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The Claiming & Sacrifice: Two Novellas of Fantasy and Eros
by Sascha Illyvich

Category: Erotica/Erotic Fantasy/Fantasy
Description: Two Gripping Fantasy Novellas With an Erotic Twist. First read The Claiming, which Coffee Time Romances calls a story of "Timeless love, endless hate, and burning passion--a very exciting and enchanting read--a web of magic, vamp lore, and lust--action-packed fight scenes and erotic love scenes--a dream of a book!" then read Sacrifice, a tale of Ares, God of War, exiled to Earth and the body of an alcoholic private eye. Fallen Angel Reviews hailed Sacrifice as "An interesting premise--and the love scenes are hot and steamy."
eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions,
eBookwise Release Date: May 2009


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [132 KB]
Words: 27249
Reading time: 77-108 min.


Alicia's body felt alive, tingling everywhere his tender kisses touched, setting her skin ablaze. She squirmed against his embrace, trembled beneath his hands. His weight pinned her to the bed, and kept his features hidden from her.

His rough fingers massaged her flesh, making her nipples hard. He slid his hands down her hips, cupping her ass. He positioned himself between her creamy thighs and dipped his head down to taste her.

Alicia shuddered as his tongue explored her folds. She couldn't believe she was letting him touch her this intimately. But a man whose face she couldn't see in her bed, surrounded her. The feel of his velvety tongue around her cleft had her panting. His hot breath made her clit peek out. He nipped her clit and she shuddered, grasping his shoulders. Alicia dug her nails in, pushing him towards her sex as he licked and kissed around her sex.

Orgasm hit her from within, her core so wound up that she thought she would explode. She was right, fires that once smoldered began burning inside her, cooled beneath his touch. Alicia writhed and moaned aloud, unable to cry out anything more than noises from a voice that seemed distant.

"I want you," the rough masculine voice spoke in a Russian accent that resonated within her core, made her even wetter.

When had he slithered up her body and whispered into her ear?

It didn't matter. His cock was pressed against her and she welcomed his touch. His heat buried in her slickness would feel just as magnificent as his tongue, but he paused.

She couldn't see his face in the dark, but she felt him smile.

"Why are you smiling?" she panted.

"Because you are beautiful, and you are mine."

"Then take me," she said and urged her hips upward to force him inside her slick canal.

Alicia felt his weight on her body, but he didn't enter her. Instead, she felt him stroke her luscious breasts with one hand while the other circled her sex, played with her outer lips and tease her. She liked the way he cupped her ass with his free hand.

She couldn't be happier, legs spread, imagining in her mind's eye her parted pussy forming the perfect V with his large fingers entering her but he refused to give her what she wanted. "Why?" she cried out beneath him.

"Because," he said in between kisses along her jaw, "This is much more fun."

"No," she cried again, "it's not."

"Oh Alicia," he said her name, drawing the syllables out and annunciating the last part with a Russian drawl. "You're so beautiful when you're worked up like this. I can't wait to claim you for real."

Even though what he said was processed, Alicia didn't understand what he meant. Nor did she care. She slapped his ass and heard his laughter dance over her ears like a symphony. "Fuck me," she said and took hold of his cock between them. The large organ throbbed in her tiny hands. She placed him at her entrance and tried to force him inside her, but he struggled against her.

"Not yet," he said.

She jerked awake.


Confused and panting, but sweaty. Alicia looked around her room. She was alone. Her dream lover had come to see her again--and left her unsatisfied.

Again. "Son of a bitch!"

There was no way in hell that Alicia could possibly go back to sleep now. Now with her body in this state of arousal.

Groaning in frustration, She reached into the nightstand beside her bed for her little dolphin. Laying back among the damp sheets, she spread her legs and jerked her panties down enough to slide the vibe into her frustrated and hungry flesh.

The vibrator buzzed against her clitoris, forcing her legs closed. Thrashing her head around the pillow, she came quickly and fell asleep.

She woke up two hours later to the sound of her buzzer going off. "All right, damnit," she yelled. Alicia shoved the sheets away and crawled out of bed, unsatisfied and confused by her dreams. She'd been having them almost every Tuesday night for the past few months.

She padded across the floor and shut the buzzer off. Just great, it was 5:48 AM. She had to be at work in a little over an hour. At least it was for a good cause.

She was meeting with investors with an interest in making money, while supporting a good cause.

Alicia poured her coffee while considering her proposal. It had come a long way since she quit her job last year. Well, lost it was more accurate. After a long legal battle, the rights to her software package had finally been returned to her. Her boss had been a serious asshole about the whole thing.

