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Finding Their Way Back
by Cindy Spencer Pape, Roni Adams, Stacy Dawn

Category: Romance
Description: When Elizabeth O'Leary meets up with the cowboy she's been avoiding for over two years, she doesn't know whether to trust her heart or her head. One tells her Grey Wulfsen just might be The One, the other tells her it doesn't matter because he'll never forgive her when he finds out what she took away with her on that one starlit night. Free Wulfsen learned early on that rodeo relationships never last. After one wild weekend, the barrel racer finds herself married to bull rider Zane Malone. She's all set to ask him for a divorce when she takes a fall--and finds out she'll have more to remember him by than a ring. Now it's up to Zane to convince her that love can last after the rodeo's over. Bull rider Dusty Wulfsen has been thrown to the ground by more bulls than he can remember, yet nothing caused as much pain as losing Carrie Montgomery. When she shows up in Wayback determined to have a second ride at his heart, he knows he'd be a fool to let her near him. But memories of those nights under a rodeo moon have him coming back for more.
eBook Publisher: The Wild Rose Press, Inc./Yellow Rose, 2009
eBookwise Release Date: August 2009


14 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [407 KB]
Words: 93458
Reading time: 267-373 min.

She'd never witnessed anything so beautiful and terrifying at the same time.

Eyes wide, one hand death-gripped to the folder against her breasts and the other pressed tightly against her mouth, Elizabeth O'Leary stared in fascination and fear as the dust fogged up, blurring the man and beast combating in the rodeo arena. The cheers and taunts from others gathered to watch only spurred the hefty bronco on. In all logic, the cowboy atop should have been tossed around like a rag doll, but the hard thighs and molded shoulders matched the beast's strength, thrust for powerful thrust, like a lover.

Why did I have to think of it that way?

Her hand moved back to brush against her cheek, heated at the sudden onslaught of memories of that particular solid body atop hers.

Flashes snapped and whirred, startling her out of the vivid vision. For the first time, she noticed the photographers and reporters avidly watching the demonstration. Her brows creased. Not that she had come to the rodeo grounds much in the last couple years, but when had the Yellow Rose Arena become such a paparazzi zone? It was only Thursday afternoon, for goodness sake; the qualifying didn't even begin until tomorrow afternoon, continuing through Saturday and finishing up with the crowd-drawing finals on Sunday.

An angry snort drew her attention back to the inner-ring combat and Elizabeth involuntarily clutched the weathered accordion folder tighter to her chest. She watched in horror as furious nostrils flared, the saddled bronc fighting madly to throw the man from its back.

Grey! Oh God! He'll be killed! The thought flew in haphazard shards in her mind like the dust around the warring pair.

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