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How to Tame a Cougar
by Dee Carney

Category: Erotica/Romance
Description: Shawna never tried to deny the attraction to her young Greek coworker, Damian. Intensely handsome with a heavy accent, he is the object of her fantasies. It's no wonder when he mistakenly overhears her call his name while masturbating, he decides it's time to ignore the age difference she shies away from. Getting her to fall for his seduction takes on a slight challenge when they realize their age difference is even bigger than they both first assumed. It's not going to be a problem, though. So long as she keeps that spark in her eyes when she looks at him, he knows just how to tame a cougar. [Erotic Interracial May-December Romance. Warning: Contains graphic sexual content and adult language.]
eBook Publisher: Siren-BookStrand, Inc./Siren Classic, 2009 2009
eBookwise Release Date: November 2009


11 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [66 KB]
Words: 13014
Reading time: 37-52 min.

"5 BLUE RIBBONS: How to Tame a Cougar was a great story. The attraction between Shawna and Damian was red hot, even when Shawna was reluctant to act on it. The scenes where Damian is flirting with Shawna were very sensual, and even kind of funny at times. Shawna's best friend was hilarious, and so well written that you can almost see her in your mind. All in all, How to Tame a Cougar was excellent!"--Noelle, Romance Junkies

"5 STARS: It's not often that authors successfully infuse humor into their short stories. But Ms. Carney has done it wonderfully. There were time when not only did I laugh out loud while reading How to Tame a Cougar, but I laughed so hard I snorted. Especially when Shawna learns that Damian is just barely over 21! It was easy to imagine her shocked face and empathize with her. I love how even though she is literally swept off her feet by the young, hot stud she doesn't lose her common sense. Although Damian does his best to shag it right out of her! Boy does that young man take his task to heart...I can only hope to find a man that enthusiastic about pleasing his woman...How to Tame a Cougar does a great job of meshing a lot of different themes in a fresh and entertaining way...This is a story that I would happily recommend to anyone and will soon be joining the select few on my keeper shelf."--T.S. Peters, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Chapter One

Keeping in mind good body mechanics, Shawna positioned her right foot in between the legs of her seated patient. The elderly woman only had to get inside of the car and head home where she could make a full recovery after her stay at the hospital. Shawna steeled her front leg, shifted her weight to her back leg, and mentally gave herself the command. One. Two. Heave

As she pulled the weight of her patient forward and up out of the wheelchair, her lower back screamed its frustration. She was going to pay for this later tonight. Pay big.

Shawna grinned her triumph as the plump woman achieved lift. For a split second she hadn't thought she'd be able to help her patient without assistance. She was glad to see she could. Her victory died a quick death though, and her eyebrows knitted together.

What the hell was running down her leg?

"Oh, I'm so sorry, my dear. My bladder's not like it used to be. I think it might have gotten away from me there."

Oh, hell no.

Oh. Hell. No.

She knew that diaper had been too big. The assistant had said there weren't any others available. Their patient only had to wear it for a few minutes for the ride home. It would be alright, she'd said.

Shawna kept her face impassive. "That's okay, sweetheart. Accidents happen. Do you need to be cleaned up before you get into the car?"

Limpid blue eyes peered back at her. "You're such a dear. I think I'm actually still dry. You go on home. You've been such a good nurse to me. Thank you for everything."

She couldn't help the smile that creased her face. Shawna lived for moments like this. Even with someone else's pee soaking through her pant leg, she felt good about her job.

Mrs. McDermott's son darted around from the driver's door and assisted his mother into the passenger's side. Shawna's smile belied her mental consternation. Where were you a minute ago when I was getting baptized by your mother?

He grinned at her, almost as if he heard the bitterness and nodded like a bobble-head. "Thanks for taking such good care of my mother," he said.

Shawna waved him away as if to say all in a day's work. She shut the door to the car and stepped back.

After he pulled away, she exhaled forcibly. The last patient. She could finally clock out and go home. Maybe she'd pour herself a glass of wine and sink down into a tub full of warm bubbles when she got there. That sounded too heavenly.

