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Candy Kisses
by Honey Jans

Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Suspense/Thriller Fallen Angel Reviews Recommended Read
Description: Candy Warner comes home after a triple whammy of disasters, she's lost her job, her fiancée, and had her condo broken into all within a matter of weeks. Now she's come up with a plan to reinvent herself. The first item on her to do list is to find the perfect lover. As a former personnel director, she's already decided on his qualifications; he has to be young and trainable, let her take the lead, and most importantly he has to be able to make her come. Her well-laid plans go awry when the police suspect her of breaking into the cabin she's rented for the summer. Tackled, and lying under a very male body, if his erection is anything to go by, she gazes up at Mitch Hammond and wants to die. If there was anyone she didn't want to see or be felt up by, it was the stud she'd thrown herself at ten years ago. He doesn't even meet her qualifications. He's too old, too bossy, and way too Alpha Male. Detective Mitch Hammond is amused to find that the burglar he's tackled is sexy Candy Warner. His body throbs against her soft curves and he knows that he has to have her. When he finds out about her quest to find a lover, and learns that he won't fit the bill, he's annoyed. He bends to kiss her, proving that he fits at least one of her qualifications; he can make her come. But can he keep her safe from the burglars who've been plaguing the area? Will Mitch be able to convince Candy that he's the man for the job? To find out read Candy Kisses.
eBook Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press, 2008
eBookwise Release Date: June 2008


74 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor
Available eBook Formats: OEBFF Format (IMP) [140 KB]
Words: 30088
Reading time: 85-120 min.

5 Angels and a Fallen Angel Reviews Recommended Read! "Take a sweet and sensual ride with Candy Kisses. From the first moment Candy and Mitch met you could feel the heat radiating off these two. Don?t be fooled by the name Candy because when she is nice she is very nice and when she is bad she is oh-so-very-bad especially when it comes to Mitch. Mitch may have a little grey starting to show in his hair but this detective makes sure to always have his ?gun? ready to serve and protect. I read that Honey Jans likes to bring spice to her books. She did just that but I think the spice she used was cayenne pepper because Candy Kisses left you burning for more. Candy Kisses is my first book by Honey Jans. If this is what all her books are like than she has a new fan in me. I could go on and on about Candy Kisses but I think the 5 angel ?recommended read rating that I gave it says it all. Now go out and pick up your copy of Candy Kisses today." - Reviewed by: Cheryl, Fallen Angel Reviews

Chapter 1

Candy Warner walked up to the dilapidated cabin she'd rented from old man Evans for the summer, trying to put things into perspective. She hadn't come back home to live in luxury--her mouth curved in a wry smile at that understatement. She was here to be Audra's Maid of Honor, start her own business, and find the right man to make her come. Easy peasy. At least the sex part would be easy, her sexuality was simmering after pouring through erotic boutiques in search of the perfect bachelorette party goods.

Getting fired after dumping her cheating ex-fiancé would prove to be a blessing in disguise. It had forced her out of the safe little life she'd led as personnel director at Alford and Holmes, made her reevaluate her life, and decide she wouldn't settle for less than passion again. Finding Greg Mathews screwing his secretary had been humiliating, the worst part being that the blond bimbo seemed to be having a lot more fun than she'd ever had with him. She still had the last love letter he'd sent her unopened in her bag. It was a visual reminder not to be stupid about men again.

On that demoralizing note, she stuck the key in the lock, and swore when it wouldn't turn. Darn it all, it was probably rusted shut. Didn't Mr. Evens check these places before he leased them? She thought about breaking a window to get in, but instead tried to force the door. Suddenly someone hit her from behind, taking her to the grass in a rolling tackle that drove the air from her lungs. Crushed beneath a very male body, if the erection pressed tight to her mound was anything to go by, she sucked in air and gaped up at him. Mitch Hammond. Terror morphed to arousal in a heartbeat, making her nipples harden, the place between her legs moisten, and her lips tingle as she gazed at his sultry mouth. God, he'd only gotten better in the ten years she'd been away.

"Mind telling me what you're doing in my crime scene?" he demanded.

