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Three Hearts in the Wind
by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
Description: The WindVerse is under attack from a rogue alchemist who is using impotency to drain the powers of every magic-sayer. His plan is to become the only conjurer capable of casting magic. In order to stop his nefarious plan, it will take the combined powers of three very powerful sexual magicians uniting their essences to reverse the magic already done and return the WindVerse to normal. Alyx is a MageLord, a sexual master very good at his craft. Both he and his companion, Kynt, an Elemental, are needed to bring out the latent powers of a virginal young woman named Vyxn. Only when she comes into her own as their ReceivingMate can the greatest of her powers be unleashed. Together, the three will journey into pleasures of male and female, male and male until the juices run hot and passion has reached a fever pitch. Rating: Carnal--ménage a trios, male-on-male/male-on-female.
eBook Publisher: New Concepts Publishing, 2008
eBookwise Release Date: March 2009


19 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [67 KB]
Words: 13040
Reading time: 37-52 min.

Kynt ran his tongue between his lips a few times. He'd used that expert muscle almost as much during the past night as the one between his legs and it was nearly as numb. Despite walking a bit stiffly, he was pleasantly tired and completely sated. By his reckoning, he'd satisfied nine women in the time it had taken Alyx to do what Alyx did so well.

"But I had the real thing," Kynt said with a smirk as he walked through the stone wall.

He'd had brown cunt and pink cunt and every shade in between, he thought as he moved down the long corridor. He'd eaten so much sweet fur pie it was a wonder he hadn't become a diabetic overnight. He was sure if he could weigh himself, he would find he'd gained at least ten stone.

He licked his lips and remembered the salted honey flavors that had mingled in his mouth. The memories brought about a long, pleased sigh of contentment as he relived the evening's trysts.

Breasts--some heavy and pendulous, some perky and some no bigger than fried eggs. Nipples--most large and tasty if the wench was the breastfeeding kind but a few were shallow buds that needed to be coaxed to attention with delicious little nibbles. Areoles--pink or brown or taupe or dusky peach but every one a delight to lick and flick and lap and lave.

Silken arms and long, powerful legs had clasped him hard. Mouths had taken his and tongues had slipped between his teeth. Bodies had strained against his. Sheaths had pulsed around him with darling little ripples that made his cock quiver with recollection.

"Life is sweet," he said as he floated along. "Life is so sweet."

He refused to think about the little things he'd left behind with the women he'd fucked so thoroughly during those fleeting moments he'd been allowed freedom to be what he was. It didn't bear remembering that in nine months those same women would be cursing their ghostly lover as they strained to bring new life into the world.

"Sorry," he mumbled and that was the last he would even entertain a breath of guilt.

As he neared Alyx's chambers, he stopped to ponder the last woman into whom he'd poured his seed. Ah, but she had been such a romping delight!

"Meghan," he said, closing his pale blue eyes as he brought to mind her lovely face and luscious form.

He'd slipped through the thatched walls of her cottage for he had smelled the need coursing from her tight little virgin cunt. Like a beacon, her need drew him into a dark corner of the dwelling and to her lonely cot where she was writhing beneath the covers, her slender hands on her hot sex.

"Let me," he'd whispered and then slid into the cot beside her.

He eased aside her hands and rubbed her silken patch of curls, eliciting a low groan from her pretty mouth.

"Shush!" he warned. It would not do for the others in the cottage to hear and come to investigate.

He swirled his hand over and over her mons, pressing the base of his palm hard just above the sweet bud he so ached to taste. When she began arching her hips up to him in sacrifice, he slipped a finger into that hot channel and then had to quickly cover her mouth with his to drown out her moaning gasp.

In and out his finger moved slowly and surely as his tongue slipped past her teeth to swirl around her mouth. Her panting, her trembling built until he twisted his finger around inside her so he could thumb her tight little anus, as well.

Though he could control the span of human time easily--and had to for Mage time was quicker still and Alyx was nearing the completion of what he did so well--he hated to rush this virginal beauty. But he was running out of time and he so wanted to taste her and claim that fragile obstruction within her sheath.

Lightning quick, he mounted her and nudged her thighs far apart. His shaft was huge and she was a tiny thing but need overcame his normal care for his human conquests. He could hear Alyx moaning and time was of the essence.

With one powerful thrust, he broke through the little barricade, caught her pained intake of breath in his mouth and then with lightning strokes brought her quickly to a glorious climax--her very first--and then rode her until his own pleasure had been accomplished. As Alyx strove to get his racing pulse and gasping breath under control, Kynt shot one last creamy burst into Meghan's well-fucked cunt and then dissolved, leaving the newly-made woman to sigh with utter content.

"I took you better than any fumbling village boy ever could have, Meggie, my love. You'll remember your spectral lover with a smile," he said and opened his eyes.

He blinked, blinked again, and his lips parted as two powerful warriors rushed him.

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