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1. Long [87149 words]A Hero's Journey by P.T. Dilloway [Fantasy]
2. Mid-Length [25186 words]Sugar Creek Tessa's Chosen by Becky Wilde [Erotica/Fantasy]
3. Short [24749 words]Sugar Creek Melissa's Acceptance by Becky Wilde [Erotica/Fantasy]
4. Mid-Length [26233 words]Sugar Creek Sara's Mates by Becky Wilde [Erotica/Fantasy]
5. Mid-Length [26749 words]Amber's Blood Mates by Becky Wilde [Erotica]
6. Mid-Length [25252 words]Eagle River Bonded Trio by Becky Wilde [Erotica]
7. Short [19796 words]Rhiannon's Alien High Chancellors by Becky Wilde [Erotica]
8. Mid-Length [38561 words]The Rake's Substitute Bride by Mysty McPartland [Romance]
9. Short [21474 words]Erin's Alien Abductors by Becky Wilde [Erotica]
10. Long [96331 words]The Executioner's Daughter by Miguel Conner [Fantasy]
  1. Long [82614 words]Executive Execution by Steve Bederman [Suspense/Thriller/Mystery/Crime]
2. Long [113150 words]The CEO by Steve Bederman [Suspense/Thriller/Mystery/Crime]
3. Long [99167 words]Sweet Salvation by Nicole Morgan [Romance]
4. Mid-Length [26260 words]Passion Victoria The Beginning by Becky Wilde [Erotica]
5. Long [77380 words]Miss Fix It by Olivia Ventura [Romance/Mystery/Crime]
6. Short [21474 words]Erin's Alien Abductors by Becky Wilde [Erotica]
7. Mid-Length [40068 words]My Mountain My Woman by Mysty McPartland [Romance]
8. Long [76975 words]Touch Of A Vampire by Jude Stephens [Erotica/Romance]
9. Short [24749 words]Sugar Creek Melissa's Acceptance by Becky Wilde [Erotica/Fantasy]
10. Mid-Length [27186 words]Passion Victoria Tash's Story by Becky Wilde [Erotica]
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1 A Hero's Journey
by P.T. Dilloway
  Dr. Emma Earl never wanted to be a hero. But when she finds a magic suit of armor that can deflect bullets and turn her invisible, she becomes part of an ancient war between good and evil. It's up to Emma as the latest incarnation of the heroic Scarlet Knight to save Rampart City from the fiendish Black Dragoon and his plan to rule first the city and then the whole world.

Words: 87149 - Reading Time: 248-348 min.
Category: Fantasy

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2 Sugar Creek Tessa's Chosen
by Becky Wilde
  Book 1 of the Sugar Creek series. Tessa is set to move out of her home when her ex fiance arrives on her doorstep to stop her. After he physically abuses her she escapes from him and drives away. Arriving at an Inn in Sugar Creek Ohio battered and bruised Tessa is confronted by three Alpha male brothers, Lucien, Raphael and Gabriel Woolf. Not realizing they are werewolves and that she is their mate. Tessa is kidnapped by the three brothers. Will they be able to win her over to secure her love o... more info>>

Words: 25186 - Reading Time: 71-100 min.
Category: Erotica/Menage Erotica/Fantasy
82 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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3 Sugar Creek Melissa's Acceptance
by Becky Wilde
  Book 2 Melissa Wise, a twenty-two year old, slender red haired virgin takes a drive for some much needed rest and relaxation after she breaks up with her now ex-boyfriend Wesley Sands. She ends up at a little place called the Shifter Inn outside of Sugar Creek, Ohio. She is about to leave through the inn door when she is inadvertently knocked flat on her back, cracking her head on the floor knocking herself unconscious as two men barge in through the inn door. Damian and Luke Aerth are very w... more info>>