"Hey, girl!"

She pulled away from her thoughts and looked in the direction of the person who'd called the salutation. Her lips curved into a broad smile. "Hey, yourself!"

Two hundred-plus pounds of curves and self-confidence sashayed behind a rolling wheelchair. Ashlee, as usual, wore her makeup done to perfection and a hair piece that made her page boy haircut turn into long tresses any horse would envy. Her lips shone from clear lip gloss. Impossibly long eyelashes batted their presence. Ample cleavage peered over the vee in her scrub top. The combination couldn't have looked better on anyone else.

"Girl, finally. That was my last one. You?"

Shawna nodded. "My last patient too. I think that's everybody. Mercy Hospital, South building is officially shut down."

"What's that on your leg?" Ashlee squinted at the dark stain.

"You don't even want to know."

Her nose wrinkled. "And what's that smell...Oh! That's nasty!"

"It's why we get paid the big bucks," Shawna said, laughing. "Of course, it was an accident. No big deal."

The corners of Ashlee's mouth turned down as she peered again at Shawna's pant leg. Her lips trembled a moment before she startled to chuckle. The chuckle picked up speed and before long, she hooted loudly. "That is just so nasty!"

Shawna looked down and shrugged before joining in. It was pretty gross. Would only happen to her, too. Her shoulders shook as mirth overtook her, and she wrapped her arms around her waist as she laughed. She wiped at the tears that started to run down her face. Watching Ashlee bend at the waist while she wheezed her amusement didn't make matters any easier.

"Ladies, care to tell me what's so funny?"

The familiar and heavily accented voice sent a shiver down Shawna's spine. Through teary eyes, she gazed on the owner of the rich baritone and sexy Mediterranean lilt.


Her laughter trickled to a stop, but a smile remained. She couldn't help it. His dark chocolate eyes were so intense against his olive skin. Five o'clock shadow made him look a little bit older, but not much. Those lips. Those very kissable lips beckoned to her. Whenever they parted in a smile, her belly did a perfect somersault.

To keep from running her fingers through her hair, she toyed with the hem of her shirt. She mumbled, "It's nothing. Just letting off a little steam."

He stepped into her space, sucked the oxygen from the air, to straighten the pendant around her neck. Damian gazed down on her, the raw heat in his eyes making her legs weak. "That's one good way to let off steam."

"It's one," she said.

"Let me know if you need another. Anytime."

After her heart started to beat again, she nodded. How was she supposed to respond to that? Shawna glanced at Ashlee's open mouthed stare. No help would be coming from there.

"I'll do that." Her fingers closed over his to gently pull the pendant away. The spark was instantaneous.

He smiled down on her. "Good. I'll catch you two around. Bye, Shawna."


Damian glided away. She swallowed hard at his retreating back. The way the normally baggy scrub top outlined his broad shoulders and somehow managed to accentuate his slender waist sent a shiver down her spine every single time she studied him. Whew!

"Bye, Damian!" Ashlee called next to her. Wide-eyed, she turned to Shawna. In a low voice, she sang, "Ooh, I'ma tell."

Shawna's gaze cut to her. "What are you gonna tell?"

"That boy has got it hot for you."

He did. She'd never admit to it out loud, though. "No, he doesn't."

"Girl, please. And you know he loves him some black women."

"He does?" Now that was news.

"Listen to what I'm telling you. That boy loves him some black women."

Something to ponder, indeed. Shawna said, "He's pretty good looking too, huh?"

Ashlee nodded. "Ain't that the truth." They started walking toward the main entrance together before she spoke again. "You gonna do something about him?"

"Nah." She shook her head. "He's too young. At least five years or so younger than us. Just a baby."

"Yeah, but them young ones got stamina."

Shawna stopped moving to stare at her friend. They both smirked at each other before they started to laugh.

* * * *

It felt good to be out of those stinky clothes. Even after she'd donned gloves to peel them off, she could almost see the odor wafting off of her skin. Thankfully, she kept an extra set of clothes in her locker to replace the work scrubs.

