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1. Short [5942 words]Security + Exam SY0-101 by Roger Lawson [Technology/Science/Reference]
2. Mid-Length [44634 words]The Intruder Bulletins: The Dark Side of Technology by Mark Antony Rossi [Technology/Science/General Nonfiction]
3. Long [50357 words]Between the Apes and the Angels by Max H. Flindt [Technology/Science]
1. Long [67052 words]The Holes in Your Head--and other Humorous Facts about the Human Mind by Jean Marie Stine [Technology/Science/Humor]
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1 Between the Apes and the Angels
by Max H. Flindt
  "There is no doubt that we are both ape and angel. The question is, what constitutes the angel? Could it have been extraterrestrial? In these pages you will find proof that you are partially extraterrestrial."--Max H. Flindt. "I go to drink from the Big Dipper. And the stuff I drink is life. Come with me." --Ray Bradbury [Foreword by Ray Bradbury.] (Published: 2004)

Words: 50357 - Reading Time: 143-201 min.
Category: Technology/Science
3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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2 Organize Your Digital Life: How to Store Your Photographs, Music, Videos, and Personal Documents in a Digital World [Secure]
by Aimee Baldridge
  Now that digital cameras and music players have become so incredibly widespread, a forest of sound and imagery is blossoming in our homes. We've got digital pictures in the camera, scans on the computer, JPEGS attached to e-mails, and tunes on tiny players. But there's also the old-fashioned stuff: photos in shoeboxes, videos in the attic, documents in desk drawers, songs on tape and vinyl. How do you transform all of these different elements into a convenient archive you can store in your compu... more info>>
Category: Technology/Science

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3 Search Engine Traffic Secrets
by Sameer Khan
  Please, don't be misled by the subject! This is not another redo of the same old information from some cookie cutter wannabe guru who is spouting rehashed information. Don't waste another minute. You need to discover just how simple search engine optimization can be.

Words: 42073 - Reading Time: 120-168 min.
Category: Technology/Science/Reference

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4 Security + Exam SY0-101
by Roger Lawson
  Great reference tool to use in preparing for the CompTIA Security + Exam SY0-101. Install it on your handheld and have it with you all the time.

Words: 5942 - Reading Time: 16-23 min.
Category: Technology/Science/Reference
1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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5 The Holes in Your Head--and other Humorous Facts about the Human Mind
by Jean Marie Stine
  Love wry, brain-teasing facts? For instance, did you know that... If you received a penny for each thought, you'd earn $40 each day ... Sex may suffer when children come into a marriage--but the house goes first ... Goofing-off and painting a masterpiece take exactly the same amount of effort ... When you say, "I'm of two minds about it," you are literally right--you have two separate brain systems and they are in conflict ... Then you will love Jean Marie Stine's delightful, insightful book. (Published: 2001)

Words: 67052 - Reading Time: 191-268 min.
Category: Technology/Science/Humor
11 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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6 The Intruder Bulletins: The Dark Side of Technology
by Mark Antony Rossi
  The Intruder Bulletins is the book that started it all on the subject of human cloning, organ theft, pharmaceutical fascism, stem cell research, etc. This provocative volume covers every aspect of human culture touched by advanced technology. In the 21st century, commerce and science have merged into a single entity capable of curtailing rights and destroying lives. Human cloning, genetic discrimination and other technological debaucheries dare to shut the door on the dream of democracy. "The In... more info>> (Published: 2004)

Words: 44634 - Reading Time: 127-178 min.
Category: Technology/Science/General Nonfiction
3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

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