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All for One
by Nicki Bennett, Ariel Tachna

Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica/Romance
Description: Aristide, Léandre, and Perrin pledge only three loyalties in life: their King, their captain, and their passion for each other. So when the musketeers discover a plan to accuse M. de Tréville of treason, the initial impulse to kill the messenger, Benoît, is tempered by their need to unmask the plotter. But their first two suspects, the English ambassador and Cardinal Richelieu, prove to be innocent, forcing the musketeers to delve deeper into the inner machinations of the French court. Meanwhile, Aristide finds himself falling in love with the ill-fated messenger, a blacksmith without a home who rouses all of his protective, possessive instincts. Benoît, however, has no interest in any man. Torn between desire and duty, Aristide must find a way to protect the King and clear his captain's name--all while heeding the demands of his heart.
eBook Publisher: Dreamspinner Press/Dreamspinner Press, 2010 2010
eBookwise Release Date: March 2010


16 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [531 KB]
Words: 120826
Reading time: 345-483 min.

Chapter One

"When did Aristide say he got off duty?" Perrin asked languidly, running his hand down Leandre's naked back. "It's been too long since we last fucked him."

"Sundown, I think," Leandre answered, shifting slightly where he lay between his bedmate's legs. He cupped the dark-haired man's buttocks, tweaking a muscular cheek as he pulled him closer. "Getting ambitious, aren't you? What makes you think Aristide's suddenly going to change his tastes? You should know him by now, Perrin--he'll suck you any time you like, but he'll not give his arse to anyone."

"Fine," Perrin huffed, thrusting up against the blond. "I'll just have to settle for your arse while he fucks mine."

"Lucky for you, I'm much more flexible than he is," Leandre agreed, wrapping a long leg around his partner's hips. Reaching down, he took the heavy shaft in hand, stroking it just the way he knew Perrin liked best. "Though I ought to make you take care of yourself for implying that fucking me is 'settling' for anything. This is the finest piece of arse you'll ever sink your cock into, boy, and don't ever forget it."

Perrin smacked Leandre's buttocks lightly, barely enough to sting. "Only because I can't have Aristide's," he retorted, nuzzling Leandre's neck gently to dispel any heat in his words, and rolled the blond beneath him. "And you won't make me take care of myself because then you'd have to take care of yourself, and you hate to do that."

"Damn right; it's the only reason I put up with you," the older man asserted. "Now shut up and fuck me," he growled, stopping any further conversation by dragging Perrin's mouth to his and kissing him ruthlessly.

Not being one to argue with the voice of authority when he heard it, Perrin slid a hand between them to make sure Leandre was well enough stretched and lubricated for the reaming he wanted. Deciding all was in order, he lined up his cock and pushed in all the way with one solid thrust, enjoying the deep groan that escaped through the torrid kiss.

Leandre could never decide which he preferred more--sinking into Perrin's tight arse or being split wide by the younger man's long, thick cock. Aristide might be a more experienced lover, but Perrin more than made up for his lack of finesse with sheer exuberance. Grabbing on with both hands, Leandre hitched his lover a little higher, so that each stroke rubbed firmly over his sweet spot. Once he had Perrin exactly where he wanted him, Leandre let his fingers wander the valley between his cheeks, teasing at the puckered entrance.

Perrin reared back when he felt Leandre's fingers on him. As much as he loved fucking the man beneath him, he also loved someone playing with his hole, a fact his partner knew well. His pace increased as Leandre probed more firmly, driving him wild with lust.

Earning a moan from his partner when he withdrew, Leandre spat on his fingers and rubbed them together before pushing back inside with two digits, stretching and searching at the same time. When Perrin's entire body--and a magnificent body it was, all hard, toned muscle--seized with pleasure, he pulled the dark head down to his and bit at his lover's lips. Clenching his internal muscles around the invasive rod, he arched his hips upward to meet Perrin's thrust, using every trick at his command to prove the truth of his boast.

"Fuck, Leandre," Perrin groaned as Leandre teased him without mercy, leaving him gasping and aching for release. He thrust his tongue hard and deep into the blond's mouth, ravishing it as he ravished the body beneath him. "So tight." And Leandre was. No matter how often they did this, Leandre was as tight as the first time, and it drove Perrin crazy.

Rocking in counterpoint as Perrin did his best to fuck him through the mattress, Leandre fought the impulse to reach for himself, not that there was a pouce of space between their bodies anyway. Instead he worked a third finger into Perrin's arse, stretching him nearly as wide as the brunet was stretching him. His fingers might be a poor substitute for Aristide filling Perrin from behind, but Leandre was determined to bring his partner to nearly as hard a climax before he came himself. He still had hopes of burying himself in that firm--and now well prepared--arse when he did so. "C'mon, Perrin," he rasped, tearing his lips away to suck air into his heaving lungs. "Give it up. You know you can't outlast me."

