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The Amorous Adventures of Angelica
by Anonymous

Category: Erotica/Classic Erotica
Description: She thought God was her calling and she entered a convent. But then the temptations of her young flesh proved too much. With the restraints thrown off, Angelica went from pleasure to degradation to the plaything of brutal, unprincipled men. When she felt so foul that she could never be clean again, Angelica found herself yearning for God's grace, and wondered if redemption was possible for one who had fallen so low as she.
eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions,
eBookwise Release Date: May 2009


7 Reader Ratings:
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Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [129 KB]
Words: 29194
Reading time: 83-116 min.

Nothing about the grounds of the Abbey caused me the slightest horror, on the contrary, everything around me breathed abundance and gaiety, and as my relatives, whose companion I was, let me have my own way and never crossed me in any of my desires, you can imagine that I found this mode of living entirely to my liking.

Until my first communion the time passed easily and without the slightest care and though I was aware of the fact that the monks from a neighboring Monastery were frequent visitors, I paid but little heed to the comedy that was daily enacted about me.

It is true they tried to keep me in ignorance of what was going on, from motives known to themselves, so that when I saw them caressing each other, I innocently attributed it to mere friendship.

As I often went into the garden with the sisters and their company, I became gradually attached to a young Bernardine monk who had always been kind and agreeable to me and to whom I owed my friendship out of pure gratitude.

In the course of time, changes took place with me, which filled me with mingled wonder and fear, and which my cousin strove to allay. I reached the age of puberty, I noticed with pleasure the appearance of two little alabaster globes, ornaments of which all women are proud, but what interested me more was the fine down that began to show itself at a certain spot on my body, and, wishing to know if my cousin had the same on hers, I managed to get a look one night when she was changing her undergarments, I saw then enough to convince me that mine was only a starter.

The next day after dinner we had company and I went with a party of them into the park. Dom Delabrise, the young Bernardine I have spoken of, after being absent for nearly six months, was with us and I confess I was very glad to see him again and he, too, seemed favorably impressed with my appearance.

A strange light glimmered in his eyes as he directed his glances towards me and while taking all kinds of sweet and tender liberties with my person, but without over-stepping the rules of propriety.

When I left him it was with a feeling that I cannot describe, love and regret mingled with one another, a feeling which only those who have themselves experienced it can understand.

I became pensive.

At this time an epidemic of smallpox appeared in the neighborhood and I was one of those who first contracted this dread disease and this put for the time being, an end to my awakening love. For three long months I was confined to my bed, during which time I asked my cousin again and again if she thought that I would become pitted, for I was afraid of becoming ugly.

Dom Delabrise came three times to see me during my illness. The little attentions he showed me during this time contributed to increase the tender affection I began to feel for him. I was overjoyed one day when I heard him say that my beauty was not going to be marred in any way by the disease. Though quite young, yet my childhood had passed and my mind became wholly occupied with him whom I had learned to love.

Whenever I caught sight of him my whole body began to tremble as if it wanted to go to pieces. One day he came and asked me into the parlor and after kissing my hand, he told me that he had come expressly to see me, and as the sisters were busy that afternoon, he would be glad to entertain me alone, if I was willing. I told him that I was delighted and that I would be ready for him by two o'clock. He appeared punctually at the appointed time.

Kissing me tenderly and, as I thought, with more passion than usual, he took hold of my hands and began to pour into my willing ears many warm words of affection.

I was extremely green and answered only in monosyllables, although under the circumstances I was glad to play the listener.

Pretending to examine my collar, he touched my throat and I even scolded him for it. Judging from this that I was not inclined to be severe with him, he returned to the attack and kissed me most passionately, following up his advantage by running his hand up under my clothes.

I made some sort of resistance owing to that innate prudery that is found in every woman. As he did not give up the struggle, however, I let him go ahead and do as he pleased. The touching and tickling of his licentious fingers caused me the most peculiar sensations. Hearing someone coming, he made haste to escape. It proved to be my maid and the prior.

"We must part," he said. His eyes showed his exasperation and disappointment. I myself was vexed, for I was just experiencing a certain pleasure that I did not wish to cut short in such an abrupt manner.

It was surprising what ease one could approach without being noticed, especially in a Paloir grille, as this was. The room was partitioned off by a screen made of lattice work with two wings, which on being opened formed a little square closet, which was used to satisfy the demands of nature.

The rest of the day I was morose, thinking only of Dom Delabrise. The sisters noticed it and after supper, my maid asked me what was ailing me.

