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WindDreamer [WindLegends Saga Book 6]
by Charlotte Boyett-Compo

Category: Erotica/Paranormal Erotica/Dark Fantasy
Description: They were destined for one another. When Conar returns as the DarkWind at long last he reunites with Liza, the one woman he loves more than life, for it is only together that they can destroy the dominion. But can they truly triumph over something that powerful and evil? Or will Conar lose forever the only thing in life that ever truly mattered to him .. Liza?
eBook Publisher: New Concepts Publishing, 2007
eBookwise Release Date: July 2008


13 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [503 KB]
Words: 110403
Reading time: 315-441 min.


Chapter One

Teal du Mer draped an affectionate arm around Elizabeth A'Lex's shoulders and kissed her temple. "You bring a ray of sunshine to this miserable, overcast day, Milady!" Cocking an eye to the two young boys accompanying her, he squeezed her against him. "And some mischief, too, I think."

Liza returned his hug, and extricated herself from his embrace. She nodded at the tall Necroman, regarding her from the top of the stairs leading to the second floor bedchambers. "How are you this morning, King Shalu?" she asked, sensing disapproval.

"Until this moment, quite content," the big man answered. His dark eyes were hooded as he swung his stare to the smaller of the two boys a few paces behind her. His black face turned hard and his thick lips pursed as he returned his gaze to Liza. "Now, I am quite discontent."

Liza's cheeks burned. She glanced at Teal, who looked back at her with an expression that said he also wasn't sure she had made a wise decision in bringing the boys to Ivor Keep.

"Why are you still here, Milady?" Sentian Heil joined the others with a hint of gentle reproach.

"Teal," Liza asked her old friend, putting a hand on his arm. "Would you take in the boys to break their fast?"

"What are you still doing here, Liza?" an angry voice interrupted.

She lifted her gaze to the balcony and saw her husband striding purposefully across the gallery. His boot heels rang out on the marble risers as he came down the stairs, Brelan Saur close on his heels.

"Good morn, Milord," she answered, a tentative smile on her lips.

"Answer me, Liza!" King Legion A'Lex snarled as he stepped from the last riser and faced her. "I thought I made it clear last eve you were to be gone at first light." He folded his arms across his chest.

Liza's felt her face flush. "And I thought I made it clear I would not be leaving."

"The gods damn you, woman!" he shouted, making her and the others jump. "I will see you do as you are told!"

Liza saw the tight rein he held over his emotions. She lifted her chin and locked her gaze with his stormy one. "I was sent here, Milord, and I am doing as I was told! I do not wish to argue."

Legion grabbed her arm in a punishing grip. "I told him last eve and I will tell you now in front of these men--I will not let you and Conar be together--to work magic or to cuckold me!"

"I would not betray you." Tears misted her lowered lashes. She wrung her hands. "Conar would never...."

"Has, Madame! Has betrayed me, or do you forget that?"

"Legion," Brelan warned, touching his brother's shoulder.

Legion jerked away. "This woman was willing to face a death sentence to protect the man who dishonored her! Conar is our brother, and I love him, but I will never allow him to touch her again!"

"Legion, please," Liza pleaded, reaching out to him, alarmed when he stepped back, his face livid with rage.

"Pay close heed to what I tell you, Madame," he whispered, his face hard and set, coldness hissing in his voice. "If you do not leave this keep before nooning, I will lock your sweet ass in the bowels of the keep and have Conar shackled hand and foot in the tower! I will keep you apart!"

Legion pushed through the men gathered near the keep's main portal and jerked the door wide. He stormed out into the misting rain as though he did not feel the chill.

"I'll talk to him," Roget mumbled and followed his friend from the keep.

"He doesn't understand, Liza," Brelan said.

"There isn't anything Legion can do to stop what has to happen," she whispered. "We must be together, as one, in order to do what we have to."

Liza glanced up at the balcony. The others did also, seeing their Overlord standing there, his hands braced on the elaborate wrought iron railing.