Words: 24749 - Reading Time: 70-98 min.
Category: Erotica/Fantasy
51 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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4 Amber's Blood Mates
by Becky Wilde
  Amber Holland meets a tall dark, sexy stranger at her brother and sister in law's tenth anniversary party. She finds him a bit creepy and gives him the brush off as she is not yet ready for a serious relationship. Alexei Stoniski knows Amber is his and his brother Dimitri's, Blood Mate as soon as she enters the ballroom of the elite hotel. He tries strike up a conversation with his mate, but is given the brush off. He and his brother Dimitri follow Amber back to her apartment and use their vamp... more info>>

Words: 26749 - Reading Time: 76-106 min.
Category: Erotica
13 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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5 Eagle River Bonded Trio
by Becky Wilde
  Holly Swift gets off the bus in the small town of Eagle River, Ontario, Canada. She walks into the motel and books a room. Unbeknown to her the man, Brock Fontaine behind the motel counter is one of her mates. Holly explores the small country town and ends up getting into to trouble. She arrives back at the motel just in time for Brock to run off the two horrible men following her. Brock with his brother Zane's help, persuade Holly to go home with them so they can protect her from danger. Holl... more info>> (Published: 2011)

Words: 25252 - Reading Time: 72-101 min.
Category: Erotica
30 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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6 Rhiannon's Alien High Chancellors
by Becky Wilde
  Rhiannon Lyons is grieving for her missing best friend and sister of her heart since she disappeared four months previously. Rhiannon and Honey Potts had a long standing arrangement. They would go out on the town every Friday evening after work for some dancing and drinking. Since Honey's disappearance Rhiannon has taken to hitting the bottle at home and drinking herself into oblivion.

Words: 19796 - Reading Time: 56-79 min.
Category: Erotica
2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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7 Sugar Creek Sara's Mates
by Becky Wilde
  Book 3 Sara Wise is dragged from her bed by two huge hunky werewolves pounding on the door to her cabin, after the celebration of her sister's wedding, Melissa to her two mates. Chase and Tony Avero try to drag Sara back to their cabin so they can talk to her and get to know their mate. Sara is not impressed at being hauled from her bed at four o'clock in the morning and tries to clobber the two men with a tree branch. She is no match for the two huge men and finds herself ensconced in their ca... more info>>

Words: 26233 - Reading Time: 74-104 min.
Category: Erotica/Menage Erotica/Fantasy
36 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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8 The Rake's Substitute Bride
by Mysty McPartland
  Desperate to fill the terms of his grandfather's will, Nathan buys himself a wife. He wasn't particular who it was just as long as she was an agreeable woman. Did her duty by baring his child and left him alone to pursue his own amusement. However, minutes before the ceremony was to begin the silly twit had run away. Furious he confronted her family and demanded they produce a woman he could wed. It was only after the wedding was over that he bothered to look at the woman he'd married. He was sh... more info>>

Words: 38561 - Reading Time: 110-154 min.
Category: Romance
6 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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9 Erin's Alien Abductors
by Becky Wilde
  Erin Baker works at the same veterinarian clinic, her missing friends, Honey Potts and Rhiannon Lyons, had worked at, until their disappearance months previously. She has been pulling long days to cover the missing women and is totally exhausted. She misses her friends and wants to know what has happened to them, but doesn't think she will ever have an answer. As she makes her way to her car in the parking lot, she sees four bright lights speeding through the night, heading straight for her. She... more info>>

Words: 21474 - Reading Time: 61-85 min.
Category: Erotica
11 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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10 The Executioner's Daughter
by Miguel Conner
  For millennia, the stark Kingdom of Keloveria has thrived in a bleak, hostile world of ageless horrors and ripe threats. Its survival is largely dependent on two ancient, sentient relics--the crown Forethought and the axe Afterglow--worn respectively by the king and his executioner, Deadspeaker. The king judges the living and Deadspeaker judges the condemned. In their parity, order flows throughout the Misty Continent and even in unearthly realms. Then the youthful Tendrik Partaghast is newl... more info>>

