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1. Long [87968 words]Crossed Trails by Eunice Boeve [Historical Fiction/Romance]
2. Long [68162 words]Divine Devil by Georgeanne Hayes [Historical Fiction/Romance]
3. Long [55424 words]Cheyenne Blood Storm [Pony Soldiers Book 4] by Chet Cunningham [Historical Fiction]
4. Long [95861 words]Deadly Vices: A Novel of Crime and Intrigue in 19th Century London by Patrick Read [Historical Fiction/Mystery/Crime]
5. Long [90040 words]Seacliff House by Jane Toombs [Historical Fiction/Romance]
1. Long [82090 words]Affinity & Trust by Ross Richdale [Historical Fiction/Romance]
2. Long [84832 words]Triumph in the Ashes [Ashes: 26] by William W. Johnstone [Historical Fiction]
3. Long [62341 words]Wind of the Mountain by Brian D. Kelling [Historical Fiction/Suspense/Thriller]
4. Long [85154 words]Kildeere Way by Lee Aaron Wilson [Historical Fiction]
5. Long [86699 words]Vengeance in the Ashes [Ashes: 16] by William W. Johnstone [Historical Fiction]
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1 Crossed Trails
by Eunice Boeve
  Joshua Ryder ashamed of being an outlaw's son and convinced he carries bad blood, leaves Texas in the spring of 1876 with a trail herd of longhorns bound for Montana. The following spring he heads west with plans to settle near the Pacific Ocean and live in solitude with just his books and his horses for company. But a Nez Perce woman and her baby change his plans and he ends up in Virginia City, Montana. There an old washerwoman, a small half Chinese girl, and a young woman with red curls furth... more info>> (Published: 2012)

Words: 87968 - Reading Time: 251-351 min.
Category: Historical Fiction/Romance

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2 Divine Devil
by Georgeanne Hayes
  Sebastian is quite happy with his life just as it is, but when he is called upon to become guardian to his missing friend's daughter, he rises to the occasion--literally, but that is only part of what transforms his comfortable existence into one of powerful chaos. For Kathryn Marshall, to his dismay, is neither the child he imagined, a shy little miss, or even a well brought up young woman. How could she be when her father holds the title of the worst rake in England? (Published: 2005)

Words: 68162 - Reading Time: 194-272 min.
Category: Historical Fiction/Romance

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3 Cheyenne Blood Storm [Pony Soldiers Book 4]
by Chet Cunningham
  Skilled at war and bloodthirsty in the heat of battle, the Cheyenne, led by Bear Claw, seek revenge on the white settlers. Having killed every member of the regular cavalry, they prepared to roam the territory raping and plundering the white settlers. Only one group can stop them: the Pony Soldiers, just as fierce and three times more bloodthirsty. The Cheyenne couldn't possibly withstand the bloodshed. (Published: 1988)

Words: 55424 - Reading Time: 158-221 min.
Category: Historical Fiction
10 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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4 Courage in the Ashes [Ashes: 14]
by William W. Johnstone
  The Last Frontier Civilization as we know it was shattered by the nuclear nightmare of the Great War. But out of the smoldering wreckage, Ben Raines has emerged as the courageous leader of a Rebel Army that will fight not only for its own survival, but to help rebuild a country out of the rubble that was once America. Ben's dream of a nation freed from the deadly grip of outlaw gangs and armies of terrorists is close to becoming a reality. Most of the forces of lust and murder that chose to rema... more info>> (Published: 1991)

Words: 84894 - Reading Time: 242-339 min.
Category: Historical Fiction
3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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5 Deadly Vices: A Novel of Crime and Intrigue in 19th Century London
by Patrick Read
  Historical Mystery Featuring Algernon Swinburn. It's London, 1867, where Algernon Swinburne is a celebrated poet and dandy--he's also about to become a detective! Algernon's old college chum, Reginald Simpson lives the carefree life of a man about town. Unfortunately this life had led Reginald's wealthy parents to disown him. Forced to earn a living by his wits, Reginald has turned to smuggling valuable pornographic books into England at the behest of the Mrs. Addams, a shady bookdealer who blac... more info>> (Published: 2004)

Words: 95861 - Reading Time: 273-383 min.
Category: Historical Fiction/Mystery/Crime
5 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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6 Death in the Ashes [Ashes: 11]
by William W. Johnstone
  The war against the Night People continues as Ben Raines and his rebel army set forth on a scorched-earth policy, systematically destroying the favorite living places of the cannibalistic mutants--the once great cities of America--and forcing the half-human, half-hellborn monsters into the open. As the rebel mop-up team pushes through the smoking rubble that once was Dallas, Ben Raines comes within a hair's breadth of being shot and killed. The death squad is dispatched by none other than Matt C... more info>> (Published: 1990)

Words: 82184 - Reading Time: 234-328 min.
Category: Historical Fiction
3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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7 Fury in the Ashes [Ashes: 13]
by William W. Johnstone
  It had been the cruelest joke ever played on the men and women who survived the Great War. The politicians had told them that all the major cities of the world had been destroyed, and it was only years later that Ben Raines and his legion of dedicated warriors found out the politicians had lied. The vast metropolises of America's West Coast had become bastions of evil-seemingly impregnable strongholds for hordes of mutant Night People and thousands of well-trained, well-armed punk street gangs e... more info>> (Published: 1991)

