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Heart And Soul
by Adrianna Dane

Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
Description: Confrontation explodes into a triangle of blistering passion... Laughtry and Mary share more than hot, adventurous sex. They're bounty hunters, business partners who may have met by accident, but more likely were linked through destiny. Having been lovers of the same magnetic man--at different times--they are now bound to each other. Half Cherokee, Ray Blackhawk remains a shadow that hovers over both of them, or maybe between them. He's a man whose mark they both carry and whose memory still burns hot as the Oklahoma sun. A lover who disappeared from their lives like a ghostly mist at sunrise, leaving them both with heartache, questions, and no closure. Now it's time to resolve the past. A motorcycle journey takes Laughtry and Mary from Tulsa to Freedom, Oklahoma, to confront Blackhawk and discover what changes time has wrought and whether love and memory can withstand the ravages of remembered passion. Or will the journey's end tear apart Laughtry and Mary? Will Blackhawk remember and choose one of them over the other? And can they accept what fate has planned? What will happen when the three of them finally confront each other for the first time? Genres: Contemporary / Western / Cowboys / BDSM (Light) / Menage (M/M/F) / Group Sex / Bisexual (M/M) / Voyeurism / Exhibitionism / Public Places
eBook Publisher: Amber Quill Press, 2008
eBookwise Release Date: March 2009


9 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [93 KB]
Words: 18843
Reading time: 53-75 min.

"...An interesting story of how memories of the past can affect how we live our lives. The story starts out at a running pace and doesn't slow down until the very end. I was drawn into the story...This is a very erotic story as Mary and Laughtry have an intense relationship and their continued attraction to Ray has not dimmed over time. Watching them face the past head on and draw strength from one another is fascinating and makes for an enjoyable read."--Emily, Rainbow Reviews

"5 Nymphs!...Well-defined characters lead me on a roller coaster of emotion, sometimes almost too intense for me to bear. Lust, hurt, betrayal and confusion are powerful tools that the author explores very well. There was a satisfying conclusion to their journey as characters start to understand the importance of each other in their lives and I was left with a sense of destiny playing its part; that people come into our lives for a reason."--Rose Nymph, Literary Nymphs Reviews

In Laughtry's dream, his cock was inside Mary, warm and snug, and Ray's cock was buried in Laughtry's ass. The ride was hot and deep. He dove into Mary, pulled back and Ray drove his cock inside Laughtry. The bliss seemed to go on and on, climax close, so close, yet just out of reach. It was perfect and beautiful.

The scene changed and this time it was Ray buried in Mary's ass, and Laughtry embedded inside Ray. Oh, God, yes. He felt how close he was to bursting, how much he'd missed the friction of Ray's ass bearing down on him. The passionate burn of his body was almost more than he could stand.

He awoke to soft hands roving over his bare ass, massaging, smoothing and separating. He was lying on his stomach and the feel of cool, soft grass beneath him, his head resting on his arms. He wondered what time it was, how long he'd been sleeping, as he attempted to clear his head of the erotic dream.

But with Mary's nimble fingers sliding along the crease of his ass it wasn't easy to shake. A finger circled over his anus.

"Mary," he said, his voice still hoarse from sleep.

He felt her squirt the lube in his hole, then she buried her finger inside. He groaned as she burrowed deeper.

"Cowgirl, you're asking for trouble."

"Mmm," she purred. As the fingers of one hand worked his anus, the other continued to stroke and smooth over his buttocks. "Did I ever tell you that you have the most mouthwatering ass of any man I've ever met?"

He shuddered when her wet tongue licked over his flesh. She sucked and nipped as her fingers dipped and danced in his channel. He found himself thrusting backward, his cock hard. He slowly shoved to his knees, thighs spread, muscles tight. He reached for his dick, masturbating as Mary finger-fucked him.

"Shall I soften you up for him, Laughtry?" Her words were soft-spoken as she added a third finger to the two that pried him open. His cock burned hot and went as rigid as a two-by-four at the thought of her getting him ready for the ex-lover they'd both had in the past.

"What makes you think anything's going to happen, cowgirl?"

"I want to watch you with him. I want to be there when he takes you." She shoved her slick fingers as deep as they would go. He felt them curve and stroke. It wasn't long before he climaxed, shuddering with pulse after pulse.

Her other hand moved lightly up his back, stroking along his spine as he quivered and spurted his semen onto the ground. He saw himself being taken by Ray, and Mary watching them, touching him as he placed himself once again into the hands of Ray Blackhawk. His heart pounded like a train racing down the tracks. He realized he wanted to be with them both--at the same time. That was what his dream was all about. He suddenly realized he'd wanted that for a very long time. No other man would do--it had to be Ray.

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