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Calthraca Trilogy Megabook
by Camryn Cutler

Category: Erotica/Erotic Fantasy/Erotic Romance
Description: THREE COMPLETE NOVELS, ONE MEGABOOK SERIES LOW PRICE! The first three novels in the incredible Erotic Romance Fantasy Series from author Camryn Cutler, including: CALTHRACA: THE TIGER Tengri Khan, Prince of the Eastern Plain, requires a wife to inherit his kingdom. A horseman and raider, his world consists of conquest and plunder. Used to taking what he wants, he finds his mate and kidnaps her. Princess Adama Fawkes is the young heiress of Lyros, next in line for the throne. Strong and determined, she is a formidable match for the man who has no idea that she will melt his frozen heart, and seize his very soul. CALTHRACA: ADAMARE Adama Fawkes, now Queen of Lyros, is far from home in a hostile land. Kidnapped by a ruthless bounty hunter and held prisoner for months, her throne and legacy are in jeopardy. To make matters worse, her daughter is missing. Adama's fate has been placed into the hands of her sister and now ruler, Eleana Draga, Empress of BasSalaam. Captive in her depraved and dangerous court, Adama must plan her escape and begin her search for Princess Oma. Kesim Trasain is a powerful sorcerer and Eleana's personal physician. He is also a spy for Minalos, placed in the court of the warlike Basaltic Empress. Sent to aid Adama, he does not yet realize that she is the woman fated to be his. When Adama and Kesim finally meet, their fated passion is consummated and their destiny is sealed. They escape captivity, but can their love and passion withstand the menacing threat which seems to await them at every turn along their journey? CALTHRACA: SURRENDER LOVE He was not the man fate intended for her. He had been her first lover, a man so masterful that he had held her life in the palm of his hand. When Tengri-Khan, Sehzade of Tartak died, Adama had wanted to die with him. Fifteen years later, an older and wiser Adama Fawkes has found her fated love in Kesim Trasain, her husband, a powerful sorcerer, and the man who would move heaven and earth for her. Settled comfortably into their happy life, they thought their journey was over, they thought they'd earned some peace. But fate had other plans. Tengri-Khan has returned and he wants his wife back. Once again stolen from her family, Adama is far too strong now to meekly accept Tengri's rule. Her fervent plans for escape, her hope and her heart are put to the test when she encounters Khalid Fariz, Saracen and assassin from Tengri's past. Determined and seemingly unstoppable, Fariz has set his sights on Adama, and his powerful charm threatens to overwhelm her. Can she escape both Tengri and Khalid and somehow find her way back to Kesim, or must she Surrender Love? GET THE FIRST THREE BOOKS IN THE INCREDIBLE CALTHRACA EROTIC ROMANCE FANTASY SERIES WITH THIS LOW PRICED MEGABOOK SERIES RELEASE!
eBook Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press, 2009
eBookwise Release Date: July 2009


14 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [978 KB]
Words: 229567
Reading time: 655-918 min.

"I love finding and reading new authors. With The Tiger, Camryn Cutler has penned a novel of exquisite passion and poignant emotions. While some scenes in the book are not for the faint of heart, the tale would not be the same without them. The Tiger takes place in the desert and as such, the reader is fully immersed in a story of one man and the woman he loves. A man who demands respect and complete obedience. A man a woman would follow into death if asked. It is also the story of one woman's strength and love for such a man. Not sure what I would find within the pages of this book, I can honestly say that I hated to see The Tiger come to a close. Thank goodness there is to be a continuation of Adama's story in a second book, one that I suddenly find myself craving above all others. For a first publication, Camryn Cutler has penned an outstanding novel in The Tiger and I want to be the first to admit that I HAVE to read the next installment."_Talia, Joyfully Reviewed"

"CALTRACA: ADAMARE is positively exquisite. This story kept me spellbound from beginning to end. Kesim's unconditional love and his positively sensual treatment of Adama came through on the pages in a most naughty and excitingly wonderful way. More than once, I found myself completely captivated at the poignant, oftentimes steamy love scenes. Kesim and Adama were soul mates and that warmed my heart. I found ADAMARE to be the perfect sequel to CALTHRACA: THE TIGER. Camryn Cutler has a hot new series on her hands and I, for one, can't wait to read the next installment, CALTHRACA: SURRENDER LOVE."_Natasha Smith, Romance Junkies, Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

