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1. Short [5822 words]Jihad by Mercedes Lackey [Alternate History/Fantasy]
2. Long [62735 words]The Ultimate Solution by George W. J. Laidlaw [Alternate History]
3. Short [24688 words]*The Years of Rice and Salt [Extended Excerpt] by Kim Stanley Robinson [Alternate History]
1. Long [137443 words]Portals of Hell by Robert Vaughan [Alternate History]
2. Mid-Length [47611 words]Graveyard of Dreams--Science Fiction Stories by H. Beam Piper [Alternate History/Science Fiction]
3. Mid-Length [45408 words]Mission to Misenum, Or The Three Faces of Time by Sam Merwin, Jr. [Alternate History/Science Fiction]
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1 Jihad
by Mercedes Lackey
  What if "Lawrence of Arabia" had turned his back on his native England and the Western world and instead chosen Allah and the Arab world? What would that have done to the Middle East? (Published: 1993)

Words: 5822 - Reading Time: 16-23 min.
Category: Alternate History/Fantasy
39 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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2 Desolation Crossing [Deathlands Series Book 87] [Secure]
by James Axler
  Survival is a dangerous enterprise in the aftermath of a nuked America. Humanity perseveres, but the Deathlands code is far simpler: kill or be killed, live or die trying. Driven by the fires of hope, a resilient band of warriors traverse the new frontier of the future, survivors by skill and legends by reputation. The legend of the trader returns in the simmering dust bowl of the Badlands, the past calling out to armorer J. B. Dix. Her name is Eula. Young, silent and lethal, she's part of a ne... more info>>
Category: Alternate History
3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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3 Graveyard of Dreams--Science Fiction Stories
by H. Beam Piper
  This new collection of H. Beam Piper's shorter work includes five of his finest stories: "Graveyard of Dreams," "Genesis," "Operation R.S.V.P.," "The Answer," and "Last Enemy." (Published: 2006)

Words: 47611 - Reading Time: 136-190 min.
Category: Alternate History/Science Fiction
29 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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4 Hard Times
by Robert Vaughan
  The stock Market crash of 1929 abruptly thrusts the nation into chaos, as unemployed people grow more desperate for a livelihood. As nearly every sector of the economy collapses and dust storms rage in the West, only the most determined can make it. While desperation and despair wrack the nation, Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal continues to inspire hope in some but arouses cynicism in others. Wealthy and handsome John Canfield refuses to disallow his patriotism in the face of disaster. He embarks ... more info>> (Published: 1993)

Words: 121566 - Reading Time: 347-486 min.
Category: Alternate History/Mainstream
15 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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5 Mission to Misenum, Or The Three Faces of Time
by Sam Merwin, Jr.
  She Had to Prevent Present and Future from Warring in the Past! "Fast-moving adventure, told with engaging humor," is what the New York Times says readers can expect from this classic science fiction saga. Elspeth Marriner, once an ace journalist, is now a Time Watcher working from the mysterious House of Many Worlds. On some parallel time-tracks, Earth's cultures lag thousands of years behind our own. On others, science is far in advance of ours. As a Watcher, Elspeth's job is to keep advanced ... more info>> (Published: 2004)

Words: 45408 - Reading Time: 129-181 min.
Category: Alternate History/Science Fiction
17 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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6 Portals of Hell
by Robert Vaughan
  This fifth volume of Robert Vaughan's American Chronicles follows America's tumultuous and surprising journey through the 1940's, as the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor thrusts the nation into the Second World War. Hitler's army ravages Europe, and an explosion of the first nuclear warhead in Los Alamos plunges the world into the danger of the nuclear age. Beautiful journalist Shaylin McKay risks her life reporting from the battle front, only to find she has fallen in love with a soldier in comb... more info>> (Published: 1993)

Words: 137443 - Reading Time: 392-549 min.
Category: Alternate History
14 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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7 The Tasseled Warrior
by George W. J. Laidlaw
  Hate was in his genes and ever since his ancestor Karl Toxopeus had fought the Zulu hoards and endured British occupation and their concentration camps, he and Boer ancestors hated the British and anyone remotely associated with them. Becoming a German spy and going to America to uncover the truth about the Manhattan Project was his way to ensure that Germany would win the war and the British would lose it. His discovery in America showed that once the Americans had joined the British after Pear... more info>> (Published: 2004)

Words: 65100 - Reading Time: 186-260 min.
Category: Alternate History
2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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8 The Ultimate Solution
by George W. J. Laidlaw
  They say the Spanish Flu started in the resort town of San Sebasian, Spain, but whether it did or didn't it was one of the causes that helped end the First World War. The epidemic that spread across the world killed millions of people and the young were more susceptible than the middle aged. Thousands of soldiers on each side of the war died within days of contracting the disease. Ian Showmaker's uncle died of that pandemic flu. An expert in disease prevention he succumbed to it as did millions ... more info>> (Published: 2003)

Words: 62735 - Reading Time: 179-250 min.
Category: Alternate History
12 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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9 The Years of Rice and Salt [Extended Excerpt]
by Kim Stanley Robinson
  With the incomparable vision and breathtaking detail that brought his now-classic Mars trilogy to vivid life, bestselling author Kim Stanley Robinson boldly imagines an alternate history of the last seven hundred years. In his grandest work yet, the acclaimed storyteller constructs a world vastly different from the one we know.... It is the fourteenth century and one of the most apocalyptic events in human history is set to occur--the coming of the Black Death. History teaches us that a third of... more info>> (Published: 2002) Hugo Award Nominee

Words: 24688 - Reading Time: 70-98 min.
Category: Alternate History
236 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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