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I am Yours, Master
by David Jewell

Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
Description: Officer Jack Perry thinks he is making a routine traffic stop but when driver Keith Powers suggests that Jack take his girlfriend Loni for "test drive" instead of writing a ticket, Jack decides to take him up on his offer. After having an awesome test drive of unbridled sex with Lonie, Jack find himself curious about what makes the couple tick, and takes Keith up on his offer to take Loni for another test drive. In doing so, he is introduced to the world of the dominance and submission and the system of rewards and punishment that makes Keith and Lonie's relationship so unique and intense. Jack becomes enamored by the idea of owning a woman like Keith does. Soon Jack discovers that owning a woman who is utterly obedient to his every whim and who enjoys being punished by him produces what he calls "Gran Turismo Orgasms." So Jack enlists Keith's help in training his girlfriend Cate to become the girl of his dreams. Cate is educated, intelligent, athletic and somewhat open to exploring new sexual ideas. As Jack slowly but deliberately increases his dominance, she progressively finds herself becoming more submissive and eager to obey his commands, such as having sex with another woman, enjoying her first threesome and venturing into the world of bondage and discipline. When she experiences her first Gran Turismo Orgasm, she is more than willing to open herself up to exploring even more of this world of dominance and submission in order to feed her needs for intense and so satisfying sex. In the end, Jack and Cate are filled with joy and the anticipation of continuing their journey of new found commitment to each other as he places his collar around her neck and takes complete ownership of her.
eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler Editions,
eBookwise Release Date: August 2008


32 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [231 KB]
Words: 54322
Reading time: 155-217 min.


Keith Powers enjoyed the sensation of being pushed back against the bucket seat of his 1968 Pontiac GTO as he accelerated up the on-ramp to Interstate 90, which ran across the southern half Minnesota. He loved the rush of feeling all four barrels of the carburetor opening up and feeding the three hundred and eighty-five horses beneath the glistening red hood of his finely tuned classic car. The headers roared as he approached ninety miles per hour entering the Interstate. He backed off the accelerator until he was cruising effortlessly at seventy-five with the engine tachometer showing just under three thousand revolutions per minute. "Damn! I'll never tire of how that feels," he said. He looked at his passenger and touched the thin white leather collar around her neck. "What about you?"

"I love it, Master." Her heart was beating a little fast from the rush of feeling the horsepower power propelling the GTO up the on-ramp and eastbound onto Interstate 90 from Stewartville.

"I know, my pet." He noticed the outline of her hard nipples in her light blue rayon blouse. He smiled knowing the power and acceleration of the GTO had excited her in more ways than one. He touched her firm, braless breast.

"Mmmmm. That feels good, Master."

"It does," he agreed. Keeping his eyes on the road, he toyed with her pierced nipple and encouraged it to become even harder. He loved feeling her body responding to him.

As trained, she had hiked up her short black cotton skirt when she got into the car so that her naked pussy was against the black leather seat. She had positioned the skirt to display most of her legs while just concealing her shaved pussy.

He glanced at her shapely legs. He placed his hand on the top of her left thigh and softly stroked the top of it. He loved the texture of her skin. Slowly, he moved his hand toward her pussy. He smiled when she spread her legs in anticipation.

"Oh, Master," she purred as his fingers moved over the bare skin just above her slit. After two years of being collared to him, she was still amazed over how exciting his touches still felt. To be honest, she craved them more and more with each passing day.

"You are so smooth," he complimented her.

"Always for you, Master." She lifted her hips slightly. She gasped when his hand moved between her legs and lightly caressed her slit.

"You are a needy slut."

"I am, Master. Oh, yeah," she gasped as his fingers moved between the lips of her pussy and touched her clit. She looked at him with soft, blue eyes that conveyed a complete surrender to him and a growing, urgent need between her legs. "Mmmmmmm."

"Do you want to cum for me?" he asked as he massaged her joy button.

"Yes, Master. Please may I?"

"Show me your tits."

"Yes, Master." She lifted her blouse and turned slightly toward him.

"Those are nice," he said after taking a quick glance. "Play with them," he demanded as he kept making small circles around her clit.

"Mmmmmmm," she purred as she obeyed. With her nipples still hard, she toyed with her nipple rings.

He lustfully looked at her large, medium pink areolae. He was thankful that the interstate was for the most part was straight at this point. He licked his lips as he felt his penis responding to the effects of power--the power of the GTO and his power over her.

Loni Hendricks was a stunning platinum blond with sparkling light blue eyes. Her hair was wavy and shoulder length. Her lips were thin and looked very sensual and inviting thanks to her deep red lipstick. Her neck was long; her breasts were full, round and capable of filling D cups when permitted to wear a bra. Her legs were long, thin and firm with a supple skin that Keith just loved to caress. "Oh, yeah," she purred as she twisted her nipple rings over one hundred and eighty degrees. "I'm close, Master. May I cum? Please."

He smiled. He glanced at the speedometer to make sure he was holding his speed at seventy-five miles per hour. He felt her body quivering and ready to respond to his command. His hard penis was evidence of just how much all this was exciting him. "Yes, cum for me."

She placed her hand over his and pressed it firmly against her pussy as she pulled and twisted one of her nipple rings. The combination sent her over the edge. "Yes!" she yelled above the roar of the engine. She churned in the leather seat as she enjoyed the rest of her intense climax. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." She cupped both breasts and toyed with her nipples.