"The Heart-stirring characters of Calthraca: Surrender Love make this book a page-turner. Adama is snatched from her family and husband, Kesim, by her first husband, Tengri, who she thought was dead. Of course, the question is will good, Kesim, reign over not so good, Tengri--getting Adama back? Camryn Cutler comes up with an imaginative way for the suspense to work itself out, and it's nice to see someone venture out of the commonplace and use a desert setting. The use of sorcery, love, kindness, bondage and abuse provokes the senses making this an electrifying read."_Reviewer: Dee, Night Owl Romance Reviews


Camryn Cutler
* * * *

Chapter 1

The heavy door closed firmly behind her and she swallowed hard.

"Come to me." His voice came out of the dark.

He was Tengri-Khan, Prince of the Provinces of Tartak, Abd Aga Sehzade.

The Tiger.

She was terrified, suddenly too frightened to move. She heard the light rustle of his clothes as he moved toward her. "Do you fear me still, lovely Adama?" His voice was low. Somehow he had gotten behind her. "You are wise to do so."

She stood trembling, desperately willing herself to stop.

His arm, clad in a white silk robe, reached up, and she felt his hand caress her face. She cringed away slightly, leaning into his chest--a place she didn't want to be. He smelled clean from his bath, and there was a faint spicy smell to his skin as well.

"If you please me, I will never harm you ... You will be my first wife ... Bear me a son, and I will raise you above all others." He spoke softly in Lyrosian, gently running his hands up and down her arms.

She shuddered.

"You've never told me ... How old are you?" he asked.

"I'm eighteen," she managed.

He brought his face down beside hers, nuzzling her ear and her neck. "So young. You are lovely; we will have glorious sons and daughters, my Princess."

He took a lock of her hair between his fingers and stroked it, thinking it looked like fire captured.

"I'm not your princess," she said emphatically. "I cannot do this."

"Adama, we are beyond resistance. I do not wish to take you forcibly." He turned her to face him, but she couldn't raise her eyes to his.

"I know you are not experienced. But I do wish to show you pleasure. Come now, you're no virgin to shrink from my touch."

He pulled her into his embrace and she stiffened. He paid no attention and took her chin in hand, tilting her head up to face him. He bent to kiss her, forcing his tongue between her lips, bruising her mouth. He felt her teeth slightly and he drew back.

"Do not bite me," he warned, and then plundered her mouth again.

Gone was the gentle lover he seemed to be earlier.

She didn't resist, but she decided she would not respond. She would totally close her mind to him, and, she told herself, it would soon be over.

He knew she was trying not to respond, and he could feel her withdrawing. Her youth and inexperience prevented her from knowing that while the will might be strong, the flesh was weak. He'd soon teach her.

He broke the kiss and took her by the hand, leading her to his bed. She hesitated, but his hand was like a vise on her wrist, and he pulled her forward. He had waited long enough. Tonight she was his.

When he reached the bedside, he turned, pulling her around; her back was to the bed and he faced her. "You and I shall spend many pleasurable hours here. The word for pleasure in my language is zevk, Adama," he said.

She didn't reply. She realized there was no way she was going to escape his advances. He was determined to have her. She took a deep hitching breath. It was true she'd been with Christian one time before she was stolen, but he wasn't anything like the Tiger.

They had learned together. Christian had been timid and gentle, and just as inexperienced as she was. This man was a force. She could feel the strength of him, held barely in check by sheer will. He frightened her, yet at the same time, he made her burn.

He stroked her shoulders once again, and then slid the silken caftan down her arms, baring her to the waist. He caressed her soft skin and ignored her frightened moan.

"Your skin is like the finest silk," he murmured and kissed the top of her shoulder. "Soft and fragrant."

He had taken down his braids and his long hair fell across her arm, black as a raven. It tickled her skin and made her shiver.

Her breasts were large, and that pleased him. In his experience, he found that passionate women had large breasts. He cupped one in each hand, running his thumbs lightly over her nipples, enjoying the way she gasped at his touch.

