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by Cary Stone, Jake Horton

Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance
Description: The MinX girls could show the wild men of rock a thing or two and they had done just that in the last eight years in the fast lane of sex and drugs and rock and roll. But what they didn't have, was someone to share a real love with. No man could keep up the pace of the MinX lifestyle. Nor, it seemed were any of them prepared to live in the shadow that MinX cast. The girls could always get all the sex they wanted, whenever they wanted it, but what they needed badly wasn't on the menu. That was tenderness and loving affection, a real relationship with a caring guy who loved them for who they were as women, not just for their notoriety. This need was starting to be plainly evident in the playlist and especially in their performance. It wasn't that it detracted from the new show, in fact, it added soul real soul that needed a healing.
eBook Publisher: Club Lighthouse Publishing USA LLC/Club Lighthouse Publishing, 2009 2009
eBookwise Release Date: September 2009


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [425 KB]
Words: 89069
Reading time: 254-356 min.

HAVING ALREADY CONQUERED THE charts and hearts of the nation, Minx was about to embark on their very first international tour. The members of the revolutionary all-girl band were definitely not a group of beautiful wind-up dolls who danced around to pre-recorded pop music for the camera. Each possessed exceptional musical abilities that redefined the cutting edge of rock 'n roll. Their music and its effect were electrifying. In addition to all their musical qualifications, the first thing that most people noticed about them was that they were all drop-dead gorgeous. The MinX girls were women in the peak of sexuality. They emanated an aura of raw sexuality with every sensual note they played. That phenomenon was no accident, for MinX co-founder Serena Dubois had selected them for precisely those attributes. Their objective to be not just another critically acclaimed girl band with a devoted cult following but Serena wanted them to be 'the undisputed best fucking rock band in the universe!'

Serena Dubois, MinX's lead singer and co-founder fronted the group with an astonishing blend of style, soul, and sensuality. She had a scintillating onstage presence; she belted out the grungiest rock anthems, then shifted effortlessly to hard-core soul classics. She was the very embodiment of a classic sensuous, sexy and proud soul sister.

She had come from the unforgiving streets of Baltimore, a rundown area of town filled with crime, drugs and prostitutes Serena always had an ear and a feel for the rhythm of the hood. Combined with a god-given voice that could melt or break any heart, she sang in churches until graduating to singing for money in bars. The way she was stacked and her overall breathtaking appearance did not hurt her at all. She was never above craftily using every asset she had until she'd managed to get anything she set her mind to, including a reasonably successful career of singing in local clubs. However, that tantalizing taste of success conjured up a dream in her soul that would leave all those hard times in her dust--stardust.

Her dynamic vocal style was matched by her unlikely co-founder and best friend, a busty red-haired, redneck white girl from Texas; the lithe and lovely Crystal Lake. Crystal could seductively tickle and finger the keyboards as she vigorously pounded out the rhythms. After years of hard work playing the clubs and doing their share of studio work, Serena and Crystal had earned impressive experience and reputations. They were well aware that they were two gorgeous, voluptuous women. They were also resourceful so it would not take a rocket scientist to figure out how they made the money they would need. Men were powerless to resist their sexual abilities, especially when they performed as a pair.

They were soon financially able to scout bands all over the country. They auditioned talent from scores of bands with names like Razz, Power Mad and Charley Divine's Guitar to recruit the best and sexiest female rockers in the business. Thus, MinX was born.

Dominican born guitarist Inez Delgado, being a hot-blooded Latina, added a particularly spicy flavour to her guitar and Valerie Bond's Strat proudly proclaimed her hard-rock roots, while her acoustic guitar easily adapted to the most sensuous ballads. Together, they comprised a double six-string fantasy. Kat Winner and her throbbing bass, and Keisha Jackson's funky percussion, powered the rhythm section full-throttle, anchoring the MinX aural onslaught of the entire world. Over the last eight years, MinX had created a name for itself with a series of successful albums and a steady stream of hits that dominated the airwaves. Even so, Serena still was not satisfied. She and Crystal still had bitter memories of being doormats for the male bands that claimed supremacy of the music business. They wanted the whole world at their feet. Serena felt her band could use a seasoned horn section to accentuate her brilliant rock and roll ensemble for their much-anticipated first tour of the world.

She was the ultimate professional and wanted her horns to exude the same finely polished expertise. With no time to recruit the talent she needed, she turned to Vince Pugliese, her experienced tour manager. Vinny knew the best saxophone man in the business was Drew Coltrane. He also knew that Drew, an acclaimed veteran of the legendary FlashJack World Tours had worked with a long list of other nationally distinguished names was currently between gigs. Based in Philadelphia, PA, and he had worked with Serena often in the past. Coltrane in turn, knew his old cohort Stone Redman was the ideal second sax man with whom he would love to build his new horn section. He and Redman had a shared musical intuition that would work very well blending with the MinX distinctive style. He also knew Stone would love nothing better than working with a bunch of dazzling women. That led to the auspicious meeting at the airport in Philly and the rebirth of their partnership.

Despite the respect they had for each other together, they made a dangerous combination. Stone was very direct and you always knew where you stood with him. He literally told you what he thought of you, whether you were Serena Dubois, Drew Coltrane or the fucking Prime Minister of the UK and he always took the consequences on the chin or they did. He was a hard man on the surface with a dark past that he kept to himself, an unknown quantity in fact. Most liked him and knew he was a genuine person and was a good-natured soul underneath it all. His natural sarcastic humour endeared him to those who understood him and alienated him from some that did not. Either way, Stone did not give a fuck! Irrespective of all this, he was a natural born musician that loved his god-given talent. Being first or second horn in a band was his natural disposition.

Drew Coltrane was a saxophone player first and foremost with a gift that overshadowed all comers, he was a shining star, a guru and inspiration to anyone who had ever neared professionalism on a horn, he was a living legend a born section leader and also a cool lyricist. In the personality stakes, he was a fucking wild card and a collection of all the virtues and vanities. On the surface, he was intelligent, cool, collected and well educated and charmed the women with his calculated, sophisticated, educated manner, the ultimate accomplished, successful musician. The reality was a very different story. With a history of drug abuse, he was prone to bouts of paranoia and occasional depression. He could be very inconsistent, and volatile. His spasmodic violent outbursts could be dynamic and life threatening ... and were something of a legend in the rock world; as much as he was respected he was quietly feared. He also had an outlandish daredevil sense of humour. When he entered the room even if you had not seen him, you knew he was there; such was the charisma of Drew Coltrane...

Drew and Stone's first meeting years earlier on the FlashJack World Tour was a bit fiery to say the least, at times it almost ended up in a brawl. Stone was a wild man back then and Drew was little different. They soon realized their personal differences were insignificant and combined their strengths to forge a dynamic musical partnership. Their friendship ended halfway through that tour when Drew was not around. Stone told Flash, the lead singer and guitarist to "Go fuck himself" over a matter of musical and/or alcoholic differences, so he was history. Drew finished out the tour as the lone sax to blazing credits. The two men kept in touch sporadically over the next few years.

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