I replied: "Oh, nothing."

She then replied with a knowing look at the others: "She is only growing and it is making her a little anxious." I laughed with the rest, then got up and went to bed. I lost no time in falling asleep but awoke about midnight, after dreaming some of the strangest dreams.

I dreamt that my friend was at my side caressing me and that he had made me take hold of a certain thing, which I could not recall, having at that time no acquaintance with that part of man's anatomy. I awoke with an agreeable thrill and with my hand on my pussy, which I found to be slightly wet.

But that was not the first time this had happened to me; the difference was that I had not before taken much notice of it. I sighed instinctively, as any girl would under the circumstances. I also began to frig myself, confining my attentions to a little protuberance which was so sensitive as to put me beside myself with pleasure.

After playing with myself for a few moments I fainted from sheer pleasure and once again the sweet, dewy fluid put me under its balmy influence. Again I fell asleep, not to awake until my cousin returned from prayer.

Quite satisfied with my discovery, not a day passed that I did not repeat the operation, always thinking of my lover, whom I would have liked to have with me but he rarely came, as he was too much occupied with his studies.

A week passed during which I was more left alone than usual. My cousin absented herself more frequently, but being used to this I never inquired where she was or what she was doing. But wishing to finish a piece of work, she stayed with me one whole day and it did not displease me at all to have her company for she loved me a great deal, but at the same time it annoyed me, for I had to pretend a certain thing, to get a chance to enjoy with ease the little exercise I made my pussy undergo, and which I practiced in the toilet room.

She suspected something, however, and watched me, taking care though to slip away from her point of observation before I came out again. Having no idea of being watched, I satisfied my lustful desires and frigged my pussy until the desired spasmodic thrill overcame me and then I returned to my work, and on entering, my cousin asked me: "Angelica, where have you been?"

"Why, cousin, I have been to the toilet."

"There is more than one thing that takes one to the toilet, I see," my cousin said. "I saw everything. Who in the name of mercy taught you to do it? It's nice, I must say."

I was dumb with confusion, I threw myself on her neck and she did not repulse me but merely scolded me a little and left the room.

I suspected that she would go and inform the prior of what she had seen and I followed her and saw her enter the room. I quickly got up to the door and on her telling about the occurrence, I heard them laugh, I then looked through the keyhole. Rosa was present, too. After indulging for a while in laughter, my cousin said to the other two:

"I believe you both would be tickled to death to have yours pulled."

"Yes," said the prior, "I would for one; will you join us?"

"No," she returned, "I am not in the humor today, just amuse yourselves while I take a look at this book."

A small vessel was placed over a flame and while Rosa prepared an instrument about as long and thick as three of my fingers, the prior, who was a fine looking fellow, sat in his easy chair and amused himself in tucking up his robe and rubbing his penis. Then he called the other nun and made her kneel in front of him and take his stiff tool in her mouth, on which, to my astonishment, she began to suck just as a babe sucks at his mother's breast. In the meantime Rosa had taken the vessel from the flame and poured its contents, which I now saw consisted of milk, into the instrument; this she fastened round her loins and, getting behind my cousin, shoved it up her cunt and began to work it back and forth. After a few thrusts, my sensual cousin closed her eyes, uttered a few sighs and then suddenly cried out: "Let it shoot; let it come!"

Rosa pressed the bulb and the warm liquid was forced into her at the moment when the final spend or spasm overcame her.

At the same time I saw the prior stretch his legs and I was surprised to see some white fluid run down the side of my cousin's mouth. Rosa then took my cousin's place and she, too, received the same treatment.

When the erotic excitement gave way to calm and they all began to converse quietly together, I stole away to my room. I began to think over what I had seen and concluded that I had found the road to pleasure and that all I now lacked was acquaintances, and just at the moment that I thought of the warm milk that the sisters had used, my cousin entered.

"Well, Angelica, you have become more sensible, I hope."

I did not answer but hung my head and appeared penitent, so she continued: "Listen to me, my dear little friend, perhaps you do not know that it is a mortal sin to touch yourself in those parts; therefore you ought to confess and resolve never to do so again. Do not be angry, my dear child, because I tell you this. It may be a joke, but nevertheless, do your duty."

"I am not angry," F said, "I will go to confession, but not to the Reverend Director."

He was a hypocrite for whom I had acquired a singular aversion, not that he was over strict, for he had been gay enough in his younger days and interfered very little with the sisters and their visitors. I abhorred him, however, so I shall not refer to him again in my story.

