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by Shara Bloodstone

Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
Description: As a top-notch hair stylist, Bobby Salem retains inner tranquility, regardless of high-maintenance clients or a high-pressured environment. Successfully ensconced at a famous salon on Madison Avenue, he now wants to see his lover get ahead. The problem is, gorgeous Ricky Hart has strayed from building on past achievements as an actor. He's lost touch with his passion to build a career as a Broadway performer and now works as a bartender. Stuck in a rut of sleeping all day after partying all night, he's ceased going to classes and auditions; even his agent has abandoned interest in helping him. While Bobby means well, his attempt to jolt Ricky into action by pointing out this backward slide only serves as a wedge in their relationship. One of Bobby's biggest clients, however, is a powerful casting director, and Bobby promises Ricky the opportunity to show the woman his talent. Now, Ricky must dig down into his soul and sharpen the edge he's lost over the past year. It's up to him to avoid liquor and his wayward buddies devoid of ambition. He, alone, can discipline himself to study his craft and get back in shape for a career that depends on it. As Ricky prepares for the rigors of auditioning, Bobby receives inside information about a major production of Hair being cast. As it happens, Ricky has dreamed of playing one of the lead roles in that show for more than half his life! He focuses as he never has before, and prepares with diligence to win the part. Loyal to the man he adores, Bobby chooses to put aside his own needs while awaiting the outcome of Ricky's efforts. But will his love and encouragement be enough to help Ricky rekindle his passion for performing and gain the important role? Genres: Gay / Contemporary / The Arts / Interracial / Multicultural / Menage / Group / BDSM (Light) / Voyeurism / Exhibitionism / Public Places
eBook Publisher: Amber Quill Press, 2008
eBookwise Release Date: February 2009


7 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [116 KB]
Words: 22672
Reading time: 64-90 min.

Hips swiveling, Ricky sauntered toward Bobby. When Bobby tilted his head up, his eyes were level with the crotch of Ricky's blue jeans.

Ricky shot Bobby a grin. "Been here long?"

Bobby nodded. "I saw most of the show."

Ricky laughed. He crouched next to Bobby's ear and asked, "Did it turn you on?"

"Human animals get turned on watching other humans fuck, don't ya know? Whether or not we want to. It's kind of a knee-jerk reaction."

Ricky stood. "So you're telling me you would've gotten turned on regardless of who was up there doing it?"

Bobby thought about it. "Maybe."

Ricky's smirked. "Bullshit."

Bobby shrugged. "Okay. You're more fucking gorgeous than most other people here. Who would I rather watch? You, of course. But, then again, I'd also be happier if I actually fucked you myself."

"Hey, you were the one who got all pissy when I came by last week."

"'Cause it was, like, two-thirty A.M. and I had a major client early the next morning. And ... you were drunk." He paused and looked at him. "It's not like I don't love having sex with you. You know that."

Ricky leaned back into his hip and gave Bobby a seductive look.

"Come on," he said. "Let's get a drink."

Bobby was aware of numerous eyes on Ricky and him as they walked toward the small bar in the room. He had to admit, he liked people knowing he was with the guy they were all drooling over. And he liked knowing he was more to the pretty boy than just a one-time fuck.

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