Crime scene? Shivering inside as his honey dark tones washed over her, she looked up at the object of her hopeless teenage lust, trying to make sense of his words. His raven dark hair now had a few sprinkles of gray, but that didn't fool her into thinking that he had mellowed. The scorching fire in his whiskey brown eyes still had the power to make her toes curl. As all her formerly suppressed female hormones sat up to take notice, she knew her only hope for getting out of this unscathed was that he wouldn't remember her. Why should he? He'd made it very clear ten years ago, that she didn't mean a thing to him.

She'd made a complete fool of herself over him on prom night all those years ago ... kissing him after he'd saved her from her drunken date ... only to have him reject her, along with a lecture on proper female behavior. It was too demoralizing to even think about. Oh lord, this couldn't be happening. He didn't even have the qualifications she expected of a prospective lover. He was too old, too set in his ways, and way too alpha male.

"Answer me, Candy. What the hell are you doing in my crime scene?"

Shit! She let out an unladylike groan as he took away any hope of anonymity.

"Crime scene?" she asked with a shake of her head. "Just what crime are you thinking of committing, Mitch Hammond?" His forbidding scowl made her wonder if she was way off base. He was wearing a suit, she realized, as the scratchy wool brushed against her bare arms. Something didn't add up.

"Do you need backup, Detective Hammond?" a disembodied voice came from a communication device on his lapel.

Detective Hammond, she mouthed in shock, feeling Mitch stiffen on top of her at her reaction. How was it possible? A crook couldn't be a cop. Still she hadn't seen him for years and people change. She certainly had.

"No," Mitch said, staring at her flushed face. "It was a false alarm. You can stand down."

Stunned, she looked at his resolute expression. Overheating, she wriggled and her sensitive mound rubbed tantalizingly against the growing ridge of his erection, making her quiver. The flare of masculine awareness in his eyes told her he noticed her telling reaction. Double drat! This is not good.

"Answer my question, Candy," he ordered.

"What crime scene?" she finally asked, pulling her wits together, uncomfortable under his unyielding stare. The one he no doubt used to break down suspects.

"I was investigating a burglary a few doors down when I got a call about a suspicious character, driving an old car, who was attempting to break in here again."

She stiffened as he flicked a dubious glance at her ten-year-old Toyota. "Suspicious character," she repeated with a scowl. "And do you always tackle suspicious characters, Detective Hammond?"

"Only the pretty ones."

Candy watched his mouth kick up in a bad boy grin that made her yearn to taste him. He thought she was pretty--the knowledge brightened her crummy day. Gazing back at him, her body tingling, she watched his eyes darken with, what? Suspicion, desire?

She blurted out, "The door wouldn't open."

"The front door lock sticks since it was jimmied open two weeks back," he said, studying her.

Candy let out an appalled gasp at as his matter-of-fact tone. What were the odds of both her condo and now her new digs being burgled? Monumental, but bad karma seemed to be following her. Darn it all, she'd left Chicago to get away from such goings-on. She felt his probing glance at her reaction. How bad was it hit? It looked inhabitable from the outside. She didn't really have the time or the money to move, all her savings would be needed to fund her new business.

Mitch's eyes narrowed. "That doesn't explain what you're doing here, Candy."

"I'm not trying to rob the place, if that's what you're insinuating," she said, her fighting spirit returning. "I rented the cottage for the summer." She felt his formerly tightly held body relax on top of hers, his weight pressing against her in the most stimulating places. The light of masculine awareness, maybe pleasure, that came to his eyes made her consider extending the job requirements to include him.

"Then you're back for keeps."

The satisfaction in his voice gave her pause. He could shoot all her plans to hell, because she was so tempted by him. "Maybe," she replied being evasive. See how he liked it. His sultry grin in response made her want to kick him and kiss him at the same time.

"Is Mathews joining you?" he asked.

She stared up at him, shocked that he knew about her ex-fiancé. "No," she snapped, feeling her face heat.

"Good," he said, bending to kiss her.

She let out a little mew of surprise when Mitch's mouth brushed against hers. He tasted even better than she remembered. She kissed him back, gasping when his hands brushed down the bare skin on her arm, then up to caress the sides of her breasts. He nipped her bottom lip making her open for him, his tongue slipping into her mouth to mate with hers. It was the most arousing experience of her life and they were still fully dressed. She moaned, burning in his arms, all thoughts of business plans and qualifications fading. Wrapping her arms around him, Candy melted into Mitch's embrace, ravishing him.

