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Lasting Lust: Kinky Couples in Love Anthology
by Ryan Field

Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance
Description: In this empowering, romantic anthology of Lasting Love, there are carefully crafted stories by seasoned writers that offer an unforgettable experience. From the tale about a sexy young wife who conceives a lustful feast on Super Bowl Sunday for her handsome husband and his hunky, horny buddies, to the story of a tenth anniversary celebration that is as sexy as it is tender. But more than that, there are a few surprises, too. A sexually charged, thirty-three year old woman finally decides to act upon the silent love she's been harbouring for many years for a hot young stud, a soap opera star finds lasting love in the most unconventional, unexpected way imaginable in a Brooklyn Brownstone, and a hot looking gay couple celebrate their twenty year anniversary by travelling back to the sex club where they first met twenty years earlier. This is an anthology of traditional romantic tales, separated by quirky, often outrageous stories of lovers that have lasted and endured the test of time. The women are strong and courageous and the men are hot and willing to please. It's the perfect balance of escapism and reality, and there's something to be learned from each character, especially in the last story titled, La petite mort. Tony Wards R. Wilde Randy Buck Jenyphr Rashad N. Vasco Roxanne Rhoads Hobert Glasse Shanna Gardener S.R. North Christian Graziedella
eBook Publisher: Ravenous Romance/ravenous romance, 2009 2009
eBookwise Release Date: July 2009


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [234 KB]
Words: 51699
Reading time: 147-206 min.


When I first envisioned the concept of Lasting Love, I pictured a book about routine couples who have endured the ups and downs of long-term relationships. Instead of being a book that rocked the earth, this would mostly likely be a nice, quiet anthology that celebrated everyday life.

But when the submissions started coming in, I was amazed at how many writers were sending hot, enticing stories that not only celebrated everyday life, but also all the opportunities there are for couples to share erotic, romantic encounters with the loves of their lives. The main character in Joan blew my mind. When I read Super Bowl Sunday, I held the arms of my chair. After that, I decided that instead of making this a quiet book, I'd raise the bar a little and go with the flow of what the writers were submitting.

So the book turned out to be more like a balance of wild, erotic surprises mixed with simple, honest comforts. Because even though these stories are hot, the basic storyline is still focused on sweet, lasting love.

Ryan Field

February 2009

* * * *

Super Bowl Sunday

by Tony Wards

Once again, it was time for my annual Super Bowl party. Every year, I invite my best buds--Gary, Eric, Jay, and Bob--to my house to watch the game, and we eat and drink until we can hardly breathe.

My wife, Ann, has never been a big fan of Super Bowl Sunday. It means she hides somewhere in the house, far away from the noise. Don't get me wrong, now. We we're not the typical guys that make a mess, yell at the television, and curse like sailors. Okay, well, maybe sometimes, depending on how good the game is. Ann isn't a prisoner or anything like that. Out of her love for me and the guys, she makes quite the spread for us.

The menu varies from year to year, but Ann is great at throwing parties. The Super Bowl is just one more reason for her to show off her culinary skills. I couldn't wait to see what she had planned for this year's occasion. It was just a couple of days away from the big game and I was getting psyched. That was, until I started receiving some bad news.

First Gary called.

"Hey, Tony," he said, "I'm sorry, but I don't think I'll be making it to your house for the game this year."

Gary finally got married this year. He was thirty-three years old and he'd found the woman of his dreams. I'd only met her a few times, but she was a knockout. I didn't know what she did to make my old pal so happy, but I could imagine.

"What? You've been coming for the last ten years. What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong. It's just that Nancy says we're going to her parents' house for dinner."

Gary's new bride was calling the shots now. And the leash was rather tight and rather short as well. Oh, well, I guessed marriage suits different people different ways. We were one man short, but that would soon change.

Eric called the next day.

"Listen, Tony. Lisa has been pretty sick lately, so I think I'm going to stay home. Keep the peace, you know?"

Eric had been married for ten years, same as me. He and Lisa were a great couple and spent lots of time with Ann and me. However, since Lisa found out she was pregnant a few months ago, things had started to change. I understood that having a baby is a huge thing in a couple's life, but it just seemed to change so suddenly.

"Is she sick, or is she just bitching you out for coming here?"

"Well, you have to understand something. Pregnant women have these hormones that go in a million different directions at once. Lisa is just having a tough time.

But it sounded more like Eric was the one having a tough time. Poor bastard. I hoped things would get better for him soon. Now I was down to just two friends and it was the day before the game.

