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by Carol Lynne, Brynn Paulin, Lacey Thorn

Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
Description: 'A Legend Arises' by Brynn Paulin: Legend has it that long, long ago, a great knight fell in love with a fair maiden.... Emma knew her entire life that she'd eventually marry Ailig and be the lady in his castle. But she had dreams of freedom which weren't befitting to a lady of her standing. Still she yearned for Ailig and the unknown of his arms. As Ailig's wife she learns her true freedom is in his arms and bondage is the emptiness she feels when they're parted. Instead of wishing for freedom, she fears for her love's safety while he does his king's bidding. Though she endeavours to hide her apprehension, Ailig knows of his bride's anxieties yet duty to king and country compels him. Before answering each call to service, he promises to safely return.
But there are some perils that even a knight can't overcome... 'Gaining Hope' by Lacey Thorn: Hope has spent the last three years searching for her older sister and now she's finally found her. And not a moment to soon. Her twenty-first birthday is just a week away and with it her marriage to a man old enough to be her father. She is desperate to escape and when fate presents her with the chance she grabs it. Guilt at leaving her younger sisters behind eats at her until the night she runs into the man of her dreams. He's tall, dark and handsome with the most sensual Irish brogue she's ever heard. Shawn O'Grady had no idea what fate awaited him. First he'd discovered the bottle with the note and the necklace, followed almost instantly by the blonde beauty with fear in her eyes. She called to everything that was inside him until he was the one with fear. Fear of falling in love, fear of letting go. Fear of gaining hope. 'Moonlit Magic' by Bronwyn Green: Brought back to Ireland by her job, American Beckett Matthews jumps at the chance to study an artefact that recently washed ashore on an Irish beach. She's thrilled to have the opportunity to explore the history of the necklace. She's far less enthused to explore her personal history with the man who found the treasure-her first love. Kieran Brennan has waited five years for Beckett to finally return to Ireland. When he found the necklace, he knew it was more than a historical find-it was the key to reclaiming the only woman he ever loved. Under a curse from the Faery King, he couldn't follow her when she'd fled to her home in the States years ago, but now in his arms he'll help her face her fears and return to him. Unfortunately, he isn't the only one after Beckett. Denied his tribute when she fled, Aodhan the Faery King wants to claim her for his own. 'Healing Doctor Ryan' by Carol Lynne: Oncologist, Brannigan Ryan is used to people falling for him. With his black-Irish good-looks and easy bedside manner he's a favourite among patients. Surrounded by death on a daily basis, however, Bran has learned to harden his heart quite effectively. That is until he starts treating Ian Fitzgerald. Ian's warm smile and determination easily punch holes in Bran's barriers. Taking a step back to rebuild the walls around his heart, Bran takes off to his weekend house in Newport. He can't surrender to Ian and he can't ever get involved with a patient. When a treasure and a message in a bottle wash ashore on his beach, he's forced to re-examining his determination and wonder if he can't open himself to love after all. 'A Legend Accomplished' by Brynn Paulin: Writer, Emily Harteger has been at loose ends her entire life, never quite fitting in anywhere she's gone. She finds her place in the past amongst the knights and maidens she creates on paper. When a story idea comes to her in a dream, she's compelled to travel to England on a trip she can neither afford nor justify. She's drawn to the shores of Northern England where vivid pictures fill her head and she pens a lurid tale of Sir Alexander and his love Emagarde. When she meets Alec Woods, the very embodiment of the man she's visualised in her dreams, she's drawn under his spell. Her visions of the knight and his love grow stronger and she wonders if the attraction she feels for Alec is real or the product of her wishful dreaming. Then they find a bottle containing a necklace and note identical to one she's written about in her book... Is this fantasy or something else entirely?
eBook Publisher: Total-e-bound, 2008 2008
eBookwise Release Date: August 2008


39 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [336 KB]
Words: 75828
Reading time: 216-303 min.

Legend has it that long, long ago, a great knight fell in love with a fair maiden. He took her to wife and together they lived in his great keep high on a hill overlooking the ocean...

Northern England, 1263

"Emma!" Ailig Bennett bellowed as he left his horse in the care of his squire and rushed into his keep. Behind him, the ocean crashed against the shore at the foot of the hills where his keep had been built. He cared little for it or the oncoming storm. He pulled off his leather gloves as his eyes adjusted to the dim interior of the great hall.

Servants scurried around, lighting torches to break the oncoming darkness.

"Emma," he called again. He headed towards the doorway at the back of the wall which would lead to the stairs spiralling to the upper chambers housed in the north tower. The solar was there and no doubt Emma, as well, as she bent over her stitching. He smiled at the thought of pulling his new bride into his arms and unravelling her carefully braided hair.

Would she welcome him with as much vigour as that which coursed through his veins? He'd left her behind on their wedding day, answering the urgent call of his king. On that day he'd hated his liege, but with King Henry's contingent of messengers waiting, he had been unable to tarry.

Today, finally, he would be one with his bride.

Reaching the floor above the great hall, he strode towards his thinking chamber. Another set of stairs within it lead to the solar. "Emma," he called more gently as he crested the top of the stairs.

His bride stood in the large chamber, her back to him as she stared through an arrow slot at the waves below. His breath caught at the sight of her long brown braids cascading to her slim waist. He could not wait to give the bride gift he had purchased for her on his journey.

She spun at the sound of his voice, a smile lighting her face.

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