Elizabeth A'Lex's heart broke as she looked at Conar. His blond hair was much shorter than when he had left Boreas Keep. It now curled gently around his ears and hung low on his neck. His blue eyes looked troubled, tired, but they gleamed a deep sapphire as he gazed at her. A day's worth of beard stubbled the cleft in his chin, but instead of making him look unkempt, the growth only added to his sensuality.

His wide shoulders drooped with fatigue, but he stood tall, his six-foot frame unbent by the tragedies that had surrounded him nearly all his years. Though thin after his long confinement, he still looked whipcord strong and heavily muscled across his chest, thighs, and arms.

As if aware of her thoughts, he cocked a tawny brow and grinned his most devilish grin.

Liza blushed.

"I can still make your heart race, can't I, Toad?" he teased, the words coming softly out of the Veil to her ears alone.

"Be good," she answered, even though the words never left her lips.

"I'm best when I'm bad."

"How well I know, Milord."

"All the original members of the Wind Force will be here come eventide," Shalu said, gaining Conar's attention.

"All?" Corbin McGregor asked as he and his little brother came out of the dining area. "Imagine, Regan! The important men of the Wind Force all gathered together at one time in one place!"

"Imagine!" the younger boy gushed with awe. "I can hardly wait!"

"Me, neither!" Corbin giggled and looked at his mother. "How many are there?"

"I don't know," Liza answered, looking away from Conar's penetrating gaze.

"Fourteen, aren't there?" Teal asked as he ruffled Corbin's thick, blond curls.

Brelan held up his fingers and began to count. "There's Conar, of course." He looked up at his brother who smiled. "Then Roget and me, your uncles Grice and Chand and Jah-Ma-El, your cousins Rylan and Paegan Hesar, Tyne Brell, Chase Montyne, Holm Van de Lar, Sentian and Storm, and last, but certainly not least, Shalu." He nodded. "Aye, fourteen."

As the men began to answer Corbin's questions concerning the other men who had helped to organize the Wind Force in Chrystallus--men like Ching-Ching and Pearl and Misha, the Shadow-warrior--Liza watched Conar's face fill with pride.

He loves them all, she thought, and saw his lips twitch as he intercepted her musing. She looked at the marble floor.


She turned when the door opened and her husband strode in, his hair wet, his leather jacket dusted with fine droplets of rain.

He came to her and stared down into her worried face. "You plan on disobeying me, don't you?" he asked in a tight voice.

"It isn't a question of disobeying you, Legion, it is a question of...."

Legion looked up to where his brother stood. "It seems I cannot stop you from seeing him, or speaking with him, or even doing your magic with him, but I can see to it that at no time will you ever be left alone with him!"

"I can accept that, Milord," she answered. "Jah-Ma-El is well-versed in the arts, as is Chase Montyne and King Shalu. There is no conjuring Conar and I need do alone."

The wind taken out of his sails, Legion snorted, then turned from his wife with a curse. "You know how I feel about this, Elizabeth."

She cocked her head to one side. "Why, have you changed your mind about he and I working together? Did Roget speak with you?"

"Aye, he meant to have me 'see reason,' as he put it." He shot a hand through his thick mane of silver hair, tugging on the strand hanging low on his forehead. "After du Mer was through with me, I had a visit from three of the others." He looked at Brelan. "Montyne and the Hesars have arrived. Van de Lar is with them."

"That was quick," Sentian said.

"They've come running to see Conar take back what he thinks is his," Legion snarled. "They hope to see him take the crown away from me."

"Legion!" Liza gasped, outraged at his words. "That is not true! They love you!"

"And that is what makes it so hard for me to bear the situation. I know they love me, but..." he returned his angry glare to the balcony, "...they love him more." His voice had gone throaty, hard.

She came toward him.

"No! I need time alone to think." He headed for the library.

"To think on what?" she shot back. "The many ways in which your brother and his men might betray you?"

With his back to her, he opened the door and walked through. "No, ways in which to prevent you from doing so."

He closed the door behind him.

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