Detective Mitch Hammond slowly broke the kiss to look down at Candy's enchanting face, cursing his rash impulse to tackle her, but not sorry he'd done it. He'd have chewed out any of his men who'd dared to pull a stunt like that, but when he'd seen her, he'd acted on impulse. Something he hadn't done in a hell of a long time, not since Jill. He'd recognized Candy Warner in an instant, her fiery hair was unmistakable, and her lush curves had been displayed to advantage in her white shorts and pink tank top. His cock ached as it pressed against her creamy warm mound, and he knew he had to have her, but he didn't want to scare her off. She was a judge's daughter and had been very innocent. Candy looked just as dazed as he felt. Her tip-tilted green eyes glazed with passion, her red hair flowed around her in wild abandon, her sultry, passion-swollen lips curved in a smile of surrender. Her full curves cushioned him, her soft tits driving him crazy, her creamy mound tempting him to bury himself in her warmth. At least she wasn't with Mathews anymore. He could build on that.

Who knew when he was called to investigate a suspicious character that he'd wind up between Candy's sexy legs? She let out a breathy gasp as he pressed against her. Oh yeah, she wanted him just as much as he wanted her--handcuffs and whipped cream came to mind. First, he had to get her settled away from the danger zone, then he could work his way into her bed. Decision made, he rolled to his feet and bent down to pull her up. Her eyes widened in shock when he caught her in his arms, their bodies colliding. He bit back a groan of his own. Stupid move, Hammond. She had him off kilter in more ways than one. "Good to be home again, Candy?" Mitch said, holding her steady.

"Yes," she said with a little intake of breath, leaning against him for a moment before pushing away from him.

He weathered her feisty glare, happy to see her natural spunk returning. Most women would probably be in hysterics, but he of all men knew that Candy wasn't most women. She'd startled him ten years ago when she'd thrown herself at him, and she was amazing him now. "I'll follow you back into town."

"Why?" Her eyes narrowed. "Are you planning to arrest me?"

He stifled a grin as she glared at him, her hands on her hips, her eyes sparkling with outrage. It made him idly wonder how she'd look in bed. "No. You're not under arrest. But surely, you can see that you can't stay here. The best thing would be for you to go back to your parent's house."

"I'm a big girl now, and I'm not going home to Daddy. Besides, they're away on a world cruise."

"I know that they're on vacation," he said, ignoring her comment about running home to daddy; those were the damning words he'd left her with that night, ten years ago. "You've got a key?" He spotted her bag lying on the grass a few yards away and walked over to retrieve it.

"Watch me, Detective Hammond. I've already paid my rent for the summer. I'm staying."

When he picked up her bag, she let out a horrified gasp, startling him. His gaze flashed to her, wondering what got his fiery Candy so embarrassed. Noting the direction of her appalled stare, he turned to the left to see a vibrator and some clit gel lying a few feet away. His heart raced while his cock throbbed. He'd always known Candy had secret fires. Grinning, he scooped them up and turned back to her. "Yours?" he asked, closing the distance between them.

"Yes. As a matter of fact, they are," she said, snatching the bag and items from him. "I find them so much more satisfying than a man."

"Then you've been dating wimps, sugar," he said.

Candy glared back at Mitch's masculine smile, her outrage boiling over. He probably thought she was hopeless. "I figured that out for myself, Detective Hammond. And what's more, I'm fixing to remedy it this summer. I'll be interviewing candidates for the position." She watched him tense, adding, "Don't worry, Mitch, you're off the hook. You don't fit my qualifications."

"Qualifications?" he asked, in a deceptively calm voice.

Standing her ground as he invaded her personal space, she knew she was pushing her luck by teasing him, but being near him seemed to loosen up all her inhibitions. "Yes, qualifications. You're too old, untrainable, and worst of all, way too alpha male." She watched his eyes narrow, reminding her of the rough around the edges hoodlum he used to be. A little zing of apprehension went through her.

"And you think these prospective lovers are going to let you interview them?" he said, closing in on her.