Words: 96331 - Reading Time: 275-385 min.
Category: Fantasy

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11 Chasing Amanda
by Melissa Foster
  Nine years ago, Molly Tanner witnessed a young girl's abduction in the busy city of Philadelphia, shifting her occasional clairvoyance into overdrive. Two days later, the girl's body was found, and Molly's life fell apart. Consumed by guilt for not acting upon her visions, and on the brink of losing her family, Molly escaped the torturous reminders in the city, fleeing to the safety of the close-knit rural community of Boyds, Maryland. Molly's life is back on track, her son has begun college, ... more info>>

Words: 102035 - Reading Time: 291-408 min.
Category: Mystery/Crime

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12 Dare To Dream
by Becky Wilde
  Devin Knight has been working as a PA for her boss' Gareth Farrell and Brody Camp, the owner of a software company. She has been in love with the two mean since practically the beginning, but knows she doesn't have a chance of being with them as they are gay. After an office party which Devin is drugged at by a new colleague, she reveals that she is in love with both her boss'. The two men take her home to look after her and when she is feeling well again they seduce her revealing they are not ... more info>> (Published: 2010)

Words: 20225 - Reading Time: 57-80 min.
Category: Erotica/Menage Erotica/Romance
48 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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13 Demon's Desire
by Atoya Morris
  The average Otherworldy creature can snap a human like a toothpick. Demitrios Randolph knows this all too well. As the demonic leader of the human protecting Night Shadows, he lives by two simple rules. One; never let your guard down. And two; never grow attachments to the easily broken humans, something he's had to learn--the hard way. So when he rescues a woman from a Lycan attack, it's simply business as usual. That is--until he learns that she's a telekinetic witch--the last of her kind... more info>>

Words: 91221 - Reading Time: 260-364 min.
Category: Fantasy
1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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14 Every Man's Fantasy
by Mysty McPartland
  Ford is determined to prevent his frumpy personal assistant from running off to a singles island to find a stranger to have sex with it. To do this he goes with her. What he doesn't expect to find out is that he is lusting after her, himself. A few new sexy outfits transforms his innocent P.A., Laine, into every man's fantasy and when they go away together, he has his hands full trying to prevent her from jumping into bed with some other guy. In the end, he can't take any more of the hot hungr... more info>>

Words: 33839 - Reading Time: 96-135 min.
Category: Romance
8 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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15 Passion Victoria Hailey's Secret
by Becky Wilde
  Hailey Wood arrives in the town of Passion, Victoria, Australia after two years on the run. She's running from the monster who has destroyed her life. She inadvertently meets the three sexy, handsome Bartram brothers, she awakens with her screams through the thin walls of her motel room. They burst through her door ready to do battle for the tortured woman. Dillon, Chance and Roman, want Hailey as soon as they see her, but every time they get near her she flinches away from them. They know Hail... more info>>

Words: 31305 - Reading Time: 89-125 min.
Category: Erotica/Menage Erotica/Mainstream
35 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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16 Passion Victoria Tash's Story
by Becky Wilde
  Natasha Cameron is a twenty-one year old virgin, whom is afraid of physical and emotional intimacy. She overheard her sister, Toni sobbing her heart out to their mother, after her first love affair with her ex boyfriend; and decides she is not going to set herself up to be hurt. She is a beautiful vibrant young woman and captures the interest of the two handsomely rugged sexy Irish men. The Gallagher brothers, Jason and Sean, have moved their business and home to be closer to Natasha for easier ... more info>>

Words: 27186 - Reading Time: 77-108 min.
Category: Erotica/Menage Erotica
35 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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17 The Foolish Decision
by Mysty McPartland
  Trained long ago by a woman who should have shown him love Jesse learned from his mother that women could never be trusted and are nothing but deceitful liars. Why then did he feel that he'd just made the most foolish mistake of his life by telling the innocent young woman he'd just made love to that he was leaving? For five years he suffered from heartache and loneliness that would never go away. When the woman he jilted all those years ago suddenly reappears back in his life, can he dare to ... more info>>