He brought his hands up to her shoulders once again, and gently pushed her backwards onto the bed. She looked up at him with huge eyes, which aroused him powerfully.

"You are so fine." He marveled as he looked at her. He lay down on the bed beside her, and she stiffened once more. He began to caress her breasts again, and then bent his head to suckle upon her. Her nipples were taut, and her arousal was becoming more apparent. She gasped as he bit her and then suckled hard, enjoying her soft moan.

His hand, which had been caressing her other breast, traveled down her flat belly to her thigh then down to stroke her through the sheer robe she wore. She realized what he was doing and tried to move, twisting away from him, but he held her firmly.

He brought his face up even with hers as he stroked her sensitive places lightly through the fabric of the robe. His other hand had relaxed its grip around her middle, and slid up above her head while he nuzzled her neck and brushed her lips with his own. She lay there trying hard not to feel anything, but beginning to feel a distinct heat where he was stroking her despite her resolve. She shifted again attempting to get away, and felt his hand firmly entwine itself in her hair, not pulling, but the potential was there.

"Do not resist me," he commanded in a low, dangerous voice and she lay still once more.

She felt him slide her robe aside entirely. His offending fingers began exploring within her body, plundering and circling her intimate parts. She moaned deeply in her throat, desire mingling with the fear.

"Oh..." It felt wonderful, yet she knew it must be wrong.

"You like this," he said against her mouth.

"No..." she gasped. The fire in her loins was nearly unbearable.

"I think you do," he said wickedly.

She closed her eyes tightly, trying to shut him out.

"Have you ever reached paradise, Adama?"

"I do not know what you mean," she whispered.

He continued stroking her slowly. "Do you feel a fire burning within you?" he asked, brushing her lips with his own.

She sighed sweetly.

"Something you both crave and fear. A feeling that you want to keep experiencing. Your body needs it, as though it were air or water."

"Ohhh ... God," she breathed. "Why are you doing this to me?"

Relentlessly he stroked, watching her face intently and knowing she was painfully close.

He kissed her mouth as she began to breathe deeply.

"Because it is not wrong to feel this passion, Adama," he whispered. "Let it take you."

She moaned again quietly, and he could tell she was frightened of the new feelings she was experiencing. He watched as her eyes slipped closed, and she was swept away. This was the moment he loved the best when he took a woman. He continued to slide his fingers across her jewel gently, using light pressure, then more firmly.

Slowly she felt herself begin to spiral. Her body remained where it was, yet her soul seemed to turn and twist, rising above her. Time seemed to stop, and her whole body was flooded with intense pleasure such as she had never felt before. She couldn't stop it, and she didn't want to.

She peaked and cried out her pleasure, then tumbled down, back into her body, breathing hard as though she'd run a long distance. She could feel her heart hammering within her chest, her pulse throbbing through her.

"That ... is paradise," he said quietly.

Tengri rose and moved away from her. Crossing to a table near his windows, he poured a glass of wine and watched her as she lay there upon his bed, regaining her senses, slowing her racing heart, breathing deeply.

He sipped the dry wine slowly, savoring it, wondering what it would taste like sipped from the hollow of her belly. He smiled to himself--that would have to wait for another time. She bent her knee and raised an arm to her face, sweeping her long hair from across her eyes, unconscious of his presence. She sighed and he watched her touch first her own breast, then just briefly her sex.

He smiled.

He came back to the bed with the wine, and held it out to her. She drew herself up onto her elbows and accepted the glass, then took a long drink. She looked over the top of it at him, and as he stood looking down upon her, his arousal became almost unbearable.

"Does that happen every time?" she asked innocently.

"It will when we make love." He grinned and sat on the edge of the bed beside her, then stroked her thigh. "Lay back and open yourself to me."

She hesitated slightly. "Why?"

He smiled wickedly. "I am your master, your prince. You belong to me. Do it now." He took the glass from her and put it beside the bed.

Although she was terrified, she lay back and spread her legs slightly.

He loved the way she looked. Her long, coppery hair was slightly messy around her face, her green eyes were wide and the long strand of black pearls he had given to her fell between her breasts and down her torso as though pointing the way to her passion. She was a vision.