Candy backed away, heart racing, and wound up plastered against the cabin's front door. Stopped in her tracks, she glared up at him, refusing to let him intimidate her, daring him to laugh at her plan. "They won't realize they're being interviewed. I'm very good at my job ... former job," she amended.

"Personnel director," he said with a nod.

How in blazes did he know that? She saw the determined look on his face. "You sure know a lot about me--first my ex, and now my position at Alford and Holmes. I don't like it."

"Your dad didn't like him," he said.

She listened to Mitch's pithy statement knowing he meant Greg. Her father and Greg had met a week before the breakup and the tension between them had been palpable.

"That makes two of us," she said sassily. Mitch's hands went to the doorframe on either side of her head, holding her captive. Candy quivered inside, her body overheating when he leaned into her. Whether she was more shocked that forbidden Mitch Hammond was coming on to her, or that he was a friend of her father's, she couldn't say. "You and my dad are friends?"

"More like business acquaintances," he said, leaning in to kiss her.

Candy damn near melted where she stood when his hot mouth brushed against hers. She started to kiss him back, moving toward him, when he pulled away with a satisfied look on his face. Her spine stiffened, she couldn't let him play her. Looking at the sultry curve of his mouth, she wanted like anything to taste him again. He was even better than she remembered, harder, sexier. And he had the steamiest look in his whiskey brown eyes, making her determination weaken along with her knees. Her gaze flicked to the handcuffs casually dangling from his belt. If she cuffed him, he couldn't get away.

Mitch smiled, noticing the direction of her glance. "Thinking about handcuffing me, Candy? Or better yet, maybe you'd like it the other way around?"

Good grief, how did he know about her secret fantasies? Her startled gasp was a dead giveaway and she knew he picked up on it when his smile widened.

"Ah, so kink turns you on." He pressed against her. "You'd get off on a hint of bondage, and maybe a spanking," he said, studying her blush.

She didn't much like the satisfied look on his face, like he thought he'd figured out all her buttons to push. "That's none of your business, T-Rex." This man would definitely want to be on top, she decided, when he pulled her into his arms.

"T-Rex?" he asked, with a grin.

"Yup ... a dinosaur hopelessly out of touch with the times." When the tempting ridge of his cock pressed against her, Candy's heart skipped a crazy beat. "So I could have you, huh?"

"Sugar, I can be had for the right price."

Candy suddenly found it hard to breathe, her heart was racing so fast. A big part of her didn't want to fight Mitch's blunt attempt at seduction. He'd already figured out her pulse points, her secret desires from the erotica she now read. "What would it cost me?" she asked softly.

"Your loyalty," he said.

Startled by his answer, she looked up at his unyielding expression. She wondered who had hurt him. Scratch that, she didn't want to know. She couldn't afford to get caught up in him, risk her heart again.

"Tell me. What qualities would your lover have to possess?"

The question caught her off-guard as she fought her attraction to Mitch's potent brand of masculine sexuality. "First, he's got to be young enough to train."

"A young puppy dog that'll do your bidding," he said with a smile.

Ignoring his snarky comment, she glared up at him. "Second, he's got to be an easy-going beta type male, and completely trustworthy. I plan to have him thoroughly investigated. I've already got a PI on retainer."

"Yikes," he said. "You're going for the jugular with that one, sugar."

"I won't be conned again," she said flatly, thinking of Greg's deception.

"I agree. Complete disclosure is the only way to go."

She smiled, glad that he was seeing her side of things.

"What's your third requirement?"

"Simple, he's absolutely got to be able to make me come." Her breath caught in her throat when she watched his sultry eyes darken. When he bent to kiss her, she murmured, "What do you think you're doing, Mitch?"

"Proving that I fit at least one of your qualifications," he said.

Candy trembled when his hot mouth claimed hers. Her knees actually wobbled and she fell against him, gasping into his mouth when their bodies collided, setting off sparks inside her. He held her tight, opening his stance to pull her tingling mound against his throbbing erection, as his hungry mouth devoured hers. Her nipples tingled as they pressed against him, jutting out at him through the thin fabric of her tank top and bra. She couldn't stop her tongue from snaking out to taste his lower lip, making him groan.