With a frustrated roar, Perrin climaxed. One day, he'd manage to stay in control long enough to fuck Leandre to orgasm, but until then, he'd get him off some other way. Pulling back as soon as the tremors wracking his muscles eased enough for him to move, he rocked onto his knees, intending to take Leandre in his mouth and ease the heavy erection.

Not that Perrin didn't have a supremely talented mouth, but Leandre had another target in mind for his cock. Taking advantage of the younger man's still-relaxed state, he lunged forward, driving the brunet onto his back and locking his arms under Perrin's knees, pulling his legs up and back and opening him completely. With a deep, satisfied groan, he drove into his partner's well-stretched hole, hissing when the walls closed around him in a hot, velvety sheath.

Perrin howled his pleasure as he felt Leandre's cock pierce him, his hips rocking into the thrust mindlessly. "Feel like a real man now instead of my pansy?" he taunted, knowing he'd get a more enthusiastic reaming if he pricked the blond's temper. And since he liked it the harder the better, pricking Leandre's temper was essential.

"If Aristide was here... he could stuff something... in your mouth... to shut you up," Leandre panted, hitching Perrin's hips higher and pounding into him with all his considerable strength. His pulse roared in his ears, and though he vaguely heard a bang he assumed was Perrin's skull hitting the headboard, he was too consumed by his impending climax to care. Throwing back his head, he shouted in triumph as his release surged through him, sparking every nerve in his body with pleasure.

Hearing his name, the third member of the trio paused in the doorway, taking in the sight of golden buttocks driving between widespread thighs dusted with darker hair. Leandre fucking Perrin, then. He'd made a mental wager with himself which man would be topping the other when he returned from patrol to the small townhouse the three of them shared near the musketeer headquarters in Paris. Grinning as his assumption proved correct, he kicked the door closed and leaned against the frame, pulling off his gloves. "Starting without me again?" he drawled.

"He was too impatient to wait," Perrin gasped, back arching as Leandre's hips stuttered against his in release. He turned to look at the tall figure in the door, imposing in his black uniform, and he was aroused all over again. "He's got me all worked up again. Come finish me off."

"Just... taking the edge off," Leandre managed to rasp, rolling to his side and patting the mattress between them in invitation. "I'll last longer with you this way," he added, green eyes gleaming lasciviously.

"I was on duty all day, not lounging in bed," Aristide observed wryly, working his surcoat over his head and hanging it up carefully before bending to pull off his boots. "I don't have the energy to deal with both of you at once."

"Then let us deal with you," Perrin proposed, sitting up and reaching for Aristide. "Lie back and let us do all the work." Aristide never agreed to that proposition, but hope sprang eternal. Perrin figured if he didn't ask, the answer would always be no.

"I've got Perrin's arse all nice and slick for you." Leandre smirked, stroking a hand over the come still coating his cock. He might have just climaxed, but watching Aristide slowly reveal his magnificent body as he removed his uniform was a sight that never failed to rouse him, however tired or sated he might be. "Or we can let him suck you for a bit, and then you can fuck a real man."

"Oh, have you got one hidden somewhere?" Aristide taunted, smiling as he tossed the last of his clothing over a chair and stretched mightily. "Putain, I'm looking forward to some time off," he groaned, sliding into the wide bed between his fellow swordsmen. "This latest batch of recruits is trying even my patience."

"Salaud," Perrin retorted in response to the insult even as he slid a roving hand up Aristide's thigh. "All the more reason to let us help you relieve some stress." He bent his head and nipped sharply at one pink nipple, hidden in its mat of hair. "We have a week to do whatever we want. And tonight, I want to do you."

Aristide and Leandre snorted together as the blond lowered his head to mouth at the other rosy nub. "Told him to keep dreaming," Leandre muttered around a hardening mouthful.

Aristide groaned and arched to encourage more of the dual attentions. "I think I'm too tired to fuck either of you," he complained. "In fact, you can just keep doing that until I fall asleep."

"And waste this?" Perrin protested, cupping the shaft that was rapidly swelling to hardness despite Aristide's claims of fatigue. He reared back onto his knees and straddled the older man's hips. "Just lie back and relax. I'll do all the work." He reached behind him to stroke Aristide's cock a few times before lifting it upright so he could slide down its length. "Leandre loosened me just enough for you." He smirked at the blond. "Of course, if he weren't so puny, this wouldn't feel nearly as good."