Once again she closed her eyes so she wouldn't have to look at him. Adama was deeply embarrassed at the way she had been plunged into erotic pleasure and had so easily allowed him to lead her there. She was mortified and somewhat incensed at being ordered into such a position, but impossibly she felt quite aroused as well. The sudden rush of sensual pleasure and emotion left her confused and slightly unbalanced. How could her body react this way, when her mind clearly did not want what was happening?

"Wider," he said in a low tone. He was close to her.

She couldn't imagine what he had in mind. He hardly needed her to spread herself so wide if he were simply going to take her. Christian had just lain upon her and done it.

He bent his head and kissed her thigh and she yelped.

"Shhhh ... You will be in heaven soon."

He moved higher, placing hot kisses up her inner thigh, finally stopping before her cleft, admiring the soft pinkness of her and the tuft of ginger hair that concealed her treasures. He deftly ran his tongue up the slit of her womanhood.

"Oh God, no," she moaned.

Her hands grabbed fistfuls of the sheet beside her body as she struggled to maintain control.

He fastened his lips to her sensitive button, then slid his tongue around her in a slow, sweeping arc. She gasped and arched her back, and his hands came up, pulling her legs back over his shoulders, and then moved down to cup her buttocks. He pulled her forward, holding her firmly to his plundering mouth. His thumbs met over her navel, and she arched as he pressed down firmly.

Soon a slow blossom of heat exploded within her loins, filling her full of light and pleasure, making her gasp and cry out. He was thrilled at how quickly she found paradise once more and he continued, enjoying her soft gasps and moans. Her hands hesitantly touched his head very softly, then moved away. He knew she was pleased.

When he felt her relax, he brought a hand down from her middle and gently slid a finger within her, stroking her passion bud, and she moaned sweetly. He came up beside her and held her. "Taste yourself," he breathed on her trembling lips, then kissed her deeply.

Innocent tears had sprung from her eyes and rolled down her face. Never had she known such intense pleasure was possible.

She did as he told her and tasted the heady musk of her own body. His tongue dueled and danced with hers, and she felt a growing flush of desire blooming within her.

His fingers had never stopped their brutal love torture on her and she drew in a deep breath as she felt the gathering heat of another climax building.

Her body tensed and he felt her shift, grasping his arm, resisting his strong embrace once more.

"Don't fight me, Seref'behar," he whispered next to her ear. "Let it come."

"Ahhh ... God!" she cried as her body arched in purest pleasure.

She was surely one of the most passionate women he'd ever known. To climax three times in such a short period was amazing. He must have her now.

He slid aside his robe and she felt him. She knew what he was going to do and panic set in. Any chance she may have had at freedom would be gone with this simple act.

"Bastard!" She thrashed, trying to get away. Aimlessly she struck at his face.

Surprised, Tengri reflexively drew back out of her reach. He truly did not want to rape her. He wanted their first time to be a pleasant memory for both of them. He caught her flailing hands and held them tightly between their bodies.

"Adama, I will not hurt you," he said as she looked at him, frightened once more.

"Release me at once!" she cried. "Oh how I hate you! It's true you have no heart!"

His manhood pressed against her belly and she began to breathe rapidly, pulling hard against his iron grip.

"If I had no heart, I would have simply taken my pleasure upon your body, and been done with you, foolish girl," he said. He bent and licked her ear. "Do you not realize I wish to bring you pleasure?" He moved slightly upon her body.

"Please," she implored in a small voice. "Can you not let me go? I am sure there must be a woman who would suit you better than I."

"Oh no, you belong to me now. I've waited far too long as it is." He looked into her eyes. "Let me love you, Adama. I swear you will find joy."

He lay there, holding her tightly and she knew that if he so chose, he could simply rape her. The sensible voice within her pointed out that he'd already been far gentler with her than she had expected and he had shown her pleasure she'd never experienced. Logic said he had no reason to hurt her now, and as always, logic prevailed.

Tengri watched her face as she considered his words; she swallowed hard and at last she met his eyes. She nodded once and a large tear rolled down her cheek. He caught it with a kiss.