"You're causing a problem for this company and unless you can tone down your antics, you're better off ... somewhere else." She remembered the words her asshole boss spoke.

Antics. Her antics were ethically based. One shouldn't profit from another's mistake, especially when said mistake would cause tons of shareholders millions of dollars, all of that money would end up in her company's pockets.

The hell with the greedy bastards," she thought as she sipped her coffee and ate a bagel..

Alicia had to make this work. She was running out of cash. If she managed to convince the group of angel investors that lending her money would benefit many people, and give them decent returns on their investments, then she would be financially secure for a long time.

As the water beaded over her body during her shower, thought of the stranger that kept seducing her in her dreams. She knew that he was tall, broad shouldered and built, but that's all she could see of him; it was always too dark for her to make anything else out of his physical features. Oh, and how wonderful his cock felt inside her. She sighed.

When they spoke in her dreams, he focused on her body, her pleasure. His reactions weren't visible, but she felt them deep in her heart especially when it was obvious to her that he could have any woman he wanted.

There was something about him that seemed magical. The word magic brought back fantasies of faeries, wolf men and other scary things that would intimidate anyone else. As a little girl, Alicia always fantasized about being something else, even swore she had memories of being a creature, a highly sexual creature, as a teenager.

To dream was nice, she thought as she washed the lather from her body and rinsed her waist length hair. She stood in front of the mirror with the towel wrapped around her, looking at her image. She wasn't wafer thin, thank the Goddess for her feminine figure. She let the towel fall to the carpet. Her dark hair fell in loose ringlets over her shoulders, covering her breasts. Alicia placed her hands on her hips and saw marks on her body that looked like bruises. A closer glance revealed that all of her "bruises" covered erogenous zones. A closer look at her breasts revealed teeth marks. Alicia touched one and found that it didn't hurt. A closer glance at the marks and she realized that they were hickeys. They didn't hurt, and she found herself giggling. "Hickeys? You've gotta be kidding me. That's impossible!" The thought alone made her blush. Had her night lover been real? "That's silly," she said aloud.

Dressed and ready for her meeting, she grabbed her coat, briefcase, smoothed her skirt and glanced one last time in the mirror behind the door. "Perfect." She walked out the door with hope on her heart and a prayer on her mind. She would be on time for once.

Nevermind about her unsatisfied libido or her anxiousness. Maybe those were byproducts of the erotic dreams she'd been having. Oh well. Have to blow those thoughts off and get down to business.

* * * *

Three hours later, Alicia sat over a soda and a club sandwich. Alicia sat across the table from Mark Dominique, a tall, gray haired gentleman with broad shoulders. He was dressed in a very nice dark suit with a light blue shirt beneath his coat. He looked older and like he kept in shape with the way his arms flexed beneath his business suit. Alicia didn't like the way he kept staring at her, as if she should be ashamed of the way she looked. He appeared to be peering over the rims of his glasses, except that he didn't wear any. His soft gray eyes reminded her of her father. He really did look old and caring, with wrinkles in his face that were more visible when he scowled.

He pulled his trench coat tighter around his shoulders. He sat across the table from her, studying her. "Why do you want this so bad, Alicia?"

"I thought I made that clear with you guys earlier," she retorted. "Recovering cancer victims need money and resources made more readily available to them." Her face was tired from scowling from the meeting. Each member had questioned her and she had scurried for answers.

"Yeah, I got that part. But I'm not concerned with the goodness of it at this point."

Alicia studied the older man's face. "What? Then why are you--"

"Let me start off by apologizing. It's not that those people don't need what you're offering to provide them with. And we'd like to see another entrepreneur start a successful business. But we get tons of proposals like yours every month. What determines where groups like ours throw our cash isn't just the business plan, the projects or any of that other crap."

"Then what does? My plan is tight, concise. I have facts, figures to back up--"

"Let me be more direct, Miss Carrigan. Your intent, your moral character, the sum of your parts will set you apart from the others."

As frustrated as Alicia was, his blatant honesty stunned her. She didn't expect him to be any more up front than any of the other investors had been, it was refreshing. Earlier, he'd been quiet, reserved. Mark Dominique had stared hard at her from across the table as she talked. He didn't even seem interested in what she had to say, but now? Why the change of heart?

"Look, Ms. Carrigan. Sleep on what we've told you. Give it some thought. Let that take you somewhere interesting, and get back to us as agreed. Okay?" Mark smiled, the wrinkles in his eyes lighting his facial expression. He let out a breath, relaxed his shoulders and leaned back in his chair. This was a nice change.

Maybe she could sway him. "Okay."

"And thank you for the company," he said.

"It's been a pleasure." Not really. More frustrating, actually.

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