I told Ann what was going on with the guys, just in case it would affect her meal plan for the game. She was a cool customer, so I had no worries she would make things special for us. I also told Jay and Bob and they seemed upset, but not surprised. Especially Bob, who at forty was the oldest of our group. He prided himself on keeping in good shape to attract the ladies, so he got his fair share of fun without the commitment. Jay was different. He fell in love with every girl he took to bed. Good thing his sex life wasn't that great, otherwise he'd have been in more trouble than he could have handled.

* * * *

The next day was game day. I was excited and pumped like I usually am when anticipating the big game. I was full of testosterone, like so many men across our great nation. I must have smacked Ann's ass a million times, but she never once got mad. She was a good sport.

Jay and Bob arrived about a half-hour before game time. We made some small talk and most of the conversation was about Gary and Eric. The guys couldn't believe they really didn't show up after all.Ann entered the living room where we were hanging out. When I noticed her outfit, my eyes opened wide. I mean, she always looked sexy to me, but this was just outright hot--maybe even a bit slutty. She wore a football jersey that had been cut down the middle. It looked like it was supposed to be a v-neck, but something had gone horribly wrong with the scissors. The cut went down to her stomach and it was apparent that Ann was not wearing a bra. Her ample D-cups swayed back and forth, occasionally revealing her rosy red nipples.

She was also wearing a pair of white Daisy Duke shorts. If they had been any shorter, they would have been a belt. Upon closer inspection, I could see Ann wasn't wearing any underwear either. I noticed her sexy ass when she walked by me, and her beautiful manicured pussy when she stood in front of me. I glanced at Jay and Bob and saw their mouths had opened like a couple of drooling schoolboys. I was so turned on by how hot Ann looked, I got a semi-erection. But at the same time I worried that maybe this wasn't what she had hoped for--two of my friends drooling over her like never before

"Hello, boys," she said. Then she threw her arms around Jay first, giving him a great big hug. She looked like she was grinding into him. She gave him a big, full kiss on the lips, something I don't remember her ever doing in all the years we've known Jay.

She then moved over to Bob and did the same exact thing. I couldn't help but take a quick glance at their laps after they sat back down. Yep, they both had boners and it was because of my wife! "Now, boys, don't worry," she said. "Even though it's only you three this year, I have something special cooked up for you. Something I'm sure you men will never forget. See you in a little while."

After Ann disappeared back into the kitchen, I was feeling a little awkward. We'd all known each other for years, but I'd never seen Ann act like this around my friends. I was turned on by it, but I was still a little worried by what everyone was thinking. I figured I'd better follow her and do some damage control.

"What the heck is this?" I asked when I got to the kitchen.

"Hey! What do you mean by that?" Maybe it was my question, or maybe the tone I'd used. "I'm putting together the food for the game. What does it look like?"

"We've been married for ten years, right? I've never questioned your cooking before..."

"Then don't start now, buster," she said. "You've been having your Super Bowl parties for as long as we've been married. Have I let you down yet?"

Ann was right. She was always the best at these things, but what the heck was on this platter? I decided to take a different approach. "So, honey, what am I looking at here?"

"Wise-ass, it's crudités. Know what that is?" I sensed some culinary sarcasm in her voice. She was still a little pissed at me.

"I see carrots, celery, and some other things. Is that it?"

"Okay, you. Out of the kitchen." Then she grabbed me by the arm and shoved me through the swinging door. I resisted at first. Then I thought better of it and just allowed myself to be escorted out. "I'll call you and the guys when I'm ready. Just be ready to dig in when I call you."

When I returned to the couch, Jay interrogated me first. "So, what's up, bro? You guys fighting in there?"

"I just questioned the food and she didn't like that. I know she's always been great in the past, but this time is weird."

"What could possibly be weird?" asked Bob.

"Well, not to scare you, but she's got a platter with carrots and celery on it."

"What the fuck is that? I gotta eat rabbit food?" Bob didn't sound happy. He lowered his eyes and shook his head.

"Is she trying to tell us we're fat or something?" asked Jay.

"I don't know," I said, "but maybe she has a plan. Maybe it's a joke or something. I say we should just watch the game now and trust Ann will do the right thing. I mean, she always has, right?"

Jay and Bob looked at me with confused and worried faces. Jay had one eyebrow raised and Bob was still shaking his head back and forth. I was hoping this wasn't the beginning of the end. It sucked when I found out that after ten years Gary and Eric weren't coming, and now my last two buds were being feed dietetic crap. I knew in my heart that I needed to talk to Ann. I needed to save the day. Not just for now, but for future get-togethers with the guys.