"I will never hurt you," he said quietly, then pulled her hands over her head. Sliding back, he nudged her thighs apart.

"I've imagined how your sheath would feel wrapped around me, at last I shall find out," he said, and plunged forward into her hot depths. He felt slight resistance and then thrust again forcefully. He filled her fuller and stretched her more than Christian ever could.

"Oh!" she gasped and inhaled sharply as she squeezed her eyes shut.

He gently ran his hand through her hair, and then cupped her face in his hand as he thrust slowly into her well-readied body.

"Open your eyes and look at me as I take you." The demanding tone of his voice was not to be denied. He was rewarded with her emerald gaze. "Mmmm ... You are as tight and sweet as I imagined, like velvet," he breathed. He closed his eyes as though savoring a delicacy.

He could feel her body trembling beneath him. Was it possible she had been a virgin after all and lied to him? To what purpose, though?

Adama held back tears as her mind raced, trying to make sense of her whirling emotions. She was appalled at being so used. He had hurt her at first, but soon the pain turned to a shameful pleasure, something she knew had to be wrong. How could she enjoy his touch when he was violating her this way, when it wasn't what she wanted? How could he continue to hurt her, and then give her such incredible pleasure?

He opened his eyes in time to see hers slide shut. She felt pleasure, he could see it on her face, and he smiled again.

Once she had ceased struggling and accepted him, he let go of her hands; they came down and rested lightly on his shoulders, like two small birds. He continued to thrust into her, running a finger over her sensitive nub and stroking it so the pressure between their bodies carried her to another climax. He loved the small sounds she made, a sweetly urgent humming.

She was helpless. No matter how she tried, she could not deny her passion, just as he had known.

* * * *

Throughout the night they explored each other and found pleasure together. He spent himself within her body and she lost herself at last, plunging gratefully into exhausted oblivion.

After Tengri found completion, he rested his weight upon his elbows. He looked down at her beautiful face flushed with exertion. He could feel the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed hard. He knew she couldn't resist him as he was a formidable lover. Still she'd fought him hard, only at the end giving in completely to the pleasure he offered her.

Deep in his wounded, frozen soul, he knew now he must decide. He could take her body any time, he could please himself and bring her pleasure, but if he would have everything, if he would have her love, love he found he deeply desired, he had to decide whether he was willing to risk being hurt again. Could he show her his real face?

Tengri knew how sensitive she was, and he had seen her kindness to all of those around her, despite her circumstances. How she'd refused to call her guards when he appeared in her bedroom, because she didn't wish to see him harmed. He'd even taken advantage of her kind nature in order to win her.

However, while she was kind and sensitive, she was also a fighter. He thought about what had happened at the oasis and regret briefly furrowed his brow. He admired her courage. It was a trait he never thought to look for in a woman before. He'd always found women to be soft, weak creatures to be enjoyed. Only there to pleasure him as he chose.

This woman was strong. He knew it must have taken great bravery to stand up to him. At first, the defiance she had shown angered him. Tengri was not accustomed to such behavior and he had tried to quash it. He could see now that it was not merely an aberrant action on her part. Her willful nature was part of who she was. Strangely, he was glad he had not succeeded. Perhaps he had been wrong to beat her?

As his first wife, that tenacity would be an asset to him in his own house. She would be able to keep his other wives in line, and administer his household properly. Soon enough she would bear his child, the heir to what would one day be his vast kingdom. Together they would raise fine warrior sons.

Tengri had never before given himself time to consider that one day he would need an heir. His life was full, or so he thought. Adama changed everything. She was a woman with strength to match his own. Perhaps if he gave her a child, she would finally cease fighting him. For the first time in his life, he looked forward to learning more about a woman and getting to know this lovely captive, his soon-to-be wife.

He dared to dream that she might come to love him one day.

Tengri's almond-shaped eyes sparkled as he reached up and caressed her face, then touched her glorious hair. He lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her, running his tongue nimbly along her top lip and then within her partially opened mouth. He received a pleasant surprise when she responded.

Her hands slowly came up to his head and neck as she regained her senses and caressed him tentatively, kissing him back. He didn't dare to move and scarcely breathed as he let her explore his face with her hands. He deepened his kiss, hoping to convey his passion for her.