"If I were any bigger, you wouldn't be able to ride tomorrow," Leandre retorted, easing the sting of his retort by wrapping a palm around Perrin's cock where it bobbed in front of his nose as he kissed his way down Aristide's toned abdomen. "The only reason you can take Aristide or me is that you're such a cock whore--though you're wasting your time looking for anyone else with our natural gifts."

Perrin snorted, breaking his rhythm on Aristide's cock. "You'd be wasting your time trying to find anyone else willing to 'waste their time' with your 'gifts'," he snapped back instantly, stroking Leandre's hair to soften the insult.

"Children," Aristide chided with the hint of a chuckle in his voice, "if you can't play nicely with your toys, they'll be taken away." He raised a hand to stroke Perrin's stubbled cheek, then ran his fingers over the full lips. "Surely you can find better use for your tongues than bickering." Perrin's mouth opened at once to suck the digits inside, making sure to wet them well since he hoped he knew where they would be going next. Leandre, in the meantime, had worked his way down Aristide's stomach to nuzzle the bronzed hair surrounding his cock. Edging closer and leaning with a forearm on either side of Perrin's shins, he licked around the base of the thick shaft where it breached the younger man's clenching portal.

The wet drag of Leandre's tongue drew low moans of approval from both Aristide and Perrin. Aristide pulled his fingers from Perrin's mouth and wrapped his arms around Leandre's hips, using one hand to spread the blond's cheeks while he trailed the dampened fingers down his crease. He could feel the slickness seeping from the eager portal--so Perrin had fucked Leandre first; he'd have won his bet either way--and didn't hesitate to thrust two fingers inside, unerringly finding the spot that would make Leandre howl.

Perrin posted frantically on Aristide's hard cock, the tickle of Leandre's tongue only adding to his arousal. Despite his earlier climax, he was achingly hard again, a tribute to the unquenchable lust his two lovers aroused in him. It only took a touch, a look, and he was ready for them, either to give or take or both at once. He was often the filling in a very delectable chausson aux pommes, much to their mutual delight. For now, though, he needed to come again, and he intended to take Aristide with him. Feeling daring, he reached behind him and traced his fingers down the crack of Aristide's arse, dancing across the tight hole.

Clenching instinctively at the touch of Perrin's fingers, Aristide's hips jutted upward, his cock pushing deeper into the clinging embrace of the dark-haired man's passage. When he drew back, Leandre's tongue traced around the base of his shaft, following up its length to dance around the place where he and Perrin joined, trying to wedge its way inside with him. Unable to hold out any longer against the combined attentions of both his lovers, Aristide growled deep in his chest and shook with the strength of his release, his seed filling Perrin's channel and leaking down to be lapped up by Leandre's agile tongue.

Aristide's fingers faltered as his climax shuddered through him, and Leandre tightened around them, dancing close to the edge of his own release. He licked avidly around the softening shaft, rimming Perrin's stretched opening and gleaning as much of Aristide's taste as he could, before pushing up to lap at the leaking head of Perrin's erection.

Any one of the provocations currently pushing him toward release would have been enough for Perrin. The combination of Aristide's hot seed flooding him and Leandre's facile tongue licking it from his arse before moving to the tip of his erection was more than he needed. With barely a shout of warning, Perrin sprayed all over Leandre's face.

Leandre's subsequent yelp, nearly as loud as Perrin's had been, roused Aristide from his lassitude. Pressing a third finger alongside those still stretching the blond open, he wrapped his free hand around Leandre's cock, the fluid dripping from it letting his fist glide smoothly. A few twisting strokes were all it took to wring another climax from Leandre, who collapsed into the pool of creamy seed on Aristide's belly, his forehead pillowed against Perrin's broad chest. "Good thing you handle a sword better than you do your cock, Perrin," the blond grumbled, rubbing the come from his face into Perrin's skin.

"It did exactly what it was supposed to," Perrin retorted, stroking Leandre's hair lightly. "And exactly where it was supposed to." He yawned broadly and shifted around on the bed so that they were all lying with their heads on the pillows. "You've worn me out."

"I hope you've saved enough energy to get an early start tomorrow," Aristide countered, using a corner of the sheet to clean himself before settling between his two lovers. "I want to get on the road before M. de Treville thinks of a reason to keep us here."

"After all the extra training time we've spent with the new recruits, we deserve a few days' rest," Leandre protested. "And I can't think of a better way to spend them than tasting the newest vintage at Clos Vougeot."