Words: 83363 - Reading Time: 238-333 min.
Category: Historical Fiction
4 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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8 Seacliff House
by Jane Toombs
  Esma Drake, fresh from the orphanage, arrives at Seacliff House to care for sickly five-year-old Alisette. Esma soon finds the household uneasy. The child's father, and captain of Sea Dragon, Stephen Nicolai, is years overdue at port, and, to Esma's distress, the child's mother ignores the little girl. Then Stephen returns--with amnesia, recognizing no one. When he at first mistakes Esma for his wife, the terror that soon engulfs Seacliff House begins. (Published: 2006)

Words: 90040 - Reading Time: 257-360 min.
Category: Historical Fiction/Romance
16 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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9 Stealing Heaven: The Love Story of Heloise and Abelard
by Marion Meade
  In twelfth-century France, two of Europe's greatest minds met and fell in love. It was a love forbidden by the world around them and eventually they were torn apart from each other. But, the spark of it remained smoldering inside the lovers until their death and beyond. Heloise and her tutor, Peter Abelard, share a devotion passionate in its depth and beautiful in its thoughtfulness. They marry, and Heloise bears a son whom she names Astrolabe. However, all of this must be done in secret, for A... more info>> (Published: 1979)

Words: 156973 - Reading Time: 448-627 min.
Category: Historical Fiction/Romance
1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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10 Survival in the Ashes [Ashes: 12]
by William W. Johnstone
  Hell On Three Sides. Ben Raines and his freedom-fighting guerrillas are camped along the banks of what was once the Mississippi River, plotting strategy and readying weapons. A massive pack of heavily armed troops looms on the horizon, marching straight for the Rebels. They are the insidious mercenaries of Kenny Par and Lan Viller, and by midday only the Mississippi separates Raines from the ten thousand blood-hungry warriors all sworn to turn the Rebels' dream into a hellish nightmare. Just as ... more info>> (Published: 1990)

Words: 84429 - Reading Time: 241-337 min.
Category: Historical Fiction
3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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11 The Princes Bound [The Princes Book 1]
by Robin Danner
  Murder, abduction, and rebellion threaten the peace of the kingdom, and Nadia is caught in the middle of it all. Can she find a way to stop the events sure to destroy them all by surrendering her heart to a handsome prince, or will fate get in the way? Prince Mathis wants nothing but peace for his kingdom, while his brother, Prince Talin, seems determined to align his own kingdom with their family's sworn enemy through an alliance in the form of marriage. Mathis will be damned if he will witne... more info>> (Published: 2012)

Words: 36602 - Reading Time: 104-146 min.
Category: Historical Fiction/Fantasy

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12 The Pursuit of Mary McBride
by Bruce Cooke
  Rebecca McBride hates her husband Michael. She hates him because he rapes her and beats her. She hates him because he married her, not for love, but because he needed someone to keep his house and warm his bed. Most of all she hates him because he sold her daughter in marriage to a brute of a man, taking her away from her home and the man she loves. Now Mary and her new husband have disappeared into the Australian Outback, and Rebecca has no idea where they are. The only thing she knows is that ... more info>> (Published: 2008)

Words: 81793 - Reading Time: 233-327 min.
Category: Historical Fiction
4 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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13 The Witch's Wolf
by Marly Mathews
  She was a witch in need of a protector--he was known as The Wolf, the most dangerous man in England, he was the man she needed--he was The Witch's Wolf. This title is a reissue. (Published: 2008)

Words: 135400 - Reading Time: 386-541 min.
Category: Historical Fiction/Romance
1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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14 Trapped in the Ashes [Ashes: 10]
by William W. Johnstone
  Trapped in the smoking rubble of what was once New York City, Ben Raines and his ragged band of followers are up against their biggest challenge. The terrorist Khasmin is marching north to join the cannibalistic Night People and the forces of Sister Velora, with the final annihilation of Ben's hold-out army as their goal. Defeat seems a certainty. But Ben Raines has made crucial decisions in the face of overwhelming odds before. Now, he must gather what forces he has to strike one hard, crushing... more info>> (Published: 1989)

Words: 83908 - Reading Time: 239-335 min.
Category: Historical Fiction
4 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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15 1853 Los Angeles Gangs
by Steven W. Knight
  Novelized history of lawless L.A. gangs of 1853 and the Rangers who battled them. Rebel Mexican leader with twice the troops as the LAPD decides to overthrow California's Government. Problem. He underestimates ONE police volunteer. In Horace Bell's viewpoint, L.A. beckoned with love and police work. Also, he could study for the Bar. Violence brought his rapid retribution. For Paulette Bovierre, with a lost love in France, Horace Bell had a promising future. She was pure strength in adversity. In... more info>> (Published: 2002)

Words: 70300 - Reading Time: 200-281 min.
Category: Historical Fiction/Mystery/Crime