He removed his hand from between her legs when she collapsed against the bucket seat. He tasted her.

"May I taste myself, Master?" She looked at him as she pushed her breasts together.

He smiled. "Yes, you may. You're very tasty today." He watched as she retrieved some of her juices.

"Mmmmmm," she moaned as she sucked on her fingers. "I am, Master," she agreed as she went back for more.

"Do you know what GTO stands for?"

"No, Master."

"Gran Turismo Omologato." He looked at her. "But in your case, it stands for a Gran Turismo Orgasm."

"It was, Master. It was awesome. Thank you," she said after her fingers slipped from her lips.

"I'd like a Gran Turismo Orgasm as well, my pet."

"Yes, Master." Kneeling on the bucket seat, she unbuckled, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. "Oh, my! You're hard already, Master," she said when she reached into his fly.

"I am," he said with an evil grin. "Watching you turned me on."

"I'm glad, Master." She smoothed the precome over the tip of his penis as she admired its length and thickness.

"Oh, yeah." He jerked in reaction to her soft touches.

Kneeling on the bucket seat, she leaned over and took him into her hot mouth. Her ass was in the air. And since her short skirt didn't begin to cover it in this position, she was showing her feminine charms out the passenger's window.

"Oh, god," he moaned as all his training her in the art of fellatio was obviously paying off. His reaction caused his right foot to step down on the accelerator and took the GTO to over eighty miles per hour. He noticed that they were just passing the St. Charles turnoff. What he didn't notice was the Minnesota Trooper making a left turn onto the on-ramp. "Suck my cock," he demanded.

She eagerly obeyed. She felt the tip swelling in her mouth. She tasted his precome. She felt him fucking her mouth while she demonstrated that she really knew her way around a cock.

He glanced down at the bobbing head in his lap. He tightened his grip on the steering wheel and forced himself to focus on staying in his lane. "Suck it, my pet." He changed lanes to pass a car. He smiled when the other driver did a double take when he saw Loni's bare ass and pussy as they sped by. "I'm going to cum." As he tensed, he pushed the accelerator down even further. "Take it all." He exploded in her mouth with an incredible orgasm as the GTO hit over one hundred miles per hour.

"Mmmmm," she purred as she felt and tasted his ejaculations. She had her reward.

"Yes, yes, yes," he said in sync with his ejaculations. "Oh, yeah," he moaned as she sucked him dry.

"Enjoy, Master?" she asked as she came up for air licking her lips.

"Yes. That was fucking fantastic!"

"You tasted great, Master." She turned around and sat back in the bucket seat with her bare pussy pressed against the cool leather.


"What, Master."

"Cops." He looked down and saw that he was now doing one hundred and ten. "Damn." Then he looked at her. "But it was worth it. That was my first climax at over a hundred."

"I'm glad you think so, Master." She took in a deep a breath as the GTO slowed and finally came to a stop on the shoulder near the Lewiston turnoff.

He made himself presentable as the trooper called in his license number than walked up to the driver's door. He rolled down his window. "Good afternoon, Officer."

"Driver's license and registration."

"Okay." He handed them to the trooper.

"How fast were you going?" he asked after looking at the documents.

"Fast, Officer. Over a hundred."

The officer laughed. "At least you're honest."

"You caught me red handed."

"When her head bobbed up, I think I almost caught you with your pants down," he said and let him know he was observant.

Keith looked at him. He gave him sheepish smile. He looked at his name plate. "Guilty, Officer Perry."

"I thought you were going to lose control back there."

"I did, Officer. Oh, you meant control of the car."

"Yes, the car, Keith." He shook his head and smiled at him. Leaning down, he looked at his passenger. "Your name, miss."

She looked at him with her blue eyes. "Loni, sir." She noticed that his eyes lingered on her breasts then on her legs.

"Well, Loni, what you were doing is dangerous."

"Yes, Officer."

"You don't leave me much choice. I'm going to give you a ticket," he informed Keith.

Noticing how his eyes were still lingering on Loni's legs, Keith made an offer. "I really can't afford another ticket. Maybe we can work something out."

Officer Perry shifted his eyes so he could look at him. "It's against the law to bribe an officer."

"I know. And I wasn't thinking of bribing you, Officer."

"Oh. And what were thinking?"

"I like my women to be hot just like my cars. And I think you do too. I'm sure Loni wouldn't mind if you took her for a test drive."

Officer Perry glanced back at Loni, who was now sitting up straight and jutting out her breasts. He focused on her nipples for a moment before looking into her eyes. "Is that right, Loni?"

"That's right, Officer." She smiled sweetly then slowly moved the tip of her tongue over her upper lip. "I won't mind at all."

He smiled. "I'll tell you what, Keith. If I like the test drive, I'll just give you a warning,"

"Thank you. I'm sure you will."

"And I know the perfect place for a test drive. Follow me."

"Okay." He breathed a sigh of relief as Officer Perry walked back to his patrol car. He looked at Loni. "Make sure it's a test drive he won't forget."

"I will, Master," she promised.

Following Officer Perry, he got off at the Lewiston off-ramp which was a few miles from the small town. Turning off the blacktop onto a gravel road, he slowly followed the patrol car to prevent any rock chips to the paint of the GTO to an abandoned barn that was two miles away and sat a few hundred feet back from the gravel road. He parked out of sight behind the barn next to the patrol car.

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