He broke the kiss to nibble her ear, pressing her back against the door, his eyes twinkling. "How am I doing so far?" he asked.

She couldn't answer, much less think straight; her body tightening as she rocked against him, whimpering.

"Good answer," he said, cupping her breast.

Breathless, Candy trembled against his hot palm, pressed against her nipple. His smile at her reaction was pure seduction, as she responded to his magical touch. His other hand skimmed down to her right breast. He plucked at her aching peaks, rolling them in his fingers. A needy moan poured from her mouth as she arched into him, her head falling back.

He took advantage of her open throat, bending to give her a love bite.

Candy gasped, her body going up in flames, as he gave her a stinging love bite, sucking on her neck. Then, his hand slipped down to cover her mound and she was gone. Sensually overcome as he cupped her needy sex in his hand, she ground against him helplessly, her legs shaking, her pussy starting to spasm. Mitch's finger pressed her stiff little clit, and she came, her pussy quivering. She sagged against him, stunned that he'd actually made her come. What just happened was miles away from the little ripple she got from her vibrator.

Mitch's phone rang, breaking the spell and he swore, pressing her back against the door, answering it. She looked at him, her emotions swirling.

"Hammond here."

Bemused, she throbbed against the still rock-hard ridge of his cock, her body drifting in an orgasmic haze. Maybe he was a qualified candidate after all. She could enlarge her requirements. They weren't all that was large. She smiled as his cock throbbed against her. From what she felt, she knew that he must be huge.

Mitch suddenly sobered, pulling away from her so abruptly that she had to grab the doorframe when her legs wobbled. What has him so on edge? He spoke harshly into the phone, hung up, and turned to look at her.

"I've got to go."

Candy tried to pull her raging hormones back under control, tried not to fall under his primal spell, but found it an impossible task. He was running out right after he made her come. It wasn't fair but it just proved she couldn't trust the game-playing hunk. It was a good thing she'd found out now, before she'd made the stupid mistake of sleeping with him. "Fine," she said softly. His narrowed gaze told her he'd picked up on her mood.

Mitch looked back at his would-be lover, feeling horny as hell. Only an urgent call could have torn him away from her. If she thought he wanted to leave, she was crazy. When he came back, he'd fuck her so hard she'd never look at another man. He'd been celibate for a long time, too long. That was going to change big time.

He thought about the vibrator and clit gel in her innocent looking tote bag and smiled, his cock twitching. Just the thought of warming Candy's delectable ass before he took her made him ache. He'd be lucky to come out of this without a case of blue balls.

He couldn't help focusing on the generous swell of her breasts for a long beat before refocusing on the heated look in her emerald eyes.

"Come with me," he demanded, adding, "I'll follow you to your parent's place, before I go to the station." Her annoyed look said she was going to dig in her heels. His only hope was to demonstrate to her that the place was uninhabitable. Her useless key was still stuck in the door. He eased her aside and wiggled the key. Throwing his shoulder against the door, it popped open with a sick groan. "See for yourself that you can't stay here."

She brushed by him, making him ache. He watched her startled expression as she took in the tiny one room cabin. It was still a mess. To top it off, the burglary ring had stolen everything they could carry through the door. Only the sofa, lumpy bed and dresser remained.

"I'll make do," she said, turning to give him a defiant stare.

Mitch locked eyes with her, considered roping it off with crime scene tape, reopening the case so she couldn't stay here, knowing she'd fight him all the way. His only smart move was to back off, give her a little time to cool off and she'd see that she couldn't stay here. "Fine," he said, smiling when he noticed her startled expression.

Keeping her off balance might be the only way to get past her defenses and into her bed. He wanted her with an intensity that surprised him, and it went way beyond craving a piece of ass. "I'll be back to change the faulty lock."

"That's not necessary. I'll just call a locksmith."

She wouldn't get rid of him that easily. He pulled out his card and scrawled his address and cell on the back, thrusting it into her hand. "Call me, anytime. I'll stop back later to check on you."

"I won't be here. I've got a date." She backed away.

"The hell you do," he said, ice coalescing in his gut. Hell, she was already interviewing candidates.

* * * *

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