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16 95 Bravo
by Larry Deibert
  It is 1970, and the United States is still deeply bogged down in the quagmire known as Vietnam. Greg Taylor, a rural bred Pennsylvanian, finds himself becoming yet another cog in the massive military machine known as the US Army. My novel follows him from the dehumanizing nine weeks of basic training, through his six month stint as a Military Policeman at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland, and then to his ten plus month tour of duty in Vietnam and ends when he first visits the Vietnam Memorial ... more info>> (Published: 2004)

Words: 141138 - Reading Time: 403-564 min.
Category: Historical Fiction
4 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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17 A Dazzling Spring [Cranky Otter Series Book 3]
by C. J. Winters
  It's the 1963 holiday season in New York, and talented actress Danica Britt is newly engaged to Tyler Newton, star of their television sitcom. History professor-novelist Zane McCaul visits the studio and encounters Dannie, who is being considered for the starring role in the tv production of his best-seller. Although Zane is fourteen years her senior and burdened by a polio-limp, his subtle charisma and ironic expression reveal an inner star quality that soon draws Dannie's professional and pers... more info>> (Published: 2005)

Words: 52417 - Reading Time: 149-209 min.
Category: Historical Fiction
3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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18 A Dreamers Escape
by Jamie Richards
  After many adventures, a young woman in an unhappy situation discovers that her rescuer is indeed a knight on a white horse. Regency romance. (Published: 2005)

Words: 90676 - Reading Time: 259-362 min.
Category: Historical Fiction
9 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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19 A Gent from Bear Creek and Other Tales
by Robert E. Howard
  This collection showcases Robert E. Howard's comic westerns. Howard's novel "A Gent from Bear Creek" is included (with its text restored), as well as two additional western stories featuring Breck Elkins, "While Smoke Rolled" and Texas John Alden." Introduction by Paul Herman. (Published: 2005)

Words: 102244 - Reading Time: 292-408 min.
Category: Historical Fiction/Humor
11 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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20 A Green Bay Tree
by Margaret James
  During the Industrial Revolution in England, smart, ambitious ironmaster's grand-daughter Rebecca Searle is determined to make her way in a man's world, and feels no need for a husband. But when she falls in love with landowner Ellis Darrow, she follows her heart into a blissful marriage--much to the dismay of Ellis's cruel, greedy and jealous sister Lalage, who schemes to destroy Rebecca and won't stop short of murder. Historical Fiction by Margaret James; originally published by Severn House (Published: 1994)

Words: 103403 - Reading Time: 295-413 min.
Category: Historical Fiction

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21 A New Day
by Jeannine D. Van Eperen
  Berlin 1846 ... Caroline lies in bed listening to the drip drop of rain as it beat against her bedroom window and as it fluttered down from the eaves. It was still dark but soon would be morning and she had yet to fall asleep. Her mind raced remembering Mama and Papa whom she would never see again. She sighed and stifled a sob. If only Papa had not died--if only Mama had not acted like the little fool she was, I would still be able to call this room my own. But die they did, and tonight, is the ... more info>> (Published: 2009)

Words: 105967 - Reading Time: 302-423 min.
Category: Historical Fiction

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22 A New Tradition
by Leanne Burroughs
  A Regency Christmas tale. Set in 1853, two young people meet and fall in love. But all isn't that simple. He doesn't agree with her views on the women's movement and she's adamant about women being equal with men and someday they should even have the right to vote! Learn about the beginnings of potato chips and the lovely tradition of the peppermint pig as you travel through a simpler time in Saratoga Springs and New York City and watch the trials these young people must face on their journey ... more info>> (Published: 2008)

Words: 21430 - Reading Time: 61-85 min.
Category: Historical Fiction/Romance

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23 A Pair of Wings
by Lorna K. Grant
  Colleen Vaughn, a US Army nurse, has experienced the effects of war firsthand. When she's told her fiancee's been killed in action, she vows never to fall in love again. Until she meets a pair of haunting blue eyes and dimples. Only problem is--he's another pilot flying into danger. As a P-51 pilot, Captain Daniel Ryan has one mission: protect the bombers and get back alive. The last thing he needs is to fall in love. Soon he wonders just who is more dangerous -- the enemy firing back at him or... more info>>

Words: 62284 - Reading Time: 177-249 min.
Category: Historical Fiction/Romance

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24 A Promise From Eternity
by Greg Nepini
  Jonathan Morris is haunted by visions of his wife's death at the hands of invading British soldiers near the end of the Revolutionary War. He vows to prevent it from happening and sets out on a mission that will bring him face to face with the horrors of war. Amy Morris recounts her husband's fateful journey as she struggles to make sense of what has happened. Promise From Eternity is a story about undying love, the cost of war, and a promise of eternal happiness. (Published: 2010)

Words: 57643 - Reading Time: 164-230 min.
Category: Historical Fiction/Dark Fantasy

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25 A Question of Love
by Carolyn Ann Aish
  The princess is determined to discover the name of the man in the tower. She climbs up the ivy into the tower to find out who he is, but does not realize this folly could cost her life. How could one rose make a difference to the question of love? (Published: 2011)

Words: 32202 - Reading Time: 92-128 min.
Category: Historical Fiction/Spiritual/Religion

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