"Confessions are free," was my cousin's response. "Father Anselmo will be here on Monday and you may go to him." I consented to this, though I felt very much like laughing in my cousin's face after what I had witnessed, but what would have been the use? We take things as we find them, you know. My worthy cousin feared that when I left the convent I might reproach her for not having first put me on my guard against the awakening of my sexual instinct.

I decided what course I would follow and I asked my cousin how I would best put the subject before the Reverend Father.

I awaited his arrival and began mortifying my flesh and only twice did I succumb to the temptation of employing my fingers to satisfy the burning lust of my slit, until the priest arrived.

Monday, I presented myself before the sacred tribunal. I began as others do, saving the most interesting part of my confession until the last. I nearly put my confessor to sleep with a lot of unimportant trifles before I came to the real sin. His eyes began to shoot fire when I commenced to touch on the best part of my confessions.

"Ah. Oh! Oh ... what is that I hear?"

"Yes, Father, I have sinned against my own person, both with my eyes and my hands."

"And pray, against what part of your body have you sinned, my child?" This he asked in a soothing, fatherly voice.

"On that part that distinguishes the sexes!" I answered with downcast eyes.

He put several more questions of like nature to me and then having heard enough he said:

"Listen, child, I must hear the confessions of five sisters before dinner, I have not the time to hear the rest of your confession now but be in the parlor by one o'clock and we will talk the matter over." He then gave me a light penance and sent me away.

At the appointed time I found him in the parlor; our conversation at the start was trivial enough. It was interesting enough for him, however, for he kept his eyes fixed on me most of the time. After a moment's silence he began:

"Now let us speak about those things; I mean about those terrible things of which you accused yourself this morning. Was it not immediately after your interview with the young monk that you began?"

"Yes, Father."

"Not before that?"

"No, Father."

"Did you not feel an itching 'round about that part?"

"Nothing of the kind, Father."

"And you did not touch yourself until..."

"No, Father, I only rubbed it with my shirt."

"Be candid, did you not feel pleased with the discovery you had made? Come now, speak out, don't be afraid of me. I am not a bad fellow," he continued, taking me by the hand.

"To tell you frankly what I felt? Oh, I don't know how I could ever do it."

"Promise me not to reveal anything and I will tell you things, child, that will set your mind at rest."

I promised secrecy and he commenced thus:

"You have not done such terrible things as your little brain has imagined, for when nature makes known its wants, there is no wrong in resorting to those means to calm the violent feelings that overcome us poor mortals. But does it really give you pleasure to manipulate those parts?" he asked again, and eyeing me with fixed attention, he put a hand beneath his robe and I saw that he was fingering something.

The fact was that our conversation had excited the Reverend Father's sensuality.

He put his hand under my chin and kissed me and being too well pleased with his little discourse on ethics, I did not resist, besides he was a fine-looking man and still young, not over thirty at the most.

This little favor seemed to set him afire. He kissed me a second time and, undoing my neckband in spite of some resistance on my part, he gloated over the beauties hidden beneath, his eyes gleaming with passion.

"Oh, what a beautiful child you are! Why should I not be made as happy as that young Bernardino?" And coming over to where I was sitting, he grabbed one of my legs and with his knee against the other, he forced my legs apart, and then with his free hand he began to rub and finger my little pussy.

I bent forward, telling him all the time to quit, as somebody might come, but he pleaded with me so earnestly that I finally consented to let him have his way.

After feasting his eyes and fingers, he praised me most lavishly and then taking my hand, he placed it under his surplice. I withdrew hastily, thinking I had touched some venomous reptile.

"What ails thee child?" he asked. "Don't be afraid, come now, I want you to get acquainted with it, touch it, finger it, that's the way, my little sweetheart."

"And what is this thing, anyhow, Father Anselmo?" I asked as I began to handle it. "My, how hard and warm it is!"

He now took it out and showed it to me and my surprise was great to see the difference between him and me. The instrument that I now held in my hand appeared to be about a foot long and as thick as my wrist, below I noticed a wrinkled sack hanging, which seemed to contain two objects that might have been taken for large eggs, for all I know. I noticed also that it was surrounded by a bunch of light brown hair, which made it look like a white and red post sticking out of the tuft of moss.