The only problem was that I trusted Ann and I didn't want to offend her. And maybe there wasn't a problem at all. Maybe everything was going to turn out okay.

When the game started, we immediately got into the action. We all yelled at the screen like a bunch of savages; we pounded our fists and tossed pillows across the room.

We were so caught up in the game that when Ann walked into the living room and said, "Anyone for a cold one?" we hardly noticed her. She crossed to the side of the TV screen, holding three beers in her hands. Then we noticed she had changed her clothes. She was wearing a cheerleader's outfit now. The same uniform she'd worn back in high school. Only now it was much tighter in all the right places; her tits were much fuller than they'd been fifteen years ago. I caught sight of her ass, and that part of her outfit was straining too. Her hips had filled out nicely over the years, as well as her rounded ass.

"Don't you look cute?" said Bob. I glanced over and saw the bulge in his pants. I wasn't exactly looking for it, but how could anyone miss it?

"Wow, girl! Nice outfit," Jay said. I suspected he was bulging, too. I know I was. How could anyone not? Ann looked hot!

I took my beer and twisted off the cap. When I did that, the cap fell to the floor.

"I'll get it, honey," Ann said. With her back to me, she bent over to pick up the cap. I almost gasped! Ann was not wearing any panties. She flashed her perfectly manicured beaver at me. Her beautiful pink lips were full and looked a little wet. Ann was clearly enjoying being a cock tease this year, adding a new wrinkle to the festivities.

I looked over at Bob and Jay, wondering if they had seen anything when she'd bent over. They were both watching the game and Ann went back into the kitchen.

When she brought out more beers during the second quarter, she was still wearing the cheerleader outfit. This time she also had a can of nuts for us to share. She threw one up in the air and caught it in her mouth. She tried to repeat the trick, but missed. The peanut conveniently landed in her ample cleavage, another major difference from her high school days.

"Uh-oh. Who wants a peanut?" she asked. Her voice was soft and low.

No one answered. I don't know if the guys were afraid or keeping quiet out of respect for me, or what. I found myself waiting for one of them to answer, so I sat there quietly, too.

Ann smiled. "Okay, I guess I'll just have to eat it myself," she said. She took her hands and pushed upward on her massive tits until the peanut began to rise. Then she bent her head down, stuck out her tongue, and licked the peanut off her chest. All of us sat there with our mouths open after that performance.

Ann gave us a big dirty smile and headed back to the kitchen again. I looked at the guys, and they looked at me. We were speechless, so we went back to watching the game, tongues wagging.

It was almost halftime. That meant that us guys would do we what we always did for every game--take a much-needed break from the television. Our yearly ritual was to take full advantage of the extended Super Bowl halftime: a half-hour, as opposed to the usual regulation fifteen minutes. We would go to the dining room and stuff our faces with as much food as possible while we praised Ann for the magnificent spread, as well as analyze the first half of the game.

This year, however, would be a little different. Two of the regulars were no-shows, and Ann was busy preparing carrots and celery in the kitchen. I hoped these weren't the only thing she was planning on serving. The other big difference this year was that Ann was acting a bit sluttier. She'd never carried on like that before. Between the way she was dressed and the way she was flirting with us guys, it was a completely new Super Bowl event. It was to me, anyway. I wondered what the guys thought, but was too afraid to ask.

"Food is ready!" Ann yelled from the kitchen. Usually she just brought the food out. But this year she'd decided to announce it from the kitchen. Another new twist, I thought.

"Okay," I answered back. Then I looked at the guys and shrugged my shoulders.

"Come and get your crudités," ordered Ann. I was worried. Was she serious? We had to eat rabbit food on Super Bowl Sunday?

"What the fuck is that thing she said?" asked Bob. "Crew what? I love you, man, but Ann can't make us eat this shit. I'll run out and get me a pizza around the corner."

"Yep," Jay said. "I love Ann, but is she feeling okay? I don't want to hurt her feelings, but I ain't here for no health food. This is the Super Bowl. Time to indulge."

"Let me see what I can do, guys," I said.

"Everybody in the kitchen," Ann shouted, only louder this time. "I promise you guys the best spread ever. Come and get it!"

Our plan would not work. We all grunted, with heads hanging low, and made our way into the kitchen. I was going to go in first and speak to Ann, but we changed our minds. We would all face the music together. Hey, if all else failed and there was nothing but raw vegetables, we could always go out for real food after the game.