"He's granted us leave," Perrin reminded them. "He won't recall it unless he has no other choice. He knows how hard we've worked and that we'll work as hard or harder when we get back because we've had a break. Now stop jabbering and let me get some sleep, or I won't be responsible for my actions in the morning."

"You wake up the same way every morning, Perrin--hard," Aristide observed, stifling a yawn. He shifted until he was comfortably spooned between his two partners' warm bodies, his eyes drifting shut. "Now, both of you, sleep--we ride at dawn."

* * * *

The sun was barely above the horizon, a scant six hours after it had set, when the three musketeers strode into the stable at l'hotel particulier de M. de Treville. Aristide went immediately to the box where Orphee, his stallion, whickered impatiently. Behind him, he could hear Leandre and Perrin arguing over which horses they would ride today. He just shook his head and began saddling his impatient brute. "I'm sorry I haven't been around much," he told the steed as he brushed him. "We'll go for a long run today and show those pretenders what a real horse can do."

"Riding that old nag again?" Perrin asked, coming to stand at the stall door and admire the big bay animal--and its owner.

"I don't ever have to worry about having a mount," Aristide pointed out laconically. Keeping his own steed, rather than having to make do with whatever horse was available in their company's common stables, was the one luxury he retained from his privileged life before joining the musketeers.

"Where's your sense of adventure?" Leandre added, joining the other two men. "I'd get bored with only one ride."

Perrin snorted. "That's why we can't find him some nights. He's gone in search of a new mount."

Aristide just shook his head at the younger men's antics. "Variety is no replacement for quality," he informed them. "No amount of adventure can make up for knowing I can always rely on this 'old nag', as you call him."

Leandre and Perrin looked at each other and laughed. "Boring," they teased, going to finish preparing the horses they'd selected for the week's adventure.

"Horses are like lovers," Aristide mused to Orphee as he saddled the animal. "When you find the perfect match, you hold on to it. There isn't a horse in this stable that's your equal, old boy, so as long as you're game, we'll keep on together. What do you say?"

The horse butted its owner's chest affectionately, eliciting a light-hearted laugh. "Let's go show those two children what real men can do."

Aristide led the bay out into the courtyard, swinging onto its back. "Perrin, Leandre!" he shouted. "We're wasting daylight. The vineyards await!"

Perrin and Leandre clattered out of the stable atop two of the company's horses. Aristide shook his head again at their foolery and led the way toward the Porte d'Italie and south toward Nuits-St-Georges. They thundered through the countryside, enjoying the cool morning air on their faces as they rode. Perrin was sure it would be a hot day by the time the sun reached its zenith, but this early the dew still moistened the air and settled the dust, leaving them to ride unhampered toward their destination. They passed through Nemours at lunchtime and arrived in Auxerre as the sun was setting. The innkeeper was happy to provide a room, food, and drinks for three of the King's musketeers and equally happy to see his boisterous guests on their way the next morning.

It had rained lightly during the night, settling the dust and leaving the air crisp and fresh. Despite the run the day before, the horses were frisky, so the three men gave them their heads and let them gallop on southward, toward Epoisses where they intended to stop for lunch.

The sun was almost overhead and breakfast was but a distant memory when they pulled abruptly to a halt, dismounting swiftly to come to the aid of an injured man lying on the side of the road.

"Was he thrown from his horse?" Perrin asked as Aristide knelt at the man's side.

"Possibly," Aristide allowed, glancing up from the pool of red spreading over the dampened ground. "Too much blood for that alone, though," he observed, gently rolling the body from where it lay crumpled, face-down. His breath caught as he saw the source of the blood. A dark hole marred the tunic and shoulder of the man in the dirt. "He's been shot."

Leandre and Perrin exchanged somber glances, hands going to the pistols they carried in their belts. "He's still wearing his satchel," Leandre observed. "There may be something in there."

"Check and see," Aristide nodded, tearing a strip of linen from the hem of the man's shirt to staunch the bleeding. "Perrin, see if you can find his horse."

Perrin nodded and searched for any hoof prints not left by their own mounts. Finding a print too deep for their animals, he swung back onto his horse and started off in the direction of the tracks.

Leandre, meanwhile, had dumped the contents of the rucksack onto the road. For the most part, it contained the usual accoutrements of a traveler, but a letter drew his attention. Picking it up, he saw that the seal was broken and the parchment torn. He started to put it back down when M. de Treville's name caught his eye. Wondering what business the stranger could have with the leader of the musketeers, he opened the missive and read its contents. "I'm not sure you should work so hard to save him, Aristide," he said gravely, his expression hardening. "This letter accuses M. de Treville of treason."

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