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My Mountain My Woman
by Mysty McPartland

Category: Romance
Description: Immensely pleased with his life Tack is shocked when the Doctor he hires turns out to be a woman. Fighting the blood racing through his veins and the lust rampaging through him, he is determined to run her of his mountain. However it's impossible, one night after succumbing to his lust there is only one thing he could do to have the beautiful sexy Doc back in his bed, and he is positive that she will not refuse his offer. Kennedy can see her employee is a woman hater the moment she meets him, but she is determined that he wont frighten her away. One night in a deserted cabin she gives in to the strong attraction and feelings, she has for him. It had been a mistake and when she declines his cold contract of marriage, she refuses to let him run her of his mountain.
eBook Publisher: Solstice Publishing, 2009 2009
eBookwise Release Date: August 2009


11 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [175 KB]
Words: 40068
Reading time: 114-160 min.


Tack had just finished writing in the last figure in his account book when his office door was thrown open; he scowled when he looked up and saw his bodyguard. "I thought I said I didn't want to be disturbed for any reason."

Not alarmed from his boss's mean look or his steely cold words, Mac knew that he was going to be fuming mad when he found out what was wrong. "Ah I think you should come outside pronto boss."

Damn it what was the problem now? Tossing his pen down, Tack shot to his feet, moved around the desk and joined Mac at the door. "This had better be worth disturbing me for." He grouched as he followed Mac out of the building.

The first thing he saw was a large group of men and then three wagons full of furniture and other items. Scowling even more, his eyes moved swiftly trying to find the new arrivals. He wasn't expecting any new people in town.

For just a moment, the group of men shifted slightly and he had his first glimpse of a dark surge skirt. "Bloody hell." He mumbled softly, that was all he needed. Some damn woman turning up in his town and on his mountain.

Well he'd get rid of her, who ever she was, soon enough he thought with determination. Moving forward, he pushed his way through the crowd until he stood no more than a few feet away from one of the most exquisite creatures he had ever laid eyes on. Suddenly his eyes softened and his anger faded as he couldn't help staring at the unbelievable sight.

A woman of small height, hair the color of midnight, stuffed under a pert little hat. Eyes big, round and bright green, they dominated her small face. A little straight nose with a smattering of freckles and lush ripe red lips.

He could not seem to tear his eyes away; she was so lovely that he could spend all day or the rest of his life looking at her.

Amused by the stir her arrival had caused, Kennedy waited patiently for her employer to arrive, she was a little uncomfortable by the stares she was receiving and tried to ignore them. She was also a little worried about the fact that she hadn't seen any women about.

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