I led the way through the swinging door to the kitchen, with Jay and Bob close behind. But when I went through the door, I was speechless.

But not Bob. He smiled, rubbed his palms together and said, "Oh shit! Now that's what I call a hot buffet."

Ann was lying totally nude on the kitchen table. Her knees were bent and her open pussy greeted us as we entered. The famous, or rather now infamous, carrots and celery were lying in a neat row across her flat stomach. "Come on, boys. Grab something and stick it into my special dip," she said.

My mouth was still open and my eyes were popping. We'd been married for ten years and I'd never seen Ann act like such a flirt, like she was earlier. Now this was a whole new ballgame. My wife was inviting my friends to eat veggies dipped into her pussy. Who knew where this would lead, but now I imagined Ann already knew and liked the idea. She didn't even ask me if this was okay--not that she needed my permission or anything. I mean, I'm her husband. Did she think this was okay with me? She sure looked like she was enjoying herself, as Jay and Bob each grabbed a carrot and began dipping into my wife's pussy.

"Mmm, yes," Ann cooed. "That's it. Stick that into me and have a taste."

Both men did exactly that. They stood over my wife, sucking on their carrots. They proved to be double-dippers as well. I stood there watching in amazement. But when the original shock wore off, it occurred to me that I was getting horny watching Ann become the halftime meal for my buddies.

"Don't forget to eat your veggies now," said Ann. "You can't just have the dip."

"Why not? That's the best part," Jay said. His voice was deep and loud; it rose at the end of his sentences.

Bob tossed the carrot he was holding in the garbage and switched to celery. He inserted almost the whole nine-inch piece up my wife's vagina. After sucking it clean, he wrinkled his nose and frowned. "Yuck. That was nasty."

I finally spoke up. "Hey! Trying to say my wife's pussy doesn't taste good?" I followed that up with a sadistic chuckle. "Do I need veggies, or can I just taste the dip?"

"Come taste my dip, baby. Get some before your hungry friends eat it all."

Jay and Bob stepped aside and I pushed my wife's knees further apart. Her pussy was soaking wet, so I knew she was thoroughly enjoying herself so far. I dove in face first, with my tongue mopping her up. Ann immediately began to moan in delight as Bob and Jay looked on. I grabbed the two biggest carrots I could find on my wife's stomach. I grabbed the rest of the veggies and tossed them to the side. We wouldn't be needing those from here on out, I thought.

While I worked on her swollen clit, I took one carrot and inserted it into my wife's wet pussy. After about a minute, I took the carrot out and stuck it into her tight asshole. Then I put the other carrot into her sopping wet pussy. Ann wriggled around, getting her body used to the vegetable invasion. "Oh, baby. This is hot," she said.

I came up for a short breather and said, "Veggies are good for you. Now eat up." I looked at the guys and gave them each a smile and a wink. They both laughed.

"This is fucking hot, but am I allowed to join in?" asked Bob.

"Yeah, what about me?" Jay looked at me.

"Don't ask me," I replied. "Ask Ann. She's the one serving up the feast."

"Look, guys," said Ann. "I'm lying on a kitchen table with carrots sticking out of my pussy and my ass. Take these out and start filling my holes up with some man meat. Now!" She pointed to a small bowl on the counter. "The condoms are right there."

Bob seemed the most eager, which made me wonder if he'd always had the hots for Ann. My question was quickly answered when Bob pulled the carrot out of my wife's pussy and stuck it into her mouth. While Ann sucked her own juices off the carrot, Bob whipped out his thick cock, covered it fast, and shoved it into my wife's pussy.

"Ahhh. Yes, that feels great. Give it to me hard," she said. She let the carrot fall from her mouth while she gasped in delight. Bob worked up a fast pace and Ann loved it. He fucked my wife so hard, the carrot fell out of her ass, leaving me to believe that her tightest hole was loosening up for us.

Jay must have read my mind. "Turn her over, Bob," he said.

With Bob's help, Ann turned over and assumed the doggy position in the middle of the table. Bob went back to work on her pussy and Jay walked over to the side. "Suck my cock, Ann," Jay said. His cock was not as thick as Bob's, but it was at least an inch longer. Ann sucked on him hard, making Jay groan. "Yeah, baby," he said. "That's it. Get it good and wet for me."

