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Timing Is Everything [2nd Edition]
by Sabra Brown Steinsiek

Category: Romance Lories Award Finalist, Preditors and Editors Reader's Poll Best Fiction
Description: Author Sabra Brown Steinsiek presents this new revised edition of her Preditors and Editors Top Ten Best Romance award-winning contemporary romance, because TIMING IS EVERYTHING. None of us can tell when a chance meeting will change our lives. A brief encounter, quickly forgotten, could, in another time or place, become a defining moment that will change our lives forever. When Taylor Morgan, Broadway star, arrives for a charity concert, Albuquerque Herald reporter Laura Collins is assigned to interview him. Their mutual attraction is immediate and ill-timed. A story of family, love, and missed opportunities, set in locales from Albuquerque to Italy, Ireland to Tampa, Timing Is Everything is a tale as old as time and as current as cyberspace; of love won, lost, then found again, proving that timing is, indeed, everything.
eBook Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press, 2009
eBookwise Release Date: September 2009


3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [462 KB]
Words: 100797
Reading time: 287-403 min.

"Timing is Everything" is a terrific read. It is filled with light, love, romance, danger, and a lot of great plot twists and turns to keep the interest of the most jaded of readers. TRULY ROMANTIC." 5 Stars! Romance at Heart "When That Time Comes is even better than Timing is Everything! Clear your calendar and buy this book - you won't put it down until you've finished!" 5 Stars! H.H. Nesbitt, Albuquerque


As Nancy Morgan pulled into the driveway she saw her husband, Jay, coming out of the house. It was late and, as usual, he had been watching for them to come home. She reached across and unlocked the passenger door for him. Jay picked up their sleeping son, carrying him into the house and up the stairs to bed. Nancy followed them and kissed the sleeping boy goodnight as she pulled the blankets up around his small shoulders. The dim light of the hall caught his reddish brown curls and she couldn't resist touching them. Sleepily, the boy roused and murmured, "'Night ... '" before falling soundly asleep.

As she pulled the door closed behind her, Jay asked, "So, how was the show?"

"It was wonderful, Jay. I wish you'd come with us."

"No, I would have spoiled it for both of you. I can't sit still that long." He put his arm around her as they walked down the hall to their bedroom. "How did Taylor like it?"

Nancy slipped off her shoes and turned so he could unzip her dress for her. "He loved it. I expected he would, but he said something on the way home that surprised me."

"Taylor has a talent for doing that," his father said, acknowledging with a smile.

"He does," Nancy agreed, "but this was different."

Seven-year-old Taylor had been uncharacteristically quiet after the performance of The Phantom of the Opera. This was the first "grown-up" show she'd taken him to see and she had been a little concerned that it had been too much for him. It hadn't been until they were out on the highway beginning the hour-long drive to Woodland that he spoke.


"Yes, Taylor?"

"I know what I want to do now."

"Now, Taylor? It's a little late..."

"No, Mom, what I want to do when I grow up. I want to do what he did--the Phantom."

Nancy was a little startled that her son wanted to grow up to be a disfigured, manipulative misfit but was willing to hear him out. "The Phantom, Taylor? You know he's just a fictional character."

Taylor sighed, "I know that, Mom. I meant I want to be an actor and a singer. I want to be able to make people feel the way he made me feel tonight."

"It's a good dream, Taylor, but you know it doesn't just happen. You'd have to work very hard."

"I know and I will. Someday, Mom, that's going to be me. Can we listen to the music again?"

Nancy reached out and started the tape player and the rich sounds of the Phantom overture filled the car. In a few minutes, Taylor was fast asleep leaving his mother to think about his announcement.

"Nancy, you know Taylor. Last week it was paleontology, this week it's theatre. Taylor changes his career goals to match his current interest!"

Nancy brushed her hair slowly, stopping to look at her husband, "I know that, Jay. But this announcement was different. I think I'm going to see if there are any children's theatre classes scheduled for this summer."

Jay took the brush out of his wife's hand. "Fine, Nancy. Let him try. Right now, it's late and I want to make love to my wife before we both fall asleep."

Laughing, Nancy put her arms around him and kissed him, the matter of their son's future forgotten for the moment.

* * * *

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