didn't do oral sex. I found out from him that it was a bunch of shit. That old man ate me to two crashing orgasms and I knew right then there was nothing on earth that could stop me from fucking that old guy."

"I nearly ripped his pants down and I almost came again when I got my first look at his meat. He had a huge cock. Bigger than any dick I had ever seen before. Long and fat and it was as hard as a rock. I wanted to suck it, but my need to fuck it was too great. Man, that old guy could fuck. He did me for nearly fifteen minutes before he dumped a load of cum in me. I thought he would stop, but he didn't. He just kept fucking me and I was having one major climax right after another."

"He left after fucking me for nearly half an hour. I must have come a hundred times. I must have passed out for a few moments and when I opened my eyes he had his pants on and his trimmer and was leaving."

"See you in two weeks," he said with a wave of his hand.

"No! Next week," I yelled at him. He laughed and said okay as he went out the gate. I was one well-fucked gal. That afternoon after I managed to wash a pint of cum out of me I went out and bought a bigger fancier lounge chair. One with a nice soft pad instead of the plastic webbing. I had marks on my ass for several days after Boomer left. That was his name. Boomer Howell. His son was named Ron and the grandson was just called Boy." Faye finished her drink and signaled for another one. Faye looked at me and smiled. "You look flushed, Megan. Do you feel all right?"

"Yes, I'm fine," I assured her. "Was that an only time?" I asked her.

"Oh hell no!" she said laughing. "Boomer was back the next week and he fucked me again. Better this time because of the new lounge and we didn't waste any time on sunscreen and fooling around. The following week he let his son, Ron, do the trimming and Ron fucked me. Over the next few weeks Boomer and Ron took turns. Then the grandson figured it out and he wanted some. They were a sharing family. All of them were a great fuck, but the old man was the best. We had the best-looking lawn in the neighborhood. When fall came you couldn't find a single leaf in our yard. We also had the cleanest drive and sidewalk when the snow fell. Sometimes they were there waiting on the first snowflake to fall."

"Didn't your husband ever figure out you were...getting some on the side?" I asked her. In all the years I knew Faye, we had never talked about sex so this was something brand new.

"I guess he knew I stopped bugging him about sex. That was about the time I found out he had a slut in the city he was doing. The fact that I was not after him for sex just left more for the city bitch. Now that's something I've never figured out. Don had a perfectly good slut at home so why did he take a chance on his reputation by sneaking around after another slut. I mean, I knew he was a whore-hopper. Hell, I got him away from his wife by letting him in my pants so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised."

"Anyway, he had his whore in town and I had the whole damned Howell family so I didn't complain. We both had what we wanted. I had three great black cocks and...I don't know exactly what he had, but it must have been good. Because he asked me for a divorce the next spring. I was ready for it and I told him to contact my attorney. We parted ways on mostly friendly terms. I got half of everything he had and a lot of what he was going to get so I was happy. More than happy, really. After Don moved out I could let the Howell boys in the front door at night. I kept them supplied with white pussy and they kept me well supplied with black cock."

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