Words: 60481 - Reading Time: 172-241 min.
Category: Romance
4 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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18 Thoroughly
by Mysty McPartland
  Furious after overhearing her cousins discussing a wager between one of them and their friend Lonya plans to make fools of them both. She would play along with the game but in the end she would come out the winner. However she doesn't take into account the sensuality of the man or her own attraction to him and decides she will also gain something for herself. Foolishly she doesn't take into account what her heart would do and knows after spending one glorious night in his arms prays he won't go ... more info>>

Words: 16972 - Reading Time: 48-67 min.
Category: Romance

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19 2012 Montezuma's Revenge
by V. Mark Covington
  Montezuma returns just in time to prevent the end of the world as predicted by the Mayan calendar? As he said, "Bean there, done that?" Yes, the world as we know it will end on December 21st, 2012, just like the Mayan calendar predicted. No, it won't be a result of nuclear war or a pandemic of some strange avian flu. The end of the planet won't be caused by SUVs pouring exhaust into the air, aerosol cans or non-recyclable grocery bags. No space aliens are coming to eat us and the planet ... more info>>

Words: 112499 - Reading Time: 321-449 min.
Category: Suspense/Thriller/Humor

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20 28 Hours
by Mia Brookes
  What would you do if you knew that, by this time tomorrow, the world would be destroyed? Two months ago, astronomers identified an asteroid on a collisision course for Earth and, with the help of the military and governments across all of the continents, they planned a strike against it. They failed. Now time is almost up and, 28 hours from now, the majority of the population will face a global disaster to rival the extinction of the dinosaurs. There is nothing to do but await the inevitable;... more info>> (Published: 2010)

Words: 74689 - Reading Time: 213-298 min.
Category: Mystery/Crime/Suspense/Thriller

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21 A Christmas Present Not Under the Tree
by Michael Riles
  What do you want for Christmas? No one asks for tragedy, especially a child. Read about one young boy's insecurities over losing his mother who had to undergo surgery for stomach cancer. It was Christmas, 1958.

Words: 1770 - Reading Time: 5-7 min.
Category: Mainstream

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22 A Christmas Princess
by Jodi Stone
  Brooke wants a pair of glass slippers for Christmas, but becomes disappointed when she and her two little sisters receive crowns instead. Will disappointment ruin her Christmas, or will the help of a Christmas fairy and the love for her sisters help Brooke discover the true meaning of Christmas?

Words: 1164 - Reading Time: 3-4 min.
Category: Children's Fiction

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23 A Dangerous Woman
by Mysty McPartland
  Logan knew moments after saving the woman that she was nothing but trouble and dangerous. Yet even though he was sexually attracted to her knew for his own safety and sanity he had to keep away from her. Yet after sharing a few kisses, it was impossible to keep his hands of her. Between the wild hot passion they share and her sexy little underwear, he was truly lost. Delany liked everything the cowboy did to her and was quite miffed when he refuses to continue the intimacy between them. However,... more info>> (Published: 2009)

Words: 30944 - Reading Time: 88-123 min.
Category: Romance
3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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24 A Dark Night
by Christen Davis
  Two small town friends, Kyra and Sam find themselves lost in the middle of the night. A spur of the moment decision to explore a deserted road turns into their worst nightmare. Sam disappears. Kyra comes face to face with evil. A vampire. Will she escape? Or is her fate sealed?

Words: 2116 - Reading Time: 6-8 min.
Category: Mystery/Crime/Fantasy

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25 A Dead Man's Debt
by Grace Elliot
  A Dead Man's Debt - a story of blackmail, duty and an unexpected love. After publically humiliating a suitor, Miss Celeste Armitage is sent from the Ton in disgrace and resolves never to marry. But when she finds a sketch book of nude studies and discovers the artist is her hostess's eldest son, Lord Ranulf Charing, she finds herself dangerously attracted to exactly the sort of rogue she is sworn to avoid. Nothing is as it seems. Lord Ranulf's life is a facade and he is being blackmailed over... more info>>

Words: 96461 - Reading Time: 275-385 min.
Category: Romance/Historical Fiction
4 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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