He held my arm, begging me to have compassion on him and directed the movements of my hand and as he was of a strong and healthy constitution and easily wrought up to the spending point, he asked me to stop and then made me stretch myself at full length on the carpet, like a martyr that was going to be immolated. I made no resistance whatever. He admired my naked charms for a moment or two and then, with his right arm, he raised my posteriors. He fondled the fleecy covering of my pussy and then rubbing a licentious finger along the lips, back and forth, he tried to sound the depths.

I begged of him to stop, for it hurt me very much. He would not listen and softly forced his finger in and then worked it in such a manner that procured me more pleasure than I had ever before experienced, and seeing from the way that I was beginning to heave and sigh that I was about to discharge, he gave me a voluptuous kiss and I lost consciousness in his arms. When I came to again, he was caressing me, fondly congratulating me on the sensuality of my nature.

So it was my turn to amuse myself at his expense. I became familiar with his prick, as he told me to name it. He lay down on the altar, still bearing the traces of my sacrifice to Venus, while I sat down on a stool, placing myself in such a manner that the reverend gentleman could reach my grotto of pleasure with his lips, then I raised his staff and how he enjoyed it. How pleased he was when I began fingering and caressing his proud tool; he cried out with pleasure.

"Oh, you dear little sweetheart, kiss me, rub harder, press tighter. I'm coming, I'm coming!" And, drawing himself up, he finally collapsed in a spasm and sank on the floor.

I felt something warm filling my hand and, looking, I saw for the first time that matter from which we spring.

"Well, now, you see the shape you have put me in!"

He only laughed and began to dry me with his handkerchief. To satisfy my curiosity, I plied him with questions which he willingly answered, one and all. I started in as follows:

"I assure you, my Father, that I was very anxious to know how men were formed and I would have found out long ago if my cousin and the Princess had not come in on us, when myself and Dom Delabrise were together, for he would not have failed to have spread his merchandise out before me."

For all that I knew, the difference between one sex and the other was that one procures great pleasure from the other when they have connection. Still I did not know as much as I would like to know about it.

"Look here, child, here is a specimen that would soon enlighten you on that score and, although you are new at the business, if we were in a more convenient place, I would realize with you what you are looking for."

"I understand, Father, but I am afraid your attempts on me would be in vain, for I cannot believe that my small thing could accommodate such a dagger as yours. You would split me in two."

"It is true I would most likely hurt you at the start, but having it once lodged up to the hilt, you would experience a pleasure far superior to any that you have as yet enjoyed."

"That means that the part of man is made especially to have connection with ours?"

"Without a doubt, the great author of Nature has created man and woman of different sexual attributes to that very end."

"But what else besides pleasure results from this union of our parts?"

"Beings like ourselves."

"Good, so that is the history of the human fabric. That white juice that I saw coming out of your thing, there, I suppose, is the essence which produces this effect?"

"Yes, partly, for it takes a woman's seed, too, to complete the work. These two semen coming together produce the fetus, which in time develops, takes life and becomes a baby."

"I would like very much to have some fun with a man but I would not like to have it go so far as that. I would not like to have a baby, they say it hurts dreadfully."

"Depend upon me, I can manage that part of it first rate, for should I ever meet you in some convenient place, you will have nothing to fear on my part. Now, for a little advice; if anyone has connection with you, exact a promise that he shall pull his prick out of your cunt when he is about to finish, so that the discharge will fall outside on your belly, and in this way you are certain to avoid babies. But it is not the pain alone that you should consider about bringing babies into the world, it is also the law which brands you as an outcast when you have the misfortune to become a mother.

"I maintain, however, that you are entitled to all the joys of concupiscence you can get, provided, of course, that you have some regard for appearances. Those men or women who are forced by circumstances to remain single, whether it be on account of lack of means or cupidity of their parents, who have forced them to adopt a life that condemns them to a state of celibacy, those people, I say, should not be obliged to forego the pleasures of sexual intercourse. Nature has supplied them with organs and Nature intends that they shall use them. So let me say, once more, one may amuse himself or herself under any conditions, taking only the precautions not to run afoul of our iniquitous laws, which seem to have been formed only to tyrannize the weak."

"I will bear in mind what you have told me, but see, it is almost three o'clock. I am afraid my cousin will soon be looking for me."

"Don't be uneasy about your cousin, she is very busy and will not bother her head about you for some time yet."

"Why, what in the world is she doing?"

"If you wish to know what she and the prioress are doing this very minute in the sacristy, go listen at the door, then come back and tell me what you hear."

"I have an inkling of what may be going on in there."

"You have? How is that?"

