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Resumes with Impact
by Lester Watts

Category: Business
Description: It's an extremely competitive job market out there today. Unlike your parents or grandparents, it's very rare that someone has a single job in their lifetime. It's a foregone conclusion that you will never earn that proverbial "gold watch." Today, it's all about survival of the fittest and it begins with your resume. Of course you can pay someone a hefty fee to prepare a resume for you. Or, you can choose to do it yourself. Preparing your own resume can be a daunting task without a mentor. We have just the ticket for you. Resumes with Impact is like having a mentor sitting by your side while you prepare for your career. Writing your resume requires skill and purpose. Slapping together a list of experience and hobbies doesn't even put you in the running, let alone winning that prize position. The odds for employment being with they are today dictate that you will have to apply for new positions several times throughout your life. The sooner you get it together the better off your professional landscape will look., Do you know what type of resume you wish to prepare?, Do you fully understand the position you are seeking?, Do you know how to find out what the employer wants?, Do you know exactly what you must always include?, Do you know how long your resume should be? Writing an effective cover letter can be crucial. Do you know how to do it? Answers to all these questions and more can be found in Resumes with Impact. You will also learn the fine art of the successful interview. Plus, find out what you need to know about following up properly so you can snag that job you are hoping to land. Do yourself, and your career, a huge favor and grab your copy now. We know you will be on your way to a powerful presentation!
eBook Publisher: MH Publishing, 2008
eBookwise Release Date: August 2008


Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [64 KB]
Words: 12204
Reading time: 34-48 min.

Part I--Resumes.

The Basics of Resumes

Some people say that resumes are an easier part of the application process than interviews because you're not facing real humans.

But, we need to prepare our resume as carefully and as thoroughly as we prepare ourselves for the interview. Once you have sent your employment package off, it must be your silent salesman, able to present you in the best light possible.


Do not include a photograph of yourself unless it is requested.

When you do, select it carefully so that that it helps to maintain the professional image you have established with the resume.

Use a fairly recent head and shoulders portrait type of picture if you have one available.

Make sure that you are portrayed as the sort of person the employer wants for the position.

A genuine smile improves an average picture better than any special computer program.

Don't use a picture which includes other people, pets or distracting details.

Which Type of Resume?

There are three basic ways to present your information and claims in your resume. But these basic categories are not set in stone.

You are free to include sections which cover all of these areas in whatever depth seems appropriate.

Your History

This is a very traditional form which details your education and work history along with any special achievements. It's probably still featured in many schools because that's what the instructors were taught when they went to school.

This is the obvious choice for someone that has perhaps had a career in one industry and whose jobs through their career have each been either a move upward or, at least, Copyright (c)2008 All Rights Reserved

"Resumes and Interviews with IMPACT!" by Lester Watts Page 9 of 53

sideways to a job with similar duties and remuneration but, in your opinion, more potential.

As the work environment changes and less people are following the traditional path by staying in one job for many years or even their whole career, this type of resume is becoming less common.

It may not be the most suitable for someone who has, for whatever reason:

Moved between jobs fairly often

Had periods where they were not employed

Had ups and downs in their career path

One advantage with this type of resume for whoever reviews all the applications is that it is very linear and easy to follow.

These are some important points to keep in mind when writing the historical resume:

1] The employer is likely to be most interested in your recent history--up to about 5 years ago.

2] Be sure to account for any long gaps in your employment record.

Your Skills and Achievements:

This format emphasizes your accomplishments and is becoming more common and popular as people change jobs and even industries more frequently than used to happen.

This form of resume may be a good choice if:

You have gaps in your employment history

You got most of your relevant experience some time back and have been doing a different type of work more recently.

You have practical experience and success but may not have the best formal qualifications.

You have the skills for the job but gained them over many years and think that the employer may focus on your age and hold it against you.

You should give the most space to your experience and less emphasis on the path your career has taken.

Copyright (c)2008 All Rights Reserved

"Resumes and Interviews with IMPACT!" by Lester Watts Page 10 of 53

Fitting the Specifications:

This format focuses on matching your experience to the criteria for the specific job you apply for.

The information you provide should give details of your successes in your previous jobs and demonstrate any personal qualities which fit the employer's stated requirements.

This way, you can make it easy for the employer to find the specific points which he or she is most interested in, rather than having to dig through your detailed work history to dig them out.

But, you still should include brief details of the most important parts of your work history.

Copyright (c)2008 All Rights Reserved

"Resumes and Interviews with IMPACT!" by Lester Watts Page 11 of 53

Preparing a Powerful Resume

Psychological testing of applicants has developed over recent years and interviews are obviously also very important when selecting the successful applicant.

This has led many people to think of the resume as a necessary but relatively unimportant part of their application. But, your resume is likely to be a critical factor in getting you on the short list of job-seekers who actually get to be tested and interviewed.

It is not only a record of your work history and other details, it is your only chance to influence the person who does the initial screening of all the applications submitted for the position.

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