Bob pulled Ann off the table for a moment, allowing Jay to lie down on it. Ann straddled him as Bob aimed his cock at her ass. "Oooh, yeah, Bob. Fuck my tight ass," she begged. "Come on, baby. Do it."

Ann was anxious to get double-penetrated with two big dicks. As far as I know, she never had before. I mean, we'd been together for about fifteen years. Between dating and marriage, I'd never seen two dicks in her body at the same time.

The pace between Ann and Jay slowed to a stop, so Bob could join in the fun. Once he popped his thick cockhead into her tight ass, the pace resumed again. Two cocks filled my wife, but she wasn't done yet. "Oh yes! Yes! Come on, baby. Come over here and let me suck you off." I didn't need much coaxing. I quickly moved into position beside her and rubbed my dick head across her lips.

Bob was busy stretching Ann's asshole wider than it ever had stretched before, while she bounced on Jay's long cock. As for me, I was getting deep-throated by my wife's hot, wet mouth. The kitchen was full of moans, groans, and grunts. It was also filled with the aroma of Ann's beautiful, well worn pussy. We all kept up this feverish pace for a few minutes, but I sensed I was about to blow any moment.

"Oh, baby. I'm gonna come. Come in your mouth." I let out a primal scream and began emptying my balls into Ann's eager mouth. She greedily drank up all she could, with just a small amount dripping down her chin.

Jay was next, spending time with my wife as she bounced up and down on his elongated pole. "I'm gonna come now. I feel it coming."

Ann, who'd just finished her protein drink, spoke for the first time since she was triple-penetrated. "Come inside me, baby. Shoot your load in me. Make me feel that splash of love."

Jay obliged by spurting his load up into my wife. Gravity took over and it came dripping back down out of Ann's drenched pussy and onto Jay. It dripped down his large balls as his dick grew soft inside her pussy. He stopped the action long enough to slip out from underneath her.

Bob was last, and that was most amazing to me. I know every time I'd had the honor of servicing my wife's tight ass, I could not hold out more than maybe a few minutes. Bob was showing some great staying power. He continued to ream her for all she was worth.

"Holy shit, your cock feels so good in my ass. Stretch it, fuck it, pound it, baby!" Ann's eyes rolled to the back of her head, as one wave of orgasm followed another. "Shit! Come in me! Come on!"

Bob pounded harder, if that was possible, until he felt his own orgasm building. "Oh, yeah, baby. Here it comes. Where do you want it?"

"In my ass. Fill me up with your seed. Fill me up!" Ann let out a loud groan and arched her back higher. She'd reached yet another powerful orgasm. I could see the juice pouring out of her sweet, hot pussy. Maybe it was a combination of her and Jay, but it looked like someone just turned on a faucet.

Bob moaned and clenched his teeth. He stopped pumping, grabbed Ann by her hips, and proceeded to empty himself inside her. He jerked and pumped for what seemed like hours. Made me wonder how backed up he had been. When done, Bob stepped back and took a look at his work. Actually, we all did. Huge globs of Bob's man-juice came pouring out of Ann's delicious ass. It was Bob's heavy load and Ann showing off her anal muscles. It was a sight to behold.

After cleaning up, and that took a while, we went back to watching the game. The game didn't carry the same significance it once had, because we were all daydreaming of our halftime show. Ann ordered pizza. When it arrived, she brought it out to the living room and apologized for not making anything special this year. That comment made us all laugh so hard, Jay and I had to hold our stomachs. Bob had been sipping his beer and it sprayed across the room. We all agreed that our halftime meal was far superior to any other year before.

After the game, Ann kissed Jay and Bob passionately, begging them to please come by for more fun. She urged them to not wait for the Super Bowl next time. We all agreed with Ann.

When the guys left, Ann sat me down and asked me, if she did anything today that would ruin our ten-year marriage. I had explained that if I were not open to the idea, I would have never gone along with it. I was turned on, obviously, and I love and trust my wife completely.

She said she had never been double-penetrated before, let alone triple-penetrated. The closest thing had been when she sucks me off while I stick fingers in her pussy and ass. All this talk was getting her turned on again. Even though it was just me now, she still wanted to get triple-penetrated again. So she sucked me for a while, until I started to fuck her pussy. Then I finished her off by plunging my cock into her ass, until I released the mother of all loads into her. I lost count of her orgasms after about five or six, but she thanked me by licking my cock clean.

It was a great Super Bowl and a day I will never forget. I'm sure we'll have more days like this, but you just never forget the first time.

Although I can't, for the life of me, remember who won the game.

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