Incredibly he could feel himself stirring once more against her thigh as she continued touching him, running her hands down his back then up again to his neck and through his thick black hair. Her caresses were soft and exploratory. She was learning the feel of his body and attempting to please him.

He broke the kiss and looked at her as she examined him intently. Her green eyes were huge and round and he could definitely see fear in there, but also a budding curiosity.

"Do you like what you see?" he asked her quietly.

"I'm scared to death of you," she replied honestly.

He laughed a little. "I told you, you should be. Thank you for your honesty."

"Will you kill me now?" she asked, recalling the brutal execution she had witnessed the night before.

"Kill you? No," he said simply. He kissed her tenderly then, caressing her breasts and her throat with his big hands, calming her, assuring her she was safe in his embrace.

Soon she felt him reaching to cup her; he stroked her passion center to a shuddering climax and she cried out. When she regained her senses, she saw he was smiling down at her and she gave him a reluctant smile in return.

She couldn't believe the pleasure she felt when he took her. It had to be wrong. Didn't it? She was shocked at what her life had become. He had kidnapped her and held her prisoner for four days now. At first she had been intrigued and attracted to him, thought he was merely misunderstood, the prince of her dreams. Then he had shown her his cruelty. She had been abused and now finally violated by him. She hated him for making her feel this way, but at the same time, she loved the way he made her feel. She had no words for it.

He moved closer to her again and took her mouth in a bruising kiss.

"We will be wed tomorrow," he declared and stood. He bent to pick up his robe and hesitated as he looked at her. Blood smeared her thigh, and the sheets.

He grabbed her ankle and pulled her down the bed, and she made a breathless, frightened scream.

"You said you were not a virgin. Did you lie?" He didn't dare to hope she was.

"No," she said miserably.

"Do not lie to me. Look at the blood!"

"I'm not lying!" Frightened tears tracked down her pale face once more. She moved as far from him as she could.

He stood looking at her for a long moment, still holding her firmly. "How many times have you made love, Adama?"

"Once," she said in a near whisper.

"Once?" He laughed. "Just once? Well my little virgin, I'd say the boy who took your virtue wasn't terribly well endowed. You never lost your maidenhead." He let go of her ankle, and she moved away from him. He straightened and took her face in his hand. "I have taken your virginity. You belong to me entirely," he said seriously. "It is your fate. Now you will be my queen."

She pulled away from him and she heard him laugh harshly. In one movement, he grabbed the sheet from the bed and pulled it off, rolling her onto her back.

He pulled a fur blanket over her naked body gently and said, "Sleep, Hediye," then strode from the room, holding the sheet.

As he turned, she looked at the long tattooed stripes on his back. They moved and rippled along his muscles as he walked. Terror gripped her heart with icy fingers.

He constantly kept her unsettled, cruel to her one moment, and then kind to her, then harsh, then passionate, then playful.

He toyed with her, a cat with a mouse.

The Tiger with its prey.

She looked up at the high window and realized dawn was breaking; another day in this bondage.

She sighed, and she realized she was tired of feeling sorry for herself. She had to do something. Ever practical, she thought through her situation. She knew she had two choices. Accept her fate and learn to live in this land with this man as her husband and lord, or find a foolproof way to escape. Perhaps she could employ her magic to aid her. She was unsure exactly what she could do, but she made a silent promise to herself to at least try. She shuddered, knowing he would never forgive her trying to escape if she were caught. She thought about the beating she had endured, then at last about the pleasure he'd given her. How could a man be so different from one moment to the next?

She looked at her thigh, examining her own blood. Was it possible that she had still been a virgin? She hadn't bled very much when she and Christian had been together. Just a few spots, and unfortunately Tengri-Khan was right, Christian wasn't terribly well endowed.

When she had been with Chris, it certainly hadn't been like this. It had been sweaty and uncomfortable and Christian had finished very quickly. Now her body felt sore and bruised and she could hardly move.

Her tired mind went back to when she had met the Tiger, and how she had come to be here. She let herself drift, falling into an uneasy sleep.

* * * *

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