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Mistress Anna
by Sascha Illyvich

Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
Description: Get set for a double-sized portion of world-class erotica from the bestselling author of Sensualities. Included are reader favorites and all-new stories. Included are Mistress Anna, Office Assistant, Heat Wave, Demise, Sweltering, Warming Alyssa, She Brings Out, Adventurous, Chick N' Stu, Making Amends, Promoter's Fantasy, For Amber, and other scorching tales. As Ayden Delacroix notes in In the Library Reviews: "Mr. Illyvich wonderfully portrays the Dom/sub relationship as it can be: romantic, caring and full of love. While I found some of the stories contained a bit too much pain for my taste, they were still delicately written and contained the same warmth the lighter stories did. I look forward to reading more of Mr. Illyvich's work."
eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions,
eBookwise Release Date: May 2009


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [225 KB]
Words: 49277
Reading time: 140-197 min.


Julia primped her auburn hair in the mirror after sliding a jacket over her blouse. She checked one last time at her skirt, straightening it down to smoothly fit her body. She slid on her pumps and headed out toward her car with a grin on her face. She knew what today was. It had been one month since her boss came over and they fooled around. Lauren was hers now, they decided on an exclusive relationship. For Lauren, this was nothing new. She hadn't been with a man since the death of her husband several years ago. For Julia this was different, in that she had a male companion on occasion but had also rarely seen him since he traveled the world. It didn't matter whether she had a man at this point; Lauren seemed to fill an empty space inside Julia.

Julia hoped Lauren would plan something at the office. It wasn't widely known that either woman was sexually active, though there were rumors that Julia was a free spirit. She did nothing to stop these rumors. They often added humor to her day.

Julia arrived a few minutes early, stopping by Denise's office to check her messages; there were none. Mark, one of the firm's younger accountants, walked past Julia and they exchanged smiles before he continued toward his office.

Coffee, a stack of cases to work on, and quiet until lunchtime were all Julia required to start her day. Around 11 o'clock, a knock on her door broke the silence.

"Come in." Julia sounded annoyed.

"These are for you Ms. Tremonti. Flowers from an admirer."

"Oh. Sorry to have snapped at you. Set them down there." She pointed to an empty space on her desk and reached for her wallet to give the boy a tip, but he was already gone. Julia looked at the flower arrangement. Bright and cheery, they added to her mood, brightening her office as well. Another knock broke Julia from her mood, this time a silky voice accompanied it.

"Julia, do you have a moment?"

"Umm ... Lauren, good morning." Julia smiled.

Lauren closed the door and set her papers on the chair next to the door. Julia was too enthralled in her work to pay attention to the time until Lauren came up to kiss her, bringing her back to reality.

"Hello, lover," Julia sighed after Lauren's kiss.

"Mmm, I missed that last night. Where were you?" Julia's soft lips pouted.

"I had work to catch up on, sweetie, too much to do in one day, so I took it home over the weekend."

"But, Lauren, when are we going to celebrate our one month anniversary?"

"Shh, dear child I promise to make it up to you," another kiss interrupted Julia's thought.

"Mmm, would you care to try now?" Julia felt the familiar wetness of her sex.

"You know how swamped we are with accounts this week, Julia, I couldn't possibly get away for a few minutes more than I am now."

"But Lau--" She was cut off by Lauren's tongue parting her lips for a kiss. "Honey, I promise, first chance. Okay?" She reached for another kiss but Julia pushed her back, eyeing her.

"You better keep your word, missy, or I'm going to be upset."

"I know, dearest, I know. I'll do what I can. I have to go back now. They wanting a meeting with the firm's head staff and you know that means me."

"Are we on for lunch?"

"Afraid not. I've got meetings with clients all afternoon until late this evening. What are you doing today?"

"Just follow-up work on these last few accounts, the Johnson Inc., TemporaCo and a few others. You recall the previous accountant screwed things up so badly I've had to go back pretty far in the ledgers to see where things got all fucked up."

Lauren started for the door before Julia caught her arm, pulling her close for another kiss, Julia's tongue rolled around inside Lauren's mouth before she gently pushed her away." Don't forget me, Lauren."

"I won't." Lauren's panties were often dampened after Julia's kisses. Today was no different.

Julia looked at the flowers for a few minutes, silently smiling to herself before returning to her casework. The phone interrupted her again--business as usual. TermporaCo's representatives had contacted Corgan, Lightfoot & Johnson several months back, specifically requesting Julia Tremonti to work on their accounting. An old flame had it in good heart to recommend Julia when they fired the previous accountant and his firm. Throughout the call Julia couldn't help occasionally letting her free hand brush against her stomach and rest right above her crotch. She felt the heat from her hand through her blouse. She resisted temptation to caress her quim until after she finished with TemporaCo.

A few more hours passed. Julia missed lunch purposely to catch up on work and keep her mind from stray thoughts of Lauren. A preoccupied mind always slowed things down she told herself. An annoying tingle between one's thighs, however, provided just enough distraction that Julia decided to take a late lunch. She called her secretary and told her to hold all calls for the next hour, and left memos for the appropriate people.

Julia left the office, deciding it was time for a drive. She knew of a little cove she could escape to for just enough time to take her mind off Lauren's touch. It was a small park, hidden behind some office buildings. Julia often took her lunch breaks there but sometimes she would wander around, just to stretch her legs or clear her mind. She found a spot to park, leaving her car well out of sight. She reached for her little bag under the back seat. She kept a tiny vibrator and small towel for such times when thoughts would run through her head and her clit would throb, begging for release. Julia took the little vibe, slipped it in her pocket and began walking down a trail in the park.

She found a secluded spot just far enough away from her car that if she saw or heard people, she could run back. Laying the towel down she spread her legs apart; the cool breeze against her bare flesh caressed her clit. That was enough for Julia to bring out her little vibrator, the shiny object reflecting in the sunlight. She slid the device between her legs, brushing up against her lips, the buzz warming over her body. She slid the vibrator in further, brushing up against her clit, her moans now barely audible. Her free hand slid over her stomach cupping her breast as she pinched the nipple to further her stimulation.

A distant voice interrupted Julias' playing, her eyes widened as she looked around to see if she'd been caught. Nothing. Julia let the vibrator buzz inside her now pulsating pussy until the voices jerked her back to reality. She sensed they were closer. She decided not to press her luck any longer. Julia stood up, vibrator still inside but now off, and headed toward her car. Julia wanted to prolong her pleasure. Her tight cunt muscles held the device in place. When she sat in the car, she slid the little toy out, its' metallic body now glistening with her juices. She placed it in the bag behind the seat with the towel she picked up. She would remember to clean her toys later.

Julia drove toward the park entrance, spotting people, the voices she heard. They were headed to the spot where she had just been. "Good thing I left when I did," she mouthed to herself.

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