"A few days ago I saw the Mother Superior, my cousin and Rosa amusing themselves with some strange instruments."

"I think I know what you mean. It is what is called a dildo. Each one has a good friend who caresses her with it and I am sure you will be shortly initiated into the joys of dildo fucking. Now, do as I told you and if you cannot see anything, you will doubtless hear something."

I went off and, after finding what Father Anselmo had insinuated I would find, I returned and reported to him.

"You spoke the truth, Father Anselmo, I recognized the voice of the parish priest, and as near as I could judge, he was serving my cousin to a good piece, of this I was convinced from the way in which the Mother Superior addressed Dom Lamotte, the parish priest.

"You will fuck me once more, dear Father. The others have had their fill and I can stand a good deal more than they can, so give it to me once more."

"Then everything became quiet for several minutes, only interrupted by an occasional kiss. Then I thought I heard the squeaking of the sofa."

"You see, Angelica, I was right, but what ails you now? Did it give you a funny feeling? Your cousin won't be back for some time yet, let us make use of the opportunity. Take up your dress and let me see that lovely cunt; how brown you are getting there. Now turn around. Oh, what a beautiful arse, so white and round; you are sighing! Now hold your legs apart and we will see if we cannot make this mossy love fountain spout forth again."

"Oh, oh, dear Father ... I cannot ... oh, I cannot speak..."

"Are you enjoying it, sweetheart?"

"Yes, and I am going to repay you if I can. But first let me look at it, your prick, I mean; is that the right word? It looks like a nutcracker about the head. That makes you laugh, and what are these two things in the pouch? What a lot of hair there is around here!"

"Those, my dear, are the testicles, or as you should call them, the 'balls.' All males, men as well as animals, have them and those that have them not are not able to fuck. Hold on, Angelica, I am coming. Here it comes, kiss me, child."

"Did I do it right?"

"Yes, you bet you did! Let us get up."

"Now tell me about the dildoes. Why do they put milk in them? That puzzles me."

"I will tell you why. You see, women are not provided with willing servants as the nuns here are, who lack nothing in this respect, as you have just seen. They are compelled to find solace with one another, and the hot milk which they inject produces almost the same effect as though they had connected with a man. Still there is a big difference, for, after all, a dildo is but a lifeless instrument and one can never give as much pleasure as a prick."

"Now let me look at it again. My, what a queer looking object it is, now what causes it to undergo such a change as that? Don't laugh, what in the world becomes of all the stiffness? And the head of it that looked so red and inflamed, what made it come down in such a short time? And it has not the same color at all, and the skin that nearly covers it now; I did not notice it at all before."

"This change that it seems surprises you so much is in reality its natural condition. If it were always in that state in which you saw it at first, it would be very inconvenient. Only occasionally it takes that form. The sight of a woman or even our imagination will cause it to stiffen and stand up proudly, which goes to prove that the man was made for the woman and the woman for the man."

"That is strange. See, it is getting hard!"

"It would have to be a stick or a stone if a hand like yours would not bring it to life again, but that is enough, it exhausts a person when carried to excess, and you ought to restrain yourself and only do it when your desires overpower you, for as you are not fully developed yet, excess would do great harm. Do not mention anything of what I have told you or of what has taken place. I will come to see you again and then I will bring you a dildo proportionate to your age, so that you can amuse yourself. Good-bye, sweetheart."-I will ask the reader not to criticize the poor Franciscan monk too severely; I, for my part, bore him no ill will for having taken advantage of my youth and inexperience.

After the Franciscan left me, I retired to my room, very well satisfied indeed; my cousin putting in her appearance shortly after, her face flushed, seemingly suffered from the heart. "When did Father Anselmo leave?" she asked.

"At two o'clock, my cousin."

"And what did he say to you when you confessed your little pranks?"

"He forbad me to do it again."

"Very good, but you do not look as if you had followed his advice."

"Why, dear cousin?"

"Because your eyes pronounce the contrary."

I smiled and threw myself on her neck.

"Don't hang on me so, my little friend, for I am terribly warm. Let us work together until supper time," she said, giving me a motherly kiss.

Then while we were working she regaled me with an account of the beauties of a religious life, although I had already told her that I would embrace it, if for no other reason than to be always near her. I repeated my promise, taking a most solemn oath to that effect. From that time the most cordial relations, which exist even to the present time, date. Mamma, who came to see me quite often, was well pleased with my final resolutions and announced it with greater amiability than usual.

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