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Interlude 3
by Cassidy Ryan

Category: Romance/Mainstream
Description: Work commitments have kept Olivia and Matthew apart for a week, which, for this very passionate couple, seems like so much more than seven short days. In spite of the fact that they are in her sister's home, in her niece's nursery, they take advantage of the empty house to re-connect. But Matthew has a question for Olivia that could change their lives forever.
eBook Publisher: Red Rose Publishing, 2010
eBookwise Release Date: June 2010


1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [27 KB]
Words: 4269
Reading time: 12-17 min.

Olivia laughed. "Yeah, I bet." She lifted a hand to push it through his slightly disheveled hair. "How about I finish up here and take you home for a proper welcome?"

Desire flared bright and immediate in Matthew's eyes. "Why wait?" he asked huskily, hands tightening on her rear.

Heat pooled between Olivia's legs, and she automatically tightened her thighs. "Here?" She glanced around her niece's nursery, quickly taking in the collection of stuffed animals, the rocking chair in the corner, and the fairy glade mural she'd spent the week painting on the wall opposite the crib. She turned back to Matthew. "With my sister and the baby downstairs?"

Matthew moved just far enough into the room to press Olivia back against the wall. Tilting his hips to let her feel his interest, he dipped his head and placed a teasing kiss just under her ear.

"Caitlin asked me to tell you that she's taking the baby for a walk in the park; she'll be back in about an hour." The tip of his tongue came out to flick at her earlobe.

A gasp of pleasure escaped Olivia. "A-an hour, huh?"

"Mmm-hmm...time enough for a proper welcome, don't you think?" His mouth moved from her ear, along her jaw, and stopped a mere breath from her lips. "Missed you."

Slipping her hands into his hair, Olivia sighed and pressed her lips to Matthew's in a brief, hard kiss. "Oh God, I missed you too."

When Matthew's hands moved from her backside to wrap around her waist, Olivia's bare feet touched the floor and her toes curled into the thick carpet. Matthew was holding her so tightly, kissing her so deeply, she couldn't breathe, but with his arms around her and his tongue tangling with her own, air was the last thing on her mind. She pushed at his suit coat, and Matthew dropped his arms just long enough for it to slip to the floor, all the while sucking on Olivia's tongue and biting lightly on her lips.

His warm hands came up to cup her shoulders, calloused fingers grazing her soft skin before lowering the straps of her cotton sundress. Lips trailing hot, nibbling kisses from her mouth, over her chin, down her throat. Olivia let her head fall back against the wall, exposing more of her skin to Matthew, murmuring her pleasure and need when he licked a hot line from the dip at the base of her throat to the top of her breast.

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