The decision to use one of the patient rooms to take a shower before putting on the clean clothes was an easy one. The entire building had been officially and permanently shut down. She was off the clock, and she was not about to drive home with pee, along with its fantastic smell, on her clothes.

As Shawna stood under the hot spray, her thoughts drifted to Damian. They'd flirted discreetly and mercilessly with each other for almost a month now. One day he'd shown up on her unit to take a patient down to Radiology and they'd caught each other's assessing gazes. He'd stopped in the middle of his sentence. She'd pretended to not notice him and kept moving.

But she'd noticed.

How could she not? He was tall, lean and with an athlete's body. Sometimes she could see the dark curls of hair peeking over the top of his shirt. It made her want to run her fingers through it, caress the softness of the hair and contrast it to pebbled nipples.

And how far down did the hair go? Did it snake down his flat abdomen in a vee? Point the way down to a heavy cock?

She shivered under the warm water.

He'd been the stuff her dreams were made of lately. Not just dreams. Fantasies.

His age irked the hell out of her, though. He was so damned young. She'd just celebrated her thirty-fifth birthday. He couldn't be older than twenty eight or so. Yeah, lots of celebrities had a young stud in their beds, but in the real world, she'd probably be uncomfortable dating someone his age.

But as Ashlee pointed out in her usual blunt way, them young ones had stamina.

Stamina? She snorted. Hell, right now, the possession of a penis made him a winner in her book. This dry spell bordered on ridiculous.

Damian's penis. Hoo, boy. Why did she even go there? She shook her head. Her pussy already hummed with need. Then again, she mentally shrugged, there was no reason to torture herself.

Turning the soap over in her hands, she lathered them well. With deliberate slowness, she rubbed her skin down, running her hands over her neck and over her chest. Her nipples hardened before she'd even touched them. By the time she stroked across them, they ached for more than just her familiar touch. She tweaked each one, arousing them and trying to relieve some of the tension there.

Her mind drifted again to thoughts of Damian. What would it feel like if his hands caressed her now, his olive skin next to the mocha of hers? Maybe his hands would be calloused with hard lines that rubbed over the soft curve of her belly.

Her fingers trailed down.

He'd part her thighs and inhale the scent of her sex. Maybe he'd even dip in for a taste, letting his tongue swirl over her clit. The resultant sensation would send lightning bolts through her body.

Shawna's finger sought and found the hardened nub. She stroked it lightly. With each touch, she increased the pressure, sending shooting sparks of pleasure rippling out in waves.

Her thighs would involuntarily tighten around his head. She'd run her fingers through his hair and pull him closer. Her hips would tilt to him. She'd give him all of herself.

She moaned out loud. It slipped past her lips, breaking the silence. An amazing tingling sensation streaked out from her center and traveled her length until it saturated her limbs. Shawna stroked harder and faster, chasing ultimate release.

Damian. He'd grip her tightly, holding her in place to ride out the pleasure he gave her. He'd suck and nibble. Taste and explore. And she'd shudder around him. Her pussy would tighten.

It throbbed now, pulsing a needy rhythm as she walked the line of orgasm and almost tipped into its embrace.

She called up a stronger image of Damian between her thighs. And finally, finally two more strokes to her sensitive clit propelled her over that edge.

Shawna cried out his name as she shattered into a million brilliant stars. She soared above the heavens, then floated gently back to earth. By the time she caught her breath, her racing pulse began its descent too.

With her body tingling and full of life, she rinsed quickly. All days should end like this. She'd rush to get home before the feeling dissipated entirely. Maybe she'd still run the tub and enjoy some wine anyway.

The inadequate towel covered just her tender bits, but she kept it on as she stepped out of the bathroom to dress. On the bed next to her clothes, the real Damian perched like a hunter about to pounce on its prey.

With a glint in his eyes, he said, "You were going to call me when you needed to let off some steam. I could have made that orgasm much, much better for you."

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