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A Tranny's Nine Wishes
by Chris Burrows

Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/General Nonfiction
Description: Kelly Wild, an outrageously sexy tranny, shares nine of her most shocking 'sexperiences' with City of Angels author, Chris Burrows. The most revealing insider account, to date, oflife among the myriad of 'creatures' in Asia's transgender land. Ladyboys, trannies, lesbians, genetic girlsand just simply 'don't knows,' all romp together in this ground breaking tale. Warning: This book is sizzlingly explicit, and contains scenes which may offend some people. Reader discretion is advised.
eBook Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing USA LLC/Club Lighthouse Publishing, 2010 2010
eBookwise Release Date: July 2010


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [246 KB]
Words: 55069
Reading time: 157-220 min.

ON A COUPLE OF OCCASIONS when I'd been out and about in Singapore, I'd bumped into an ebullient, 'all-action', twenty something, Tranny called Kelly Wild. The first time we met it was outside one of those popular Tranny nightclub hangouts down by the Singapore River--and we did physically bump into each other.

I was struck immediately by how attractive she was; long legs, full breasts and an engaging smile. Now I think about it, I clearly remember thinking, Wow, very sexy--so hard to tell she's not a 'real' girl. Wouldn't mind getting to know her better. Intimately better if I had the chance.

We'd chatted for a couple of hours that night, just sitting watching some of the small boats meander up and down the river. Amongst other things, Kelly told me about her upbringing (she was actually born in Singapore, albeit to Scottish parents); about how she remembered playing 'dress-up' in skirts and dresses when she was only six or seven; her time at boarding school in England (I really felt quite jealous when she told me how she used to play the parts of females in a number of the school plays) and so on.

Post-graduation Kelly headed back to Singapore and joined one of the large, regional accounting practices--keen to progress her professional career, but keener to ensure that she was able to continue with her 'dressing' which, by now, had become an irresistible compulsion.

"So you can see, I've basically been a Tranny for years and years,' she had declared as she finished telling me about her early years. 'Sometimes think I should have transitioned but, there again, maybe better to be a 'chick with a dick', right Chris?"

I had smiled at her, thinking she was probably right, yet still rueing the fact she didn't have a nice, warm pussy I could get to know a little better.

It was a couple of weeks before we met again, quite by chance, but this time we both had some time to kill and, so, we decided to sit and chat in one of these outdoor coffee shops on Orchard Road. And chat we did!

Nearly three hours later, we were still there--sipping hot chocolate and sharing experiences, regaling each other with some of the more outlandish things we'd done. She's uncannily like me, I'd thought at the time. Places she's been, things, she's done. But, actually, she is a 'fully-fledged' Tranny, maybe on the road to transition, maybe not; whereas me...well, I just don't know what I am anymore!

The third time we met, I told Kelly about the book I'd recently written called 'City of Angels', all about my Tranny experiences in Asia. Kelly's eyes lit up and, even now, I can recall her saying, "You know Chris, I've got so, so many experiences I'd love to share with people. But I'm just not a writer--haven't got that eye for detail nor the patience to actually put pen to paper." She'd paused and looked straight into my eyes. "Any interest in helping me out?" (I assumed she meant with the book).

Well, what could I say? The thought of spending more time with Kelly was very appealing even if it was, ostensibly, to hear about her own 'sexperiences'--with a view to helping her get them into print. After all, you never quite know what happens when two Trannies get together in private--could well be some 'cock-action' somewhere along the way! Needless to say, I had a hard-on when I said, "yes, Kelly, I would love to."

And, so, here are some of Kelly Wild's recollections of her time in Asia, her thoughts and, more importantly, her 'Tranny wishes'--nine in all, to be precise!

"Over to you, Kelly. Introduce us to your 'Tranny Wishes.'"

"Thanks Chris. As you well know, all Trannies, no matter where they are or who they are, have their own 'list' of 'wishes'--well, most of us do anyway! Some wishes may, of course, come to fruition, but most will be too far into the realms of fantasy to ever stand much chance of occurring.

Yet, our hopes forever linger and my stories are all about the nine wishes of a long-standing Tranny (me!)--wishes, which, owing to a combination of the right circumstances, amazingly, did come